Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Freebies - 17/08/2012

Who had three weeks on the "how long until Jim is late with the freebies" sweepstake? I'm only a couple of hours behind schedule, so I'm not that late. Blame a combination of my computer being a temperamental wee bitch and me having spent most of the week scrabbling around trying to book the next Aye Tunes gig. That's on September 11th by the way, but I'll tell you more about it later.

First freebie of the week is a multi band one, as Kowalskiy has his latest free EP out now. Featuring tracks from Esperi, Slow Building Seas, Shooting Stansfield, Run/Lucky/Free and The Sunset Clause, you can grab the EP for free here.

Father Sculptor
I told you they'd be in the freebies a fair bit. Father Sculptor continue releasing a new song every fortnight, with the latest, Aristide, available here.

Neil Milton
Long term friend of the blog Neil Milton has not one, but two new EPs out. They are name your price rather than free, so if you want to pay a few quid for them, that would be good. Skies is available here, while Seas is available here.

The Cherry Wave
This lot are pretty new, I think. If you like fuzzy, lo-fi, droney shoegazey alt-rock, and goodness knows I do, then pick up their EP for free here. They also play their first gig at Pivo Pivo on Sunday.

Burning Buildings
Here's a twinkly new song from Manchester's Burning Buildings, available for free here. I rather like it.

Euros Childs
The former Gorky's man is back again, with another new single ahead of the imminent release of his latest album. That's Better can be downloaded here for free, or you can make a donