Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shambles Sells Out, or Free Shambles Miller!

Given that I had him along to play at my last Aye Tunes gig in 2011 you shouldn't really need to be told that I rather like Shambles Miller. If you haven't heard the man himself yet to find out why I like him you won't get many better chances than this.

You see, Shambles has now sold out of physical copies of both his EPs, Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard and Shambles Sails The Clockwork Sea. To celebrate the sell out status the kind Mr Miller is making both EPs available, for a limited time, to download for whatever you want to pay for them.

Both are available from Bandcamp, where you can have a listen and get yourself a digital copy for however much you fancy paying.

Shambles Miller: Website - Bandcamp - Facebook

Monday, 23 January 2012

This Week's Gigs: 23rd - 29th January

There's a few handsome looking gigs going on this week, including a selection of my so-called "ones to watch" in action, so time to dust off the weekly guide for a rare outing, albeit in brief form.

Miaoux Mioux, White Heath, Miss The Occupier, The Miss's. Stairway.
Fresh -assuming he gets a chance to catch up on his sleep - from his Radio One session in the early hours of this morning, Miaoux Miaoux will be adding a bit of pep to the middle of the week with this gig at Stairway. Miss The Occupier and The Miss's are both ace too. Tickets are available straight from Miaoux Miaoux here.
Young Philadelphia, Birdhead, Rollor, Burning Mountain. Pivo Pivo.
I don't know a lot about two of the bands on show here, but can vouch for Birdhead and Rollor both being a bit good.
LAID Burns Night: Trapped In Kansas, Poor Things, Loki. Bloc.
Rounding out a busy Wednesday in Glasgow is the latest offering from LAID.

French Wives: Album Preview. Duke's Bar. (Tickets)
Hey look, it's another of those bands who you should watch and stuff. French Wives are busy both raising money to run away to America, and getting ready to release their debut album. This show covers both bases, as it'll have the first playback of the finished album, as well as an acoustic set from the band - which they've promised to practice for - and some DJing.
Vladimir, Sick Kids, All We Are, Featherman. Bloc.
United Fruit, PAWS, Vasquez. Electric Circus.
Don't worry Edinburgh, I haven't entirely forgotten about you. There's a pretty easy one word desription for this gig - ooft.

RM Hubbert, Tattie Toes. Stereo. (Tickets)
More watchable people! RM Hubbert is launching his new album, Thirteen Lost and Found, at Stereo on Saturday. All the guest contributors to the record will be chipping in, and it ought to be quite special.
Pin Up Nights - Intergalactic! The Flying Duck.
Sadly there aren't many Pin Up Nights left, as my favourite club night in Glasgow prepares to go away *sniff*. Enjoy it while you still can then. This month's Pin Ups has Den Haan, Nevada Base and Fiction Faction playing live, the usual Pin Ups DJs, guest DJs Paul Downie and Ally McCrae - plus a mystery spaceman - and Edinburgh club night It's Funtime taking over the kitchen.