Saturday, 19 May 2012

33.3 - Broken Kneecap, Velvet Spine

Oh hello almost missed deadline! I never expected to see you so soon. You're going to be visiting a lot in the next month, aren't you? Yes you are, you little scamp.

So yeah, football, a bust hard drive, and other things have all contrived to distract me today, meaning that very little thought has been put into this post, I've fired up blogger just after 11, and picked the very first song that came into my head.

I'm tempted to hide the name so that you don't know what it is until you hit play, but that's too much work, I'd need to go and change the file name and stuff, and I'm already scrambling around here.

Babble ends. Song begins.

Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe

It was this or Cherry Pie, decide for yourself which would have been better. Tomorrow I'll try and be earlier.

Friday, 18 May 2012

33.2 - Yeah, and You Thought You Knew Me?

I don't know either.
Woo, Friday night, party time! What'll it be tonight then, an indie disco floorfiller? Some fat, throbbing beats for us to get down to? A bit of The Boss to sing along to while getting pickled?


Something which features domestic violence?


Whipping Boy. We Don't Need Nobody Else is another song I turn to when alcohol influenced and in control of music, but usually not till the point where everyone is a bit too drunk, pals have passed out, pissed me off, or both, and I'm starting to hate everything a wee bit. This usually helps, although if anyone is ever still awake to hear me singing along they do look very surprised at one particular part of the song.
It's tough, but beautiful.

Also contains a nice Bono diss.

Two versions, have fun, don't hit anyone.
Whipping Boy - We Don't Need Nobody Else
Whipping Boy - We Don't Need Nobody Else (Acoustic)

Whipping Boy are Irish, released a couple of cracking albums in the 90s - pick of the bunch being Heartworm, where this song comes from - then vanished. They tried to resurface a few times, but never seemed to quite manage until a year or two ago. At the tail end of last year the band, with a mostly new line up built around singer Fearghal McKee released a new single, No One Takes Prisoners Anymore. It was ok.

Stag & Dagger: Who, Where, When?

Going to Stag & Dagger in Glasgow on Saturday? You'll probably want to know who is playing, at what venue, and when then, won't you?
Here's a handy dandy guide, with my favourites highlighted in red and everything.


O2 ABC1 
19:15-20:00 White Denim
20:15-21:00 The Phantom Band
21:15-22:15 Django Django 

O2 ABC2 
18:00-18:30 Passenger
18:45-19:15 A Plastic Rose
19:30-20:00 To Kill A King
20:30-21:00 The New Piccadillys
21:30-22:15 Vigo Thieves

CCA 5 
19:00-19:30 Chasing Owls
20:00-20:30 Will Hanson
21:00-21:45 Eleanor Friedberger
22:15-22:45 Washington Irving
23:00-23:45 Willy Mason

18:30-19:00 White Arrows
19:30-20:00 Post War Years
20:30-21:15 Still Corners
21:45-22:15 Jonquil
22:55-23:45 Niki & The Dove Conquering Animal Sound

19:30-20:00 Miaoux Miaoux
20:30-21:00 Random Impulse
21:30-22:15 Bear in Heaven
22:45-23:30 EMA
00:00-00:45 Forest Swords

19:00-19:30 Adam Stafford
20:00-20:30 Bwani Junction
21:00-21:45 Milk Music
22:15-23:00 Holy Mountain

14:00-14:30 Michael Anguish
15:00-15:30 Hot Panda
16:00-16:30 Honeyblood
17:00-17:30 The Heartbreaks
18:00-18:30 Die Hard
19:00-19:30 Ryan Keen
20:00-20:30 Holy Esque
21:00-21:45 Still Flyin'
22:15-22:45 Hidden Masters
23:15-00:00 Discopolis

Thursday, 17 May 2012

33.1 - Start Big

Things I didn't think of when coming up with this stupid idea #1: title images are going to be a pain. Let's start with beer, almost everything starts with beer.

