Monday, 24 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twenty Four - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Oh thank goodness, that's this thing finished for another year. Now I can get back to the important work of hardly ever posting anything on the blog.

For the final door of the calendar I've picked out one of my favourite Christmas songs, with a few different people putting their own spin on it.
The song is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Written by Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry and Phil Spector for the latter's A Christmas Gift To You album, still the best Christmas album made if you ask me, singing duties fell to Darlene Love.

Love's version is properly brilliant, as she belts it out. Hers is the one you here over the opening credits of Gremlins.
Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

As you'd expect with such a well known and popular song, many others have turned their hand to it over the years. I always think there's two ways you can with a cover version of the song. You can stay faithful to the original, but this needs your singer to go all out. Slow Club took this approach for their version, and it worked out pretty well.
Slow Club - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

The other way to go is to slow things down. For their Christmas Carols radio session many years ago Arab Star took that option, and made everything bloody miserable. How very unlike them. Excellent version though, featuring backing vocals from one Lauren Laverne.
Arab Strap - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Rounding off our collection is a version from a couple of years ago by the excellent Now Wakes the Sea. This one replaces sax and big drums with subdued horns and distorted bass to good effect, and has been a firm favourite of mine since first hearing it.
Now Wakes the Sea - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

That's it for the advent calendar this year. You can find everything from the past 24 days, and quite a bit from the past few years, by clicking on the handy Christmas tag on any of the advent calendar posts, this one included.

Have a very happy Christmas, vote in the Readers' Poll if you want to, and hopefully I'll be back before New Year with the standard album of the year lists that all music blogs must do.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twenty Three - Loop Line

Nearly finished, nearly finished...

Today's Christmas song comes from the submission pile, and is ace. Loop Line are American, and their Christmas single follows in the tradition and roughly the sound of Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift for You. That's the best Christmas album ever, so a good thing to draw inspiration from.

The songs will cost you fifty cents (that's like 30p or something?) but are well worth such a tiny amount of money.
Stream below, download here.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twenty Two - Verse Metrics

It's almost time to finish off all the treats and toss the cardboard and plastic packaging of the advent calendar into a landfill site for another year. Almost, but not quite.

Leading us into the last days are Verse Metrics, long terms favouties of the blog, and former gig guests at that. After a fairly lengthy quiet spell Verse Metrics popped up again recently with a new EP, Radians. It was, rather unsurprisingly, worth waiting for.

For Christmas, Verse Metrics have had a go at covering Mogwai. You can hear and download the results below.

This comes from a wee Christmas compilation put together by A Badge of Friendship. You can find the rest of the compilation here.

Readers' Poll 2012

While I try to find time to write up my best of lists for the year it's time again to have the traditional* Readers' Poll.
There's a couple of changes this year. The main one being that hardly anyone bothers to email in answers, so I've set up a wee survey page to fill in instead. Since I'm limited to 10 questions a few of the more redundant categories have been cut out this year. I could have kept them in, but after encouragement from people who probably just want to see me burn bridges and get a kicking, this year for the first time I've brought in "worst" categories. I'm well aware this is just asking for trouble, but I said I'd do it, and I'm a man of my word.

Quickie rules &regulations type things: 
Answer or skip whatever questions you want, but if a bunch of people answer one question with the same answer it'll be pretty obvious ballot stuffing.
No ballot stuffing! If it isn't obvious I probably won't notice it though.
You can vote for bands, albums etc from anywhere, they don't have to be Scottish.
Polls close on December 28th, after that I'll count up the results and post them around new year.
This is meant to be a wee bit of fun, so don't moan about the results when posted!

 Aye Tunes Readers' Poll 2012 Categories

Best Album - choose up to three, 1 being your favourite, etc. Same goes for all the "best" categories.
Best Single/EP Basically anything that isn't an album.
Worst Album/Single/EP - Pick one only, whatever you've liked the least from the last year. Same goes for all the "worst" categories but one.
Best Band
Best Solo Artist:
Worst Band/Solo Artist
Best New Band/Solo Artist -New is very subjective, if you first heard of them this year, that'll do.
Best Music Blog/Website
Best Music Radio Show/Podcast:
Worst Music Blog/Website/Radio Show/Podcast - big category, so you can pick up to three.

You can fill out the poll over here, or, if I haven't messed up the embedding, right down below.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

*I've ran it the last two years, that makes it a tradition.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twenty One - Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons

Here's the new Christmas song from Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons. It's called Crying and Wanking (at Christmas) and is available to download here.

I don't think I really need to add any more.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twenty - Eureka Machines

l loves me some Eureka Machines. Both their albums released to date have been on my year end best of lists - I still need to whip this year's one into shape - and their third album is currently in the works, you can find out more about that here.

Here's their take on an old festive favourite.

Eureka Machines - Silent Night

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Nineteen - The Spook School

Today we've got one of my favourite Scottish bands in the advent calendar, The Spook School!

Considering that for a big chunk of the year half of the band have been off galavanting in foreign lands, they've been surprisingly busy. October saw the release of a 7" single, and they followed that up this month with a release on tape. Both are fab.

Now, here's their Christmas song, Bah Humbug! You can name your price for a download here.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Eighteen - mi mye

Repeating myself with a post from last year again today. Complaints to the usual address.

mi mye's Christmas album from last year was ace, so here it is again.

merry christmass and sorry for all the trubble i cosed is available to download for free on Bandcamp.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Seventeen - The Last Battle

I really shouldn't leave these till after I get home from work when I don't get home till eleven.
Anyway, squeezing in just before the midnight deadline - the deadline that I do occasionally gleefully ignore anyway - is the latest door on the advent calendar, with 3 (three!) songs behind it.

The Last Battle's Christmas offering is a three track single, The Last Xmas. You can download it here for free.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Day Sixteen - Colin's Godson

Another day, another pretend door to open.

Today we've got Colin's Godson. It's been a busy wee year for this band, they've gone to Space, through time, and, um, ahoy? They've also provided me with quite a lot of entertainment with their records, with a special mention going to the fab packaging the albums come in.

Now in what will surely be a career highlight for them, they get to be the illustrious 16th band this year to have a Christmas song on here.

