Tuesday, 3 July 2012

#EuroBAMS - The Final Round

Slightly late, but here's the final run down on the EuroBAMS fantasy league.
There was late drama once again.

Despite it looking like Stephen from Birdhead had the tournament in his pocket from pretty much day one, his gamble on Italian defenders instead of Spanish ones, along with a bad choice of changing his captain, saw him slip up at the last minute.
Claire from Catthouse, whose name I always manage to spell wrong even when it is written down in front of me, picked her team well and eliminated the eleven point gap going into the last match to take the trophy.
Just like we did at the World Cup two years ago, Aye Tunes battled hard to claim a respectable third place in the league.
There was heartbreak for AFYCW, as Campfires In Winter notched up a remarkable score in the final game to rocket into third position, knocking Sander's side out of the top five.
Further down kudos once again goes to Last year's Girlymen for their climb up the league, but Lisa-Marie's final standing was to prove no consolation for the actual football result.

Throughout the whole Knockout stages the real victors were the womenfolk. Claire and Lisa-Marie were the top scorers once we passed the group stages, with me in third. I've been called a big girl plenty of times too.