Entry number one then, what should it be? Something like The Delgados, Arab Strap or Teenage Fanclub would be an easy way to go, but all a bit too obvious. We'll get to them, but not tonight.
No, I think we'll skip straight to one of the big guns to kick things off. If you only know me from reading the blog this one might be a bit of a surprise to you. If you've ever witnessed me in a situation where I'm in control of music, particularly if beer has been consumed (I knew I'd manage to work beer in, go me!) whether by being one of my pals, having seen one of the rare occasions where someone has foolishly gotten me to DJ (I still miss you Pin Up Nights) or just had the misfortune to be one of my Twitter followers, you'll know some songs are just inevitable. This one? This one isn't just inevitable, it's pretty much essential.

Skee-Lo - I Wish

A while back I got into a bit of a hip hop discussion, with the other party being somewhat surprised that I even liked hip hop, and upon being asked to name my favourite hip hop song without thinking about it, I Wish was my first, instant answer. I love a lot of hip hop, and there's a ton of more influential, more important, "better" songs than this one, but ask me to pick a favourite and I will go with Skee-Lo every single time.
Genuinely, without a hint of me trying to be smart or "ironic", one of my favourite songs OF ALL TIME.

Ain't that fresh?

33 - A Month Long Exercise In Annoying You

Have you seen this cake? Please contact your local police.
In 33 days I turn 33. Do a birthday gig again? Goodness no, the one last year almost gave me a nervous breakdown, and cost me most of my birthday money. Yet another Aye Tunes gig in July though. Shh, I never said that.
To "celebrate" I'm going to try and tackle my status as Scotland's Laziest Music Blogger, and annoy you with rambling, by doing a post every day.

That's right, every single day for the next 33 days - unless it goes horribly off the rails - you'll have a chance to look in and think "wow, after 4 years of this he still can't write about music?". No great theme here, no songs that changed my life, because that would be lies.

It'll just be songs I like, bands I like, that sort of thing. Lots of stuff I love but wouldn't normally be able to fit on the blog without a crowbar. Sort of like This Is My Jam, but with more words, and pictures of Transformers. It'll probably be terrible. Expect Britpop.

33.1 coming later tonight, when my computer stops acting like a petulant child and does what I tell it. Try to feign interest.

SAY Award Shortlist Announced

I keep forgetting to mention the Scottish Album of the Year Award. The shortlist of the ten albums that'll be in the running for the prize has been announced today, so now is as good time as any to finally get around to it, I suppose.

Firstly, a wee bit of background:
The SAY Award was concieved by The Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA). Earlier in the year 100 music and arts industry figures from across Scotland were invited to submit their nominations for the Scottish Album of the Year, before a longlist featuring the 20 highest scoring records was announced on April 12th. That longlist has now been reduced to a shortlist of 10 following the deliberations of a specially invited judging panel. The shortlist features one record voted for by the general public who have been able to listen to all 20 longlisted albums online and via a specially designed SAY Award app. With the voting ‘window’ only open for 24 hours on May 14th, more than 9,000 votes were submitted online and via the app.

The winning album will be announced at a prestigious ceremony in Glasgow Film City on Tuesday 19th June, earning a grand prize of £20,000. The nine runners-up will each receive £1,000. All ten shortlisted finalists will receive an artwork from the winner of a unique SAY Award art commission which celebrates the enduring links that exist between music and art. The commission, valued at £20,000, will be offered to graduates from Scotland’s four principal art schools with the winning graduate (selected, in this pilot year, from Glasgow’s School of Art) producing ten artworks to be donated as prizes for the shortlisted finalists.

The shortlist:

  • Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - Everything’s Getting Older
  • Conquering Animal Sound - Kammerspiel
  • Happy Particles - Under Sleeping Waves
  • King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine
  • Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
  • Mungo’s Hi Fi - Forward Ever
  • Remember Remember - The Quickening
  • Rustie - Glass Swords
  • Tommy Smith - Karma
  • Twin Atlantic - Free (public vote winners)
Confirmation there that I'm out of touch with what the public likes. Personally I'd be delighted to see any of Bill & Aidan, Conquering Animal Sound, Happy Particles, Mogwai and Remember Remember win the prize, although my public vote went to CAS, because imagine all the fun toys they could buy with twenty grand. Slight disappointment from me that FOUND didn't make the shortlist is balanced a bit by relief that Bwani Junction didn't either.