The Colin's Godson Christmas single, Xmas 1993, is available to download here.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Fifteen - Campfires In Winter

Today we carry out an Aye Tunes Christmas tradition, by reposting, yet again, the Campfires in Winter's Christmas Song, complete with disclaimer.

I post this every year, and make no apologies for doing so, as it is still one of my favourite things in the World, and never fails to make me smile.

In the words of Boab from Campfires In Winter "it's about 2 guys getting pished, one of them decides to burn down the tree and pretends to be a bear and asks the other one to join him. It's a lot of shite."

Campfires in Winter - Christmas Song

Here's the equally brilliant video.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Fourteen - Andrew Pearson

Ooh, there's only ten more of these to go after today. There's two things that arise from this: 1. if you've got a Christmas song you want included here you better get it to me quick and 2. have you bought me my Christmas present yet?

Speaking of presents, I should really get my own shopping done. Expect a murderous rant on Twitter tomorrow as I venture into the shops of Glasgow trying to find something to buy my girlfriend.

Back to the calendar though, today we've got Andrew Pearson with a delightfully titled Christmas ditty. I'm not sure this is available anywhere else yet, but in case I'm wrong I won't plaster BLOG EXCLUSIVE all over the post. Blog exclusives annoy me anyway, but that's a moan for another day.

Andrew Pearson - Jingo Balls (Whore Whore Whore)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Thirteen - Half Man Half Biscuit

Today's Christmas song isn't a Christmas song at all. It is, however, ace, so I'm tossing rules out the window.
Feel free to file a formal written complaint to our PR department.

Half Man Half Biscuit - All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Twelve - How To Swim

Hey, it's 12/12/12! That's special or something. It means America agrees with us on what the date is.

Enough of that though, we've got more imaginary doors to be opening on a kid on calendar.

How To Swim can always be counted on to provide some Christmas goodies, and so it continues this year.

Their latest festive collection, Sleigh Tracks, is available to download for your choice of price here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Eleven - Porch Song Anthology

One of my favourite festive songs of recent years, Christmas Is Cold by The Porch Song Anthology is one of the best things about December. Any excuse to listen to it far, far too much is good for me, and this month makes it a bit more acceptable.

The band, consisting of some former Telstar Ponies and other, have been awfully quiet since the release of  their Late Mournings EP last year, but I'm hoping they'll resurface sooner or later.

Porch Song Anthology - Christmas Is Cold

Monday, 10 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Ten - Scottish Fiction

As noted before, this is another thing that'll cost you money if you want a copy. The second Christmas compilation from gig putting on buddies Scottish Fiction is available now, with money raised going to Shelter.

Songs from loads of good people make up the compilation - The Orchids, Behold the Old Bear, Flutes, Esperi, Kevin P. Gilday, Lovers Turn to Monsters and Siobhan Wilson - which you can buy for £3 or more here.

Advent Calendar, Door Nine - Olive Grove

This post, and the next one, contain things you'll have to pay for if you want to own. Not much money is involved though, and cash raised goes to charity, so stop your bloody complaining, right?

Those horrible lovely people at Olive Grove Records are first in on the act, getting the bands on their roster to contribute a Christmas song each for this EP, with funds raised going to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Packed full of goodness from The Son(s), Jo Mango, State Broadcasters, and Randolph's Leap, you can get the EP for £2 (or more if you wish) here.

My personal favourite is Randolph's Leap covering The Muppets. I love me some Muppets.

Advent Calendar, Door Eight - Laurie Cameron

Behind door eight lies Perth's Laurie Cameron, with a rather lovely offering. Her Christmas song is a laid back wee affair, and quite lovely.

Merry Christmas from Scotland (Laced With a Stiff Drink) is a pay what you want download here.

Advent Calendar, Door Seven - The Shadow Committee

I'm certainly glad I switched the titling of these things from "day" to "door" this year, it makes missing out every installment over the weekend a touch less embarrassing. I'm sure everyone with a real advent calendar has hit a point where they've missed a few days and ended up opening a bunch of doors at once though, haven't they?

Anyway, time to get back on track and catch up on those late doors, starting off with the latest festive offering from internet pal The Shadow Committee.

Winterval Armistice is available to download for the price of your choice, along with a b-side, here. More Christmas efforts from The Shadow Committee can be found here too. Oh, and a single from earlier in the year, Lines, can be found here.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Six - Eddy & the T-Bolts

Today's Christmas cracker comes from one of the bands who have been kind/foolish enough to play one of my gigs this year.

Eddy & the T-Bolts are one of the most fun bands I've seen this year, and their debut album Medium Rare is a riff packed, shouty, singalong beast of a record.

Their festive offering will be quite familiar to those that know the band, or have listened to stuff I've posted by them while gig pimping etc, since it's a rewritiing of one of their other songs (one of my favourite ones, as it goes).

Suitably big, brash, and tons of fun, Santa MacClaus is a free download here.

Eddy & the T-Bolts have one last gig this year, on December 12th at Bar Bloc.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door 5 - Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

More accurately, Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, with he Girobabies and The Plimptons.

I may have said something about just wanting stuff to give away as downloads for the Advent Calendar, but this is for a good cause, so it gets to break the rules.

Christmas Pimping, Everybody's Gimping, is a charity single for Caoimhe featuring Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, The Girobabies and The Plimptons due for release 10th December on Traffic Cone records.

Caoimhe is only three years old, she has Anaplastic Ependymoma with Spinal Metastases, a grade three malignant brain tumour.
To give Caoimhe conventional radiotherapy in this country would leave her neurologically devastated, blindness, deafness and stunted growth are only some of the side effects, however Proton Therapy is a targeted revolutionary method of irradiating young children, It is so accurate there are very little side effects, but is not available in this country.
The bands involved in the single decided to get together to do their bit to get Caoimhe to America for treatment. Everybody involved, the bands, producer Robbie Gunn, Dixon Street Studios and Video Director Daryl Cockburn have given up their time and effort and every single penny raised will be used for Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva), people can alternatively donate at

The single will be available to buy on all the usual download sites from December 10th.
There's also a chairty gig to raise funds for Caoimhe taking place this Thursday, hence my mention of the single a wee bit in advance of release. Jamfest takes place at Nice & Sleazy on Thursday night, with performances from all involved in Christmas Pimping, along with loads of others. More details on the gig can be found on Facebook.

Now, here's the video for Christmas Pimping, Everybody's Gimping

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Four - Coney Island Sound

Four days without missing a deadline? That's a minor miracle for me. No promises on it continuing though.

Today's Christmassy song comes from Newcastle's Coney Island Sound (not Coney Island's Coney Island Sound, that would be too obvious). Actually, it's two songs, since CIS's Ewan Gordon has gone all out with a two track Christmas single. A pair of unique takes on old classics, the Christmas single is a free download here.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Three - Naming the Saints

Here's the first advent calendar post of the year which has been written while sober. See if you can tell the difference.

Naming The Saints are a very new band from Scotland, who have chosen to make their debut release a three track Christmas EP. DRUNKTANK just came out today, and has helped take the chill off my bones this morning as I listened through it.

You can stream it below, and download the whole thing for the price of your choice here.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent Calender, Door Two - Miss The Occupier

For the second day of the advent calender we're going with another of my favourite ever festive songs, and also one of my main current irritations.

For those not keeping up with my private life, that'll be most of you then, I'm back working now after a far too long spell on the dole. This is good, in that I am a) not on the bloody dole and b) get better money. The downside is that I'm in retail in December, which means Christmas songs on a loop in my workplace, all bloody day. This brings up my general genocide in waiting song of fucking Paul fucking Mc fucking Cartney's Wonderful Christmastime. The rest of our Christmas CD seems to involve really ruibbish knock off versions of popular songs. Most of these I can safely block out in my brain, but every time one starts I think "I love this song!" then a piss poor version follows, crushing all my hopes and dreams.

The song in question? That'll be Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. One of only two songs anyone remembers that band for, it's one that would be a huge hit with hipsters nowadays I feel. The somewhat bored delivery, the cute girl, the lo-fi guitars... Anyway, Christmas Wrapping is a bloody great song, which is why I get so annoyed the version I hear 16 times a day is a terrible one.

A much better version makes up today's entry behind the imaginary Aye Tunes advent calendar though. Miss the Occupier have been fairly quiet of late, but that's no reason not to enjoy their take on Christmas Wrapping, recorded ages ago for a Vic Galloway session.

Miss the Occupier - Christmas Wrapping

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door One - Dave Hughes

It's December 1st, barely. That means it is time for the annual Aye Tunes advent calendar.

One free download of a Christmassy song, every day between now and Christmas. Extra posts with stuff that isn't free. Or at least that's the plan.

First off we have the only person so far to respond to my plea for Christmas songs, and in the proces what I think is an Aye Tunes exclusive.

Dave Hughes, with and without his Renegade Folk Punk Band, has been a long time supporter of the blog. I've not been nearly as good to Dave, consistently forgetting to plug or review his releases beyond the perfunctory mention in the old gig guide.

Pleasing then that Dave hasn't given up on me, and still pays enough attention to submit something for the advent calendar.

Dave's entry gave me pause for breath for a minute, as he chose to cover Fairytale of New York. As a massive fan of the song, and The Pogues in general, there's always a feeling of "Oh God, please don't murder it" when someone says they are going to do a Pogues cover. Very few people get away with it. Wounded Knee is one, now Dave Hughes is another.

Dave Hughes - Fairytale of New York

Dave Hughes and the Renegae Folk Punk Band play their first full band Glasgow gig in ages on December 4th at The 13th Note, with support from Mark McCabe, who may well turn up in the Christmas songs soon too. Tickets and more details are available here.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The C Word

No, not that C word. Or that one either.


There, I said it, in November. If I have to suffer through a dreadful CD of Christmas songs in work then I'm allowed to bring it up on the blog, that's the deal.

For years now, both here on Aye Tunes and before that on previous blogs, I've ran an advent calendar of sorts on the blog, treating readers to a festive themed song each day of December up until Christmas, because that's how advent calendars work.

There's tons of songs banked from previous years, but it is always more interesting and fun if there's something new I can include. With this in mind, I turn to any bands and/or artists that might be reading. Are you planning a Christmas song, EP, whatever? Do let me know, I'd like to include it here if you are.

Now, last year there was an awkward turn of events when a band didn't quite get what I was doing with the advent calendar posts, and completely fell out with me. To avoid that happening again I'll clear one or two things up.
While I'm always happy to plug something a band is giving away for free, that's not really the point of the advent calendar. I'm sure the EP you released in March is great, but unless there's an oddly timed Christmassy song on there that you want me to link to, it isn't going in the advent calendar. It might go in Friday Freebies though, which will sill carry on.
Also, ideally I'm looking for free stuff. I'm not saying I won't plug your special Christmas release if it costs money, but it won't be at the top of my list, so don't bug me if I don't get to it.
Lastly, I'm mainly after stuff that can be downloaded here. That video of your band drunkenly ruining something is great, yes, but no, I don't want to post it.

There, hopefully that'll stop anyone else falling out with me over a misunderstanding. Now they can just fall out with me for having a series of rules and guidelines covering a silly run on themed posts instead.

So if you and/or your band have something up your sleeve, be it new, found in a vault, or a cover you've thrown together in rehearsal  get in touch. The sooner the better, as these things start on December 1st and I like to attempt to plan ahead.

Friday Freebies - 23/11/2012

Before we fire in to the freebies, there's more self promotion to get through.
Tomorrow night (Saturday, just in case you don't know what day it is) we've got the second Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig, or as I like to call it, the second Glasgow blogger circle jerk gig. It's at The Flying Duck from about half seven, and joining us this time are Gav Prentice giving his debuit solo album an overdue launching, Campfire in Winter and Behold, the Old Bear. Well worth six of your pounds, I reckon.
Last week's Aye Tunes gig went brilliantly too, so quick thanks to LeThug, Easter and Young Philadelphia for playing - and for all being bloody ace - and everyone who came along. I was happier with how things went at the end of the night that I have been at any of my other solo ventures, I think.
Enough of that though, on to the freebies.

No Island
Let's start with something brutal and loud again, shall we? No Island have a new free EP out, and boy is it good. Six tracks in a little over eight minutes, it is short, sharp, wastes no time and loud. Get Let Glasgow Perish here.

