Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Freebies - 08.02.2013

After a week off to rest my weary head, and because there was hardly anything to post last week, here's the freebies back again. I fine line-up this week, if you ask me. But then I would say that, since I tend not to post things I think are shite. You may disagree with the quality.

Machines In Heaven
Long term pals of the blog Machines in Heaven have taken their sweet time to finally get round to releasing something, but I can stop badgering them about that for the moment. They have released The Glasgow Jihad EP today, and you can get hold of a copy for whatever you want to pay here. I really quite like it, which means we don't need to have a sad break-up. Good.

The Plimptons
After 13 years, The Plimptons are going away. I'm quite sad about that, as they are still one of the most fun live bands around. As a parting gift, you can pick up their final release, The Plimptons are Dead! for free here. There's more freebies on their Bandcamp page too, if you poke around. They'll be finishing things in style with an all day going away bash on March 30th, split between Stereo and The Old Hairdressers, you can get tickets for that on Bandcamp too. Awkwardly, me Neil and Lloyd have one of our gigs that night, meaning I may need to don a disguise to go see The Plimptons instead...

Song, by Toad
I think in all the time it has been running, Song, by Toad Records has only put out one thing I didn't really like. That's either a pretty good track record, or I'm just easy to please. The 2013 label sampler is out now, and available as a free download here. Doesn't look like there's going to be anything coming from the label I don't like any time soon on this evidence, especially with the additions of Adam Stafford and Sparrow and the Workshop to the roster. Add in the next split 12" with Plastic Animals, Le Thug, Magic Eye and Zed Penguin and you've got a handful of folk who have either done gigs for me, or place very high up the wishlist for future. Excellent work toad people.

Jim Bob
We bloody love Carter USM round here. We also bloody love Jim Bob's solo stuff. So much so that I've had this for ages, since it came as a free download with the latest Jim Bob novel (we also like his books, and should stop saying we). I'm so cool. Though not as cool as Last Year's Girl, who put him on in Glasgow. The Day Job EP is now available to everyone, for whatever you want to pay for it, here. As an added bonus, it has the man behind Thirty Pounds of Bone on it, we like him a lot too.

Zombie Girlfriend
I'd call Zombie Girlfriend my favourite lo-fi band from Hungary, but they are pretty much the only band I know from Hungary, so I won't. I do really like the band though. Nab yourself a free download of Aglaope here, it's quite lovely. Gentler, more restrained and quite different to most of their stuff, all of which is worth investigating here.

Laurence and the Slab Boys
Last year Laurence and the Slab Boys put out their debut album, Lo-Fi Disgrace. It was good. I completely neglected to mention this fact on the blog. The description on Bandcamp for the just released Songs For B-Movies EP says it is a secret, but I'm going to stick it in here and hope Larry doesn't batter me. Name your price for the EP here, and check out the album here.

It Girl
The one thing I did want to post last week, but it had to wait. It Girl's debut album Neon Signs is out now, available to download for whatever price you want here. Particularly worth looking at if you like Interpol.