Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Freebies - 26/10/2012

Oh, hello. Your hair looks nice tonight, are you going somewhere fancy?
As you probably haven't noticed since no one reads this anyway, it's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Friday Freebies. I could blame various things, but really it's just my fault for being a bit rubbish.
Due to two missed weeks I've got a bit of a backlog, but I won't post them all today. For one thing, there'd be too many for anyone to pay attention to, and for another thing I've started writing this at 11:15 on Friday night after coming home from work, so I've only got a small amount of time to get it finished before it is officially late again.
Backlogged freebies will appear over this and the next few weeks instead, maybe even a bonus midweek freebies if I can be arsed. Probably not then.

French Wives
Freebie number one for the week comes with a big ole plug too, bonus! On Saturday night myself, Peenko, and Scottish Fiction are teaming up to put on the first of our new regular gig nights. It takes place at The Flying Duck from 7pm, with French Wives, Cancel the Astronauts and The Bad Books all playing songs for you to listen and dance to. Do come along, please.
French Wives meanwhile are offering up the seasonally titled Halloween, taken from their debut album, as a free download at the moment. The album version differs quite a lot from the old single version, which was the first song of theirs that made me pay attention to them. Different, but no less ace. Download Halloween free here.

Drunk Mule
A band that made frequent appearances in the freebies when Peenko did them, Drunk Mule have gone and released a new album, available for the price of your choosing, which gets them in here too. I Built a Death Ray is available here.

Monster Island.
A new monster island single just a few weeks after the last one? Those kind Manchester gents really do spoil us. Shaking Hands is the second single from their upcoming new album. The album will be out in December, the single is available for free right here now. Go get it, I like this lot. Oh, there's a video for the single too, you can watch that here.

The Yawns
I don't know a great deal about The Yawns, which fulfils my regular "you haven't researched this at all, have you?" freebie slot. What I do know is that a) they have an album out now, released by Electropapknit, who always put out decent stuff and b) the album is really good. Download the self titled album for free here.

Jo Mango
I made the Jo Mango/Joe Mangel last time I posted new stuff from Jo. It wasn't funny then, and I now wish I hadn't brought it up. Can I distract you from the terrible joke by pointing you towards a new, free Jo Mango single? I can? Excellent. Go over here for the download then.

Loch Awe
You may remember Loch Awe from such things as playing at one of my Aye Tunes gigs, being generally pretty good, or having the dubious honour of being in my rubbishy but standard "ones to watch" list this year. Proving once again that I know nothing, they split up a wee while ago. Happily, they've made two of the songs they recorded at Chem 19 Studios earlier in the year available as free downloads, as something of a parting gift. Annoyingly, the songs sound really bloody good. Ah well, we'll enjoy them anyway, even if there won't be any more. Get the downloads here.

Fat Goth
Fat Goth seem to attract quite a lot of interweb attention from their name alone. They have rather good songs too though, the latest example being Debbie's Dirty Harry, available to download free here.

St Deluxe
After what feels like a looooong time in hiding, the good news is that a new St Deluxe album is imminent. Even better news is that there's a new, free single from the band out now to get your appetite for the album going. Get Born Into Flame here.

And now time grows short, and my cold infested body is ready to give up on me, so that's your freebies for the week. Enjoy, share, tell us what you liked, and come to my gig on Saturday, please?