Mitchell Museum
New stuff from Mitchell Museum? Oh goodness, yes please. Their first release in in age, and the first with their rejigged, post-hiatus line up, it still makes me a happy bunny that Mitchell Museum are kicking around again. Their new EP, The Spanner Works, is also decidedly not shit, so that's a relief. You can download it for whatever you want here.

The Second Hand Marching Band
Old pals The Second Hand Marching Band have not only made all their releases to date available on a name your price basis here, they've also put out a couple of new demos. Grab the demos here and here.

Silicon Ballet
My submissions pile often contains a lot of dross, but there's great stuff in there too. So was the case when Silicon Ballet got in touch roughly a year ago to tell me about their debut EP. Released early this year, I really liked that EP, so was happy when they said that there'd be another one. The first taste of the second EP comes in the shape of Slowly Slowly, available for whatever you want to pay here.

Stewart from Black International always gives me good bands to listen to. No change this week, as he pointed me in the direction of NOSE and their new single Cretin. Good stuff, this. Cretin is another name your price download, available here.

The latest in the Art is Hard Records Biweekly 5" Pizza Club series comes from Leeds trio Slowcoaches. I've heard the band's name a lot before, but very little of the music. The song on offer here is rather good though, lo-fi and scuzzy sounding pop, splendid. Get Proper Job here.

It Girl
Like Interpol? You'll probably like It Girl. I do, and I do. Free single Neon Signs can be had here.

Great Cop
The first release from Great Cop has been around for a wee while now, but I kept forgetting to get hold of it. They've now made it available to download for your choice of price, so I have no excuse now. Get Faint Light here.

The Miami
Another from the random stuff I've been sent pile, and proof that the strangest things will get me to listen to music. The email from The Miami describes themselves as "An exploration of traditional American lyrical poetry, mainly African-American (slave songs, gospel hymns, spirituals) reinterpreted by two middle-class, secular, well-educated college kids" to which my response was "Ok, I'm in". I liked their stuff quite a bit, latest release Ring Shouts is a name your price download here.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Freebies - 16/11/2012

Let's start with the obligatory gig plug. Tonight at The Roxy 171 I've got the last Aye Tunes Presents gig for a while, with LeThug, Easter and Young Philadelphia. Things start around 8pm, it's six quid to get in, and you can hear all the bands here.

Now that's out the way, on to the free stuff.

Hunt / Gather
If you've been paying attention to how my tastes fluctuate, and I won't blame you if you haven't been paying attention, then you might have noticed that this year my barometer has swung towards "make my ears bleed with devastating noise, please". One of the best bands around recently at fulfilling this request are Hunt / Gather, so it is very happy news for me that they've got a new EP out. It's self titled, and available to download for free here.

Everyone's favourite Scottish blogger who is also a nuclear scientist (or something) has the latest of his free download EPs out now. The new volume has songs from Plum, Thank You So Nice, Saint Death, yaya club and White Heath. Download for free here.

Quite how a band from Chile ended up taking their name from a place up the Highlands is a mystery, but that's what happened with Inverness. Both their albums are currently available to download for free from Soundcloud here. Well worth a listen they are too.

We Are The Grand
Staying in Chile - now there's a phrase I've never written on the blog before - we've got a new, free single from We Are The Grand. This lot came to my attention a while back when George, formerly one of the people behind Pop Goes the Revolution, included them in a guest post he wrote for me, and I've kept an ear out since. Save the Bullets can be downloaded free from here.

I promised last week that I'd remind you when the new Mender EP was available. Well, this is me reminding you. Asembulus is a name your price download here. Like I said last week, good stuff.

Long a favourite round these parts, work on a new Beerjacket LP seems to be going well. As a sample, there's a new song, Antlers, available to download in demo form here.

Silver Caves
This band split a wee while ago, but from the vaults - recorded way back in 2010 - comes an EP. Make Gentle Day is a free download here.

Collar Up
There's always something I forget to include for a few weeks. Sorry Collar Up, I keep leaving you off these, it's my idiocy at fault, nothing else. Anyway, yes, Collar Up have a new single out. Tonight is pretty nifty, and available for free here.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Freebies - 09/10/2012

Free stuff, woo! Also, this is your one week warning that there's an Aye Tunes gig imminent. Go here for more details on that, along with freebies from the bands involved. It'll be quite a quick freebie rundown this week, but here it is anyway.

Scottish Fiction
Blog buddy and lately gig comrade Scottish Fiction put their series of free EPs on hold recently, but there's still treats to be had. Back in July hidden tracks were added to all the available free EPs, if you missed them then you can grab them all together in one handy bundle here. With songs from Aye Tunes favourites like The Son(s), Randolph's Leap, Dolfinz, Lovers Turn To Monsters and Mitchell Museum you'd be silly not to.

Behold, the Old Bear (sort of...)
Speaking of Scottish Fiction and gigs, there's not long now till the pair of us and Peenko team up again for another gig night. Flying Duck, November 24th, with Gav Prentice, Campfires in Winter, and Behold, the Old Bear. This free EP only sort of comes from the latter. It's a collection of songs written by Raindeer a while back, and recently - and rapidly - recorded and released. A different kettle of fish from Behold, the Old Bear's stuff, but still ace.. To The Good Old Days is available to download for free here.

Beach Volleyball
Quite a lot of my favourite music I've stumbled across on the internet has been the result of pretty much randomly clicking things and seeing where I end up. So was the case last week, and a load of random clicking through Bandcamp landed me at Beach Volleyball.A shoegaze band from London, they've got two lots of demo recordings available for free download here. I rather like them.

Mistake Pageant
A boy and a girl from Glasgow. They've only got one song to listen to so far that I can tell, but it's a decent one, and you can get it for free here.

Stuart Kidd plays in a couple of bands and that. He also does his own solo stuff, lots of which has been really good so far. The latest product of his home recording is an EP, Gone Awry, which you can name your price for here.

Very Well
Edinburgh alternative indie rock types Very Well have a tough to Google name, but they also have a new, free single. You can download the latter here.

