Monday, 9 February 2009

How To Get To Heaven From Scotland

While I'm posting random odds & ends, here's a reminder that Aidan Moffat & The Best Of's album is out on Saturday. Annoyingly the whole having no job thing means I'm too short on cash to order the swanky special edition from the Chemikal shop at the moment, bugger.
To celebrate the release of the album, there's a How To Get To Heaven From Scotland board game available to play. It'll give you previews of the album and if you finish it you "win" a free MP3 of Big Blonde from the album, with the sweary bits taken out.
Go play the game here.

Made In Scotland

Neil Cooper from The Herald wrote a bit about Bricolage,. Wake The President, Postcard Records, Creeping Bent, Electric Honey and how the Scottish music scene goes round in circles (in a good way) as well as some other stuff.
I was asked if I could link to it, and as it is pretty interesting I most certainly can.
I like being asked things, it gives me a warm glow and a misguided feeling that people read the blog. Maybe one day someone will ask me to review something, I've always wanted free stuff.

Read the piece here

Free* Unkle Bob Album

Unkle Bob have teamed up with pioneering music beatniks NOISETRADE to bring you our debut album "Sugar and Spite" anywhere in the world via email. All you have to do is spread the word - TELL FIVE FRIENDS or spend some money (whatever you think we're worth) - PAY WHAT YOU WANT (a la Radiohead)

The widget below is really simple to use and fairly self-explanatory; the album will be zipped to your inbox in a matter of minutes!

If you only have 4 friends feel free to use my email address as your fifth.
I picked up the album way back when it came out. It's pretty swell really, more than worth spamming your mates for.