Saturday, 24 April 2010

Single Review: The Kays Lavelle - Ten Times

I like The Kays Lavelle, I like them a lot. However I was unconvinced by the choice of their first single, The Hours. The Hours is a gorgeous song, but to me maybe not the best single to lead off with. But hey, what do I know? That's why I write a blog and other people make these decisions.

New single Ten Times is much more like it though.
The Kays Lavelle do emotional and atmospheric as well as anyone does, and Ten Times really shows off the band's strength in those departments. For the most part Ten Times is a pretty sparse affair, which makes the occasions where the entire band bursts into action a gorgeous contrast. Moody, atmospheric and really very good pretty much sums it up.
For the B-side The Japanese War Effort contribute a remix, which shaves a good two and a half minutes off the running time and rejiggles the song thoroughly, making it both different sounding enough to be worthwhile, but retaining enough of the original to be familiar. I always find it tough to review a remix, either they work for me or they don't. This one does.

The Kays Lavelle: MySpace
Ten Times is available now as a free download from
The debut album 'Be Still This Gentle Morning' will be released on 17th May. Visit MySpace for details on upcoming gigs, including Glasgow and Edinburgh launch shows.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

French Wives - New Song & Single Details - And Now A Video!

French Wives, ones of my highlights from Hinterland, and all around ace band have a new single out in a few weeks.
They've very kindly sent over the b-side, Hyndland Weather Bear, which you can - if I've got the widget thingy working - listen to below.

What is a Hyndland Weather Bear you ask?
Well, according to the band: "next time you're in Hyndland be sure to look at the flat above the Peckhams on Hyndland Road (at the top of Clarence Drive) and you'll see a teddy bear who is dressed on a daily basis to suit the day's weather conditions."
I'm not too sure how that works out, giving Scotland's liking for weather that changes by the hour, but still, aww, that's sweet.

Me Vs. Me will be released with a launch gig at The Glasgow School of Art on May 14th., with support from Endor and Blue Sky, followed by the single going on general release on May 17th.
I dare say there'll be a review of it round here sometime before then too.

French Wives: MySpace - Shop

Update! There's also this little promo video to go with the single.

Monday, 19 April 2010

This Week's Records

Let's see, what's out this week then? Looks to be pretty quiet, really.

Pareto release their new EP, Your Heart is Ready For Home, today. You might remember that I rather liked it.

Midas Fall have their debut album out. Eleven. Return & Revert has been on my desk waiting for a review for ages, I might actually get one done this week. It's a pretty decent album anyway.

There's another new single out by The Kays Lavelle, as they continue to tease us before releasing their debut album at the start of May. The single, Ten Times, is available as a free download from Wiseblood Industries. Check out the remix by The Japanese War Effort too, also for free.

Unless I've missed something, which is always likely I admit, that's about it for this week.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

This Week's Gigs

Bringing the gig guide forward a day this week, so I can fit in a plug for something tonight.

Contrary to the wee lie down I suggested last week, Edinburgh folk, or people who are willing to get there pretty soon, should consider popping along to The Roxy Room. On there tonight are Inspector Tapehead, Nathalie Stern and The Japanese War Effort, for a gig put on by The Gentle Invasion. I've not heard much of Inspector Tapehead myself, but I've been told very good things,ad there's a lot of love from me for The Japanese War Effort. So much so that I was quoted on the email I got about this gig, which was rather nice.

Beyond Sunday I'm actually a bit hazy on gigs for this week, so if there's something on that you want included let me know and I'll update the post.

Boygirlanimalcolour can be found playing Box, along with Your Neighbour The Liar.

In Glasgow Shambles Miller plays at The Liquid Ship, while Zoobizaretta play in Stereo.

Vendor Defender and Joe Carnall and the Book Club play The Captain's Rest.
Through in Edinburgh you can catch White Heath and Jesus H. Foxx at Maggie's Chamber, for the bargain price of two quid.

Oh goodness, you are spoiled for choice on Thursday.
There's Machar Granite at BOX, Happy Vandals play The Admiral, Sinister Flynn play the ABC2 in Glasgow, while in Edinburgh you can see Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers doing an album launch show (which reminds me, I bought that album and haven't listened to it yet) with support from the Stormy Seas and The Kays Lavelle.

Also in Glasgow on Thursday there's a tough choice between two excellent sounding gigs.
At The 13th Note Glasgow PodcART have another one of their live sessions, with Miaoux Miaoux and Dead Boy Robotics playing live. That last Miaoux Miaoux EP was fantastic, and so was the launch gig. As for Dead Boy Robotics, their new EP is sitting in my "to be reviewed" pile, but from a quick listen sounds awesome. This should be a good one, and it's free.
Also sounding rather great is the gig at The Captain's Rest on the same night. There you can find The Hardy Souls, Psycho Candy and The Lava Experiments. Tickets are £4 on the door, or contact The Lava Experiments for £2.50 tickets.

Finally, on Thursday, there's the Cry Parrot 3rd Birthday Party at The Flying Duck. Skip over here for all the details of everyone performing, there's loads of them. I'll be trying to swing by that one early, for an open air performance by RM Hubbert and Wounded Knee. Let's hope the weather is nice.

The mildly terrifying Take A Worm For A Walk Week are playing in Stereo.

Take yourself back down to The Captain's Rest again for the filthy and fantastic electrosluttery of Pooch. Capes are optional, but always stylish. Also on the bill are Servant, whose drummer might be familiar to some of you.

Also on Saturday is the first Frost and Fire event at the Citizens Theatre. Curated and presented by Howie Reeve, Saturday features Sokobauno Puppet Theatre, Keith John Adams, Jenny Reeve and Alasdair Roberts. Go here for more info.