Experimental-ambient-poppy-folky-electronica. Oh, I don't bloody know what I'm meant to categorise the new Mender album as, I just know I like it loads. There's a new EP coming next week, but in the meantime you can get the album The Subtle Sting of Change is available for whatever you want to pay here. New EP out on the 12th, I'll try and remind you later.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Self Promotion Alert

Behold my mighty Paint skills.
This time last week we were hours away from the first Scottish Fiction/Aye Tunes/Peenko blogger circle jerk gig. It went pretty well, good bands and a decent crowd. Rather than do the sensible thing and hibernate for a bit, I have two more gigs in the next three weeks. Let me tell you about them.

First up is another of my solo ventures, as I dust of the ever insightful Aye Tunes Presents label for another gig. As is normal with these gigs now, I'm off to yet another venue this time round. The gig will be in the intimate surroundings of The Roxy 171 on great Western Road. You know the one, it used to be The Liquid Ship ages ago.

Young Philadelphia are the latest in a line of two piece bands making lovely big walls of noise. Debut EP RESI was a deliciously teeth rattling slab of experimental noisy rock, and my ears are still ringing a bit as I write this from seeing them last night. I can hardly wait to see what they do to the small space of The Roxy.

Easter I first heard on a tip from Song, by Toad. As with many other bands I've first heard from there, it was a darn fine tip. Their debut album Innocence Man was released earlier this year, and is a gorgeous bit of work, one of my favourite things I've heard this year. I'm delighted then to be welcoming them to Glasgow, all the way from Manchester, for this leg of their current tour. Shades of Pavement, Sebadoh, The Wedding Present and more of that ilk mean Easter would quite happily slot in on a compilation tape of my favourite bands. They aren't afraid of getting loud either, so there's a chance of some Scanners style head exploding on the evening.

LeThug have been pleasantly tickling my ears for a while now and I've been keen to drag them into doing some kind of gig for me for the best part of this year. Naturally then I'm chuffed that the stars aligned this time round, and they'll be getting the evening going. Bits of ambient electonica, drone, and fuzzy shoegaze all add up to a mighty tasty musical pie. Yum yum.

Demo by LeThug

Tickets for this gig can be bought in advance for £5 here, or you can pay on the door on the night, where it'll cost you £6.
If you are into Facebook you can indicate your attendance here.
This will be my last solo venture into gig putting on for the year. Maybe longer, but certainly for the year.

After that gig is done, I get to rest for, ooh, a whole week!

The second Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko takes place on the last Saturday of the month, November 24th, again at The Flying Duck.
We've got a couple of old friends dropping by for this one, in the shape of Campfires In Winter, who played at the very first Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig, and Behold the Old Bear, who played at my last Aye Tunes gig. Some of Behold the Old Bear also played the first AVP, but let's not confuse things.
Joining them is the fab Gav Prentice. Gav just released his debut solo album, and we'll be helping him give The Invisible Hand a good old launching.
Again, you can tell us you are coming over on Facebook.
Tickets for this one cost £6, available on the door or in advance here.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Freebies - 02/11/2012

Let's see if we can't drag these back into something resembling a normal schedule, shall we?

This week's first freebie comes with a gig plug, again. On Friday November 16th I'm putting on the rather swell line up of LeThug, Easter and Young Philadelphia at The Roxy 171 in Glasgow. A ticket link will be going up tomorrow, along with a proper blog post, but for now you can indicate your attendance over on Facebook. LeThug and Young Philadelphia have been mentioned round these parts a few times before, so you may have already noticed I like them lots. Easter come from Manchester, their debut album Innocence Man was released earlier this year, and the album has been one of my favourites of the year so far, so I'm delighted to be having them up here doing a gig for me. You can download Damp Patch from the album for free here.

Young Philadelphia
While writing up the entry for Easter I skipped over to Young Philadelphia's Bandcamp page to grab a link to it, and well well well, what do we have here? They've only gone and made their recently released debut EP available for free download! Grab RESI for nowt here, then come see them on the 16th. (You can also catch them playing at Broadcast in Glasgow tonight for free)

Martin John Henry
While on a solo acoustic tour round Europe Martin John Henry recorded some bits and bobs of his set. A live EP has been put together from results, featuring songs from Martin's solo album, some De Rosa songs, and a few covers. The Live On Land EP is available to download for the price of your choosing here.

Verse Metrics
Old favourites and one time Aye Tunes birthday guests Verse Metrics have been quiet for ages, so it is good news indeed that a new EP from them is imminent. You can download Arches from the new EP for free here

i like ceareal, my friend.
Halloween has been and gone now, but I'd be slacking if I didn't mention this offering. Buy a CD or download Hallowtide for whatever you want here. While you are there you can do worse than pre-order a copy of the new Douglas Firs album too, here.

Thank You So Nice
Edinburgh indie rock types Thank You So Nice recently released their debut album, and they are so kind that you can have it for whatever price you want, even free. You can find Make Friends, Not Money here.

St Deluxe
Lateness of freebies meant that I only just got round to mentioning a new St Deluxe single last week, and there's another single along already. Evil Dead is the second single from their upcoming new album, and is a free download here. While you are at it, aforementioned new album Born Into Flame is available to pre-order here too.

Best Friends
Best Friends came to my attention, probably rather belatedly, when they put out a split tape with Grazes which paid tribute to Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. I bought the tape pretty much on the strength of the Sock connection, and it turned out to be a fine purchase. Best freinds have a new, free download available now, as part of the Art Is Hard Pizza club. Hawaii 666 is all kinds of ace, and free here.

Tiny Birds
Finally, a very late mention for our favourite jangly banjo weilding Londoners, Tiny Birds. Their new EP, Local History, came out weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to mention it. You can download it for the price of your choice, or buy a nice CD, here.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Freebies - 26/10/2012

Oh, hello. Your hair looks nice tonight, are you going somewhere fancy?
As you probably haven't noticed since no one reads this anyway, it's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Friday Freebies. I could blame various things, but really it's just my fault for being a bit rubbish.
Due to two missed weeks I've got a bit of a backlog, but I won't post them all today. For one thing, there'd be too many for anyone to pay attention to, and for another thing I've started writing this at 11:15 on Friday night after coming home from work, so I've only got a small amount of time to get it finished before it is officially late again.
Backlogged freebies will appear over this and the next few weeks instead, maybe even a bonus midweek freebies if I can be arsed. Probably not then.

