Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 28/9/2012

Well, it's that time of week again. Here's some free music.

Not a new freebie, in fact it has already been included in one of these before, but it's getting mentioned again. I saw Rollor for the first time in bloody ages last night, along with Black International, and my ears are still ringing a bit today from the quality noise both bands provided. Rollor have a few free things on their Bandcamp, the most recent being latest album Beasts In Men Shapes. Go here and get some music.

Sex Hands
In full giving credit where due mode, and at the risk of looking like a suck up, Song, by Toad Records are probably the most consistent label going round these parts in terms of putting out stuff that I like. Their recently released split 12" featuring PAWS, Dolfinz, Waiters and Sex Hands is no exception. One of the Sex Hands tracks from the 12", Chandler In a Box, is currently available to download free here.
Sex Hands play at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh this Saturday, along with Plastic Animals, Zed Penguin and The Scottish Enlightenment. That looks brilliant.

Randolph's Leap
Long time blog favourites Randolph's Leap have just gone and signed to Fence Records, but have also managed to find time to stick out a new album on Peenko Records. Despite that label, just like Song, by Toad, being run be a deplorable bastard, I'll mention it anyway. As Fast As a Man is a follow up of sorts to previous release The Curse of the Haunted Headphones, in that it was mainly recorded by Adam from the band on his own, in his house. It's a lovely wee lo-fi affair, and available to buy here. Goodbye from the album is a free download here.

Monster Island
Always a pleasure to fit these fine Manchester folks into the freebies, and always good to hear new stuff from them. They've got a new album coming out in December, but to keep us going until then there's a new single out now. Ferris Wheel can be downloaded free here. It's ace, so go and get it.

The Japanese War Effort
Professional tall person Martin Moog always gives good songs, and great song titles. He has a new collection of such things available now, so go help yourself to It's All Downhere From Hill here.

Arran Arctic
Singer/songwriter type Arran Arctic has a new, free single out. Covers is taken from his upcoming album Like Lovers, and available to download free from his website.

I'm very short on details for this one, but that never stops me. Doxa is a nice wee bit of layered, looped ambient noises, I really liked the EP, and you can here it for yourself and download it here.

Good Grief
Not content with putting out good records like Young Philadelphia's EP, Good Grief also put out the occasional wee compilation, like a tape with a fanzine. The latest one includes The Cherry Wave, Mondegreen, Without Aeroplanes and Atlas : Empire, all good stuff. Grab the compilation here.