Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Freebies - 24/08/2012

Got the year right first try this time.Still didn't get the post finished for lunchtime though.
Sorry, I was laughing at a ferret.

Hot off the presses, this one. Recorded just yesterday, here's a brand spanking new slab of hip hop from one half of Hector Bizerk. Download Stoichkov for free here.

Giant Burger
Related to Baaneex, who I liked and had on before, Giant Burger do proggy, folky rock that I struggle to describe. There's nothing hackneyed about these guys! They come from Hackney. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Anyway, find there stuff here, there's some name your price downloads, and a 7" you can buy.

Sean Armstrong
Practically worth a Friday Freebies column of its own, Sean Armstrong has released his third album, and didn't hold back in the process. 71 (seventy one!) tracks, a couple of hours long, and available for whatever you feel like paying, you can get Effluvial Juggernaut here.

Aidan Moffat
Recorded as part of Scottish Book Trust's My Favourite Places project, here's Aidan Moffat singing about  about the wall where he used to meet up and hang about with his mates as a Falkirk youngster. Free download here.

Euros Childs
Him again. It's not my fault Euros has been busy. This week he released his latest album, which is, unsurprisingly, rather good. Summer Special can be downloaded here, and you can make a donation for it, or buy a physical copy.

Male Pattern Band
I'd thought Male Pattern Band had pretty much chucked it, since they all but vanished for a while there. They haven't though, they've come back with a new line up and a new song. Download Sunday Driver for free here.

Tribal Fighters
Rounding off the freebies this week are a band we've not had on here since Christmas. Manchester gents Tribal Fighters have been beavering away at their debut EP, and now it's been set free into the big wide World for you to have a listen. You can listen to it, and download it for whatever price you fancy, at Bandcamp.

That's your lot, see you next week at another random time on Friday.