French Wives
Freebie number one for the week comes with a big ole plug too, bonus! On Saturday night myself, Peenko, and Scottish Fiction are teaming up to put on the first of our new regular gig nights. It takes place at The Flying Duck from 7pm, with French Wives, Cancel the Astronauts and The Bad Books all playing songs for you to listen and dance to. Do come along, please.
French Wives meanwhile are offering up the seasonally titled Halloween, taken from their debut album, as a free download at the moment. The album version differs quite a lot from the old single version, which was the first song of theirs that made me pay attention to them. Different, but no less ace. Download Halloween free here.

Drunk Mule
A band that made frequent appearances in the freebies when Peenko did them, Drunk Mule have gone and released a new album, available for the price of your choosing, which gets them in here too. I Built a Death Ray is available here.

Monster Island.
A new monster island single just a few weeks after the last one? Those kind Manchester gents really do spoil us. Shaking Hands is the second single from their upcoming new album. The album will be out in December, the single is available for free right here now. Go get it, I like this lot. Oh, there's a video for the single too, you can watch that here.

The Yawns
I don't know a great deal about The Yawns, which fulfils my regular "you haven't researched this at all, have you?" freebie slot. What I do know is that a) they have an album out now, released by Electropapknit, who always put out decent stuff and b) the album is really good. Download the self titled album for free here.

Jo Mango
I made the Jo Mango/Joe Mangel last time I posted new stuff from Jo. It wasn't funny then, and I now wish I hadn't brought it up. Can I distract you from the terrible joke by pointing you towards a new, free Jo Mango single? I can? Excellent. Go over here for the download then.

Loch Awe
You may remember Loch Awe from such things as playing at one of my Aye Tunes gigs, being generally pretty good, or having the dubious honour of being in my rubbishy but standard "ones to watch" list this year. Proving once again that I know nothing, they split up a wee while ago. Happily, they've made two of the songs they recorded at Chem 19 Studios earlier in the year available as free downloads, as something of a parting gift. Annoyingly, the songs sound really bloody good. Ah well, we'll enjoy them anyway, even if there won't be any more. Get the downloads here.

Fat Goth
Fat Goth seem to attract quite a lot of interweb attention from their name alone. They have rather good songs too though, the latest example being Debbie's Dirty Harry, available to download free here.

St Deluxe
After what feels like a looooong time in hiding, the good news is that a new St Deluxe album is imminent. Even better news is that there's a new, free single from the band out now to get your appetite for the album going. Get Born Into Flame here.

And now time grows short, and my cold infested body is ready to give up on me, so that's your freebies for the week. Enjoy, share, tell us what you liked, and come to my gig on Saturday, please?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Not Friday Freebies

We all knew it was only a matter of time before I blew the deadline for the freebies one week. Today is that momentous day.

Short version, continued computer problems means I've listened to nothing this week, and work schedule means I've not had time to even draft up stuff I already know I'll like. I don't have time to get a post written before I start today.

Better news, I've got a new HD, so once I complete the long and tedious data transfer process, I'll be able to listen to music on my computer again. Hooray.

Freebies will be written up when I come home from work tonight, but that's not going to be till after Midnight, so you'll likely get your weekly dose of freebies at around lunchtime on Saturday instead of on Friday this week. Sorry.

Anyway, here's a picture of a thing I'm doing with some friends at the end of the month.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Freebies - 05/10/2012

Hi. Friday. Stuff. Free.

Take a handful of John Knox Sex Club, add a pinch of North American War and what do you get? Some kind of horrendous cake made of humans, possibly. Or, you could get op. Baby I'm Breaking Up With You, complete with minimalist track titles, is available here for whatever you want to pay for it, and it's good.

Trapped Mice
Trapped Mice did my first ever Aye Tunes Presents gig, so it wouldn't be unfair to say I've not got the most unbiased opinion of them. As always with these things though, I wouldn't have asked them to play a gig for me if I didn't like the band. I've had a copy of their their upcoming album Winter Sun for the best part of a year now, so I'm very happy that it has found a home and will be out soon for other people to hear to. You can get a taster of what's in store with a free download of Mona Lisa here.

How To Swim
Mostly seen round these parts due to their unfailing ability to have something for me to post in the Advent Calendar series every December - an ability which I'm told will continue this year - How To Swim have a new, free single out now. Download It Doesn't Even Have To Be You here. There's a video here too, if you like to watch things.

The Cherry Wave
Another repeat freebie this week. I've mentioned The Cherry Wave's debut EP here before, but since they are having a launch gig tomorrow night, I'll mention them again. The gig is at The Roxy 171, with support from The Scottish Enlightenment, No Island and Ursula Minor, which is rather tasty looking. Download the EP free here, or buy it on tape at the gig.

Allan J Swan
If Allan puts music on the internet for free, I'll plug it. That's the deal. New song Unrequited Love (It's Not Enough) is very different from Allan's other recent solo work, such as his Don't Look Down album, but every bit as good.. Download the track for free here.

The Ritas
It's all been very Scottish so far this week, so time to venture south, I think. Some glitter pop music from that England then, courtesy of the always ace Odd Box Records then? Yes please. Download She's With The Band/Slash Fic for free here.

Johnny and the Giros
And back up the road to Scotland again, as Johnny and the Giros have a new, free single available from today. I Don't Need a Lover can be downloaded for nowt here.

Matchstick Maker
There's often someone I know next to nothing about in the Freebies, so let's keep up that tradition by throwing Matchstick Maker into the mix this week. I'm very thin on details, but the Fireside EP was recorded in a day, and released not soon after, and available for you to download for free here. This also handilly ticks the lo-fi folkish Scottish indie box for the week, magic.

We'll finish off the freebies this week with another trip outside Scotland. All the way we go to New York City, to find NeonFaith, and a nice wee bit of dark electro indie, which pushed my buttons. Download Mercury for free here.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 28/9/2012

Well, it's that time of week again. Here's some free music.

Not a new freebie, in fact it has already been included in one of these before, but it's getting mentioned again. I saw Rollor for the first time in bloody ages last night, along with Black International, and my ears are still ringing a bit today from the quality noise both bands provided. Rollor have a few free things on their Bandcamp, the most recent being latest album Beasts In Men Shapes. Go here and get some music.

