Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dolfinz - Teenage Doom/Nosebleed

This has been out for ages, but it's good, so it's getting flagged up, even if I am dead late.

You might not have noticed, unless you paid attention to the amount of it that turned up in my end of year/start of year posts, but I've been wandering off into lo-fi scuzzy poppy rock. That's what Dolfinz make, and they do it rather well.

Both songs on this double A-side single are very rough around the edges, but a Hell of a lot of fun, and at around three and a half minutes each don't mess about. They make a lovely amount of noise for a two piece, and throw all sorts into their songs, there's a bit of surf, lots of pop, shedloads of distortion, and a good old handful of rock. Really raw, a bit messy, and really flipping exciting. The single is available from Tuff Wax Records on Bandcamp, you can have a listen below.

There's a load more songs available for free on Soundcloud too, so go have a listen. Much more interesting than whoever the latest cardigan wearing acoustic troubadour of the week happens to be.

Up next from Dolfinz is a cassette release, paying tribute to Mean Girls, on Cath Records, and they've also recently recorded a track for a split 12" for Song, by Toad Records. All of that sounds great to me, even though I regularly moan about buying tapes and vinyl. They are sickeningly young, but I won't hold that against them.

Dolfinz: Soundcloud - Facebook