Tuesday, 20 April 2010

French Wives - New Song & Single Details - And Now A Video!

French Wives, ones of my highlights from Hinterland, and all around ace band have a new single out in a few weeks.
They've very kindly sent over the b-side, Hyndland Weather Bear, which you can - if I've got the widget thingy working - listen to below.

What is a Hyndland Weather Bear you ask?
Well, according to the band: "next time you're in Hyndland be sure to look at the flat above the Peckhams on Hyndland Road (at the top of Clarence Drive) and you'll see a teddy bear who is dressed on a daily basis to suit the day's weather conditions."
I'm not too sure how that works out, giving Scotland's liking for weather that changes by the hour, but still, aww, that's sweet.

Me Vs. Me will be released with a launch gig at The Glasgow School of Art on May 14th., with support from Endor and Blue Sky, followed by the single going on general release on May 17th.
I dare say there'll be a review of it round here sometime before then too.

French Wives: MySpace - Shop

Update! There's also this little promo video to go with the single.


  1. I grew up (well, toddler years) in the Westend around Hyndland Road, and my mum used to always point out the bear as we went to the shops near there. I now always point it out to who ever is in the car with me as we pass, but they don't beleive me that anyone would go to such bother!

  2. I was told the same thing and equally struggled to get people to believe in it's magic. That's why we wrote the song. Almost as our civic duty to pass on such a nice little story. Hopefully the word will spread now!

  3. This is a cracking song, and the story behind it ever more alluring. I can't wait to hear the single Me Vs Me is a mighty song and a live favourite of mine for a year or so now!.. Roll on 14th May!

  4. I saw the bear with my own eyes for the first time last week. It was every bit as sweet and impressive as I'd hoped.