Sex Hands
In full giving credit where due mode, and at the risk of looking like a suck up, Song, by Toad Records are probably the most consistent label going round these parts in terms of putting out stuff that I like. Their recently released split 12" featuring PAWS, Dolfinz, Waiters and Sex Hands is no exception. One of the Sex Hands tracks from the 12", Chandler In a Box, is currently available to download free here.
Sex Hands play at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh this Saturday, along with Plastic Animals, Zed Penguin and The Scottish Enlightenment. That looks brilliant.

Randolph's Leap
Long time blog favourites Randolph's Leap have just gone and signed to Fence Records, but have also managed to find time to stick out a new album on Peenko Records. Despite that label, just like Song, by Toad, being run be a deplorable bastard, I'll mention it anyway. As Fast As a Man is a follow up of sorts to previous release The Curse of the Haunted Headphones, in that it was mainly recorded by Adam from the band on his own, in his house. It's a lovely wee lo-fi affair, and available to buy here. Goodbye from the album is a free download here.

Monster Island
Always a pleasure to fit these fine Manchester folks into the freebies, and always good to hear new stuff from them. They've got a new album coming out in December, but to keep us going until then there's a new single out now. Ferris Wheel can be downloaded free here. It's ace, so go and get it.

The Japanese War Effort
Professional tall person Martin Moog always gives good songs, and great song titles. He has a new collection of such things available now, so go help yourself to It's All Downhere From Hill here.

Arran Arctic
Singer/songwriter type Arran Arctic has a new, free single out. Covers is taken from his upcoming album Like Lovers, and available to download free from his website.

I'm very short on details for this one, but that never stops me. Doxa is a nice wee bit of layered, looped ambient noises, I really liked the EP, and you can here it for yourself and download it here.

Good Grief
Not content with putting out good records like Young Philadelphia's EP, Good Grief also put out the occasional wee compilation, like a tape with a fanzine. The latest one includes The Cherry Wave, Mondegreen, Without Aeroplanes and Atlas : Empire, all good stuff. Grab the compilation here.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 21/9/2012

Well, this will be interesting. Due to starting a new job (the official first day of which I'll be at when this posts, so any complaints will be dealt with later) I've barely been on the internet all week.

As well as having a massive pile of unread emails, I've also not had a chance to plug the next gig I'm involved in. More pertinently, I've not been keeping an eye out for freebies terribly well, so this week might end up being a bit of a random selection. I'm also operating on not much, so I'll keep this pretty brief too.

Lovers Turn To Monsters
I really like Withered Hand, but then, doesn't everyone? Lovers Turn To Monsters certainly does. As a challenge to himself Kyle has covered the Withered Hand album in its entirety, which you can listen to and download here. Lovers Turn To Monsters is too long to fit on the wee receipt up top though.

Another monthly compilation from the Kowalskiy blog, with Aye Tunes favourites King Post Kitsch and Bottle of Steven on board, as well as tom, who was in the freebies a few weeks ago, with Be Like Pablo and Greyhound Out of Mainline rounding things out. Grab the EP here.

Evil Hand
The sometimes other half of Bottle of Evil, along with the aforementioned Bottle of Steven, Evil Hand popped up in here just a few weeks ago. An unusually quick reappearance then, with a cover of a band who are quite well know. Download the Evil Hand take on Territorial Pissings here.

Giant Squidz
This lot popped up in the Christmas Advent Calendar posts at the end of last year. I'd probably have included them on name alone, but handily I liked the release they had at the time too. Anyway, now they've thrown a new song into the wilds of the internet, which you can download for free here.

Rob St John
Last year's album from Rob St John was pretty blooming swell. Now here what happens when a bunch of other people are let loose on it, with a free remix album here.

Olympic Swimmers
Round about now the sleep deprivation is really kicking in, so I'll do this entry in the style of an over enthusiastic press person, many of whom have emails unread in my inbox right now. New Olympic Singers single! Free download! Remix from Miaoux Miaoux! Free! Here!

State Broadcasters
To celebrate the release of their second album (Ghosts We Must Carry, available here) State Broadcasters have gone and stuck out a free EP to go wit the album. Different versions and non-album tracks make up the Table EP, which you can get your paws on here.

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
This one comes via the other half. Can we call her Ms. Tunes, or will she hit me for that? Either way, it nicely fills the "something foreign" space that I like to have in the freebies for this week, since I've not had a chance to look properly myself. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson hail from Oslo, and are offering up Past/future on a pay what you want basis here.

Finn LeMarinel
The Trapped In Kansas fella Finn has his debut solo record coming out soon. As a wee teaser you can download Places Known for free here. The album, Violence, comes out on October 17th.

Bellow Below
Southern Opal is the lead single from a new Bellow Below EP. The EP is out in October, the single is free here.

Eh, aye, that'll do. Properly written and researched freebies will return in a couple of weeks. Well, I say properly...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 14/9/2012

It is Friday afternoon, that means it must be freebie time. Yes, it's a wee bit later this week, that's because last night I was out boozing and watching bands. I'm sure you coped with the wait.

Scottish Fiction
Blog buddies Scottish Fiction have the latest - and penultimate - of their monthly free EPs out now. Featuring songs from Algernon Doll, Drunk Mule, Vcheka and 7of7, you can download free here. Side note, Vcheka's album is ace.

Algernon Doll
If Algernon Doll's inclusion on the Scottish Fiction EP isn't enough for you, then you can also go grab yourself a download of his latest album, Camomile, for the price of your choosing here.

Cuddly Shark
New stuff from Cuddly Shark makes for a happy wee Jim. Good news then that a new EP will be along in a couple of weeks. Help yourself to the title track, Body Mass Index, here. If you are feeling flush you can pre-order the EP here too.

Allan J Swan
I've still not entirely gotten over You Already Know calling it a day, but I'm getting there. Former member Allan J Swan has always dabbled with other styles of music, the latest results being the solo album Don't Look Down. You can pick up a copy of that pretty cheap here. This is Friday freebies, not Friday Cheap Stuff though, so skip over to Soundcloud and snag yourself a free download of In Me from the album.

New Edinburgh gig/club night Hypstonite have a compilation of the bands playing their first night up for free download. For zero pence you get songs from Capitals, Honeyblood, Dead Boy Robotics and Sun Dogs. Download it here, where you can also get cheap tickets for the October 5th gig.

Young Philadelphia
This lot have their first EP on the way soon. Get yourself a nice noisy taster of it with a free download of The Bad Fire here. There's an EP launch gig at Pivo Pivo on September 21st, which also features the rather splendid Battery Face.

Any excuse to type swear words in all caps is one I can't miss. Murderburgers spin-off FUCK!* (It's Pronounced SHIT!)* deliver the excuse this week, with a free EP available here.

Ahead of the release of their new album The Dirt & the Trees in October Katerwaul have a new single out to give you a hint of what's in store. Download February for whatever price you want here.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 07/09/2012

I'll spare you much preamble this week. I know no one reads it anyway. I could say anything in this bit and never get caught. But onward, to music!

Behold, the Old Bear
Handily timed to allow me to mention once again that I have a gig on next week, not that I need an excuse, Behold, the Old Bear have popped up a wee song for you to download for free. Grab their cover of Harry Nislson's Swee'Pea's Lullaby, from the soundtrack to the Popeye film, here. Then come to the gig on Tuesday.

Carter USM
Opportunities to talk about Carter USM don't come up too often on the blog, so when one presents itself I'll take it. That opportunity this time round is a live recording from 1991, made available by Carter for the price of your choosing over here. There's releases of 30 Something and 1992: The Love Album coming out in November, so if anyone is planning a Christmas present for me at the moment, they'd be good. If you can get me into their November gig at King Tuts that would be excellent too.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf
It's been a while since I've heard anything from this lot. Their debut album from last year went in one of my lists, before line-up changes seemed to derail them slightly. They've been playing plenty gigs over the past wee while, but it was still a wee surprise to see something new from them appear quite suddenly. The new thing is In Dreams Lie Guilt, which at 5 tracks falls into the hazy ground between EP and mini album. Whatever you want to class it as, it is good, and you can pay what you want for it here.

The Barents Sea
Someone else I've not heard from in ages! Also, confusing typing time, since The Barents Sea is sort of a band, but only has one proper member, so now I need to work out whether to say he or they. We'll go with the later, since a full band was involved on these songs. I'll now end the rambling, and direct you towards a pay what you want EP by The Barents Sea here.

Overlook Records
Spiffing Glasgow label Overlook Records gave away a free sampler CD at their first birthday party a wee while back. I couldn't go, so missed out on one, as well as missing out on fun. This annoyed me, since I like fun, and free things. They've now made the label sampler available as a free download though, so that's very nice of them. Redrum has tracks from The Darien Venture, Trapped in Kansas, Salò, Bellow Bellow, So Many Animal Calls, Vasa and Crusades on it, and you can download it here for free.

Jo Mango
When did yer man from Neighbours become a Scottish woman? Oh, sorry, I thought you said Joe Mangel. My mistake. Anyway, Cordelia is a taster of Jo's imminent second album, and is available to download here.

Turn Off Your Television
Mainly Scottish freebies this week so far, except from Carter. I have a cosmopolitan image to keep up though, so quickly, overseas! Lovely Swedes Turn off your television have released a new single, Blanket of shame, taken from their upcoming album Humble Waves. You can grab that here for the price of your choosing. If you like what you hear then you can get hold of their last album on Bandcamp on a pay what you want deal too.

Crab For Darkfast
Not nearly enough bands give you recipes. Thankfully Crab For Darkfast have spotted this gap in the market , and a download of their EP will also yield four free recipes, so you can cook while you listen. Food not suitable for vegitarians though, so set your excitement levels accordingly. Get The Whole Hog here.

Golden Fable
Welsh due Golden Fable release their debut album Star Map this coming Monday. Ahead of that they are giving away an acoustic version of Always Golden, which also appears on an acoustic EP available with the deluxe edition of the album. Download the freebie here, the album can be ordered here.

I know next to nothing about tom. Do research then you say? Well, that's no fun. I do know that I was pointed towards Ohneiros, his new album, during the week, and said album is really good. Find out for yourself by getting it here.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

One Week To Go: Behold, the Old Bear / Plastic Animals / Left of Venus

Just one week to go till Aye Tunes gig night again, so it is time to plug the darn thing once again.

Continuing our nomadic existence we're off to another venue again, this time we'll be setting up shop at The 13th Note on Tuesday, September 11th.

Here's what's in store.

Behold, the Old Bear
Once a side project, now a real grown up band, Behold, the Old Bear are the new ship captained by Raindeer of Mitchell Museum fame. A five-piece making "Melodramatic Polar Blitz Alt Pop", with a debut album coming soon on Gargleblast Records. There's heartbreak in there too, Peenko sometimes needs a wee cuddle after hearing 7 Maybe 8. Probably my favourite "new" band of the year too. Come and find out why I like them so much for yourself.

Plastic Animals
I've been trying to do something with Plastic Animals for ages, even more so after bonding over a shared love of Urusei Yatsura, and finally the stars aligned this time round.  Formed in Edinburgh way back in 2006, they finally got their shit together in 2011 and expanded both their sound and line-up to which has helped develop the sound much more. They make atmospheric, guitar-driven, harmonious noise. They released an EP under the name of "Automaton". After the first hand-made batch sold out, Scottish DIY label Strange Fish Records are re-releasing it in September. Plastic Animals have shared stages with some terrible bands over the years, but also some great ones like PS I Love You, Milk Maid, Broken Records, The Scottish Enlightenment and PAWS.

Left of Venus
Left of Venus is the solo guise of Thomas Campbell,  instrumental guitarist from Glasgow, blending ambience, minimalism, classical, and noise by way of the electric guitar.

So there you go.

That's Behold, the Old bear, Plastic Animals and Left of Venus at The 13th Note, on the 11th of September.
Doors open at 8pm, and it'll cost you five quid on the door to get in.
Should you be so inclined, you can claim you are coming on Facebook here, but I'll be happier to see your faces on the night.
Come along or the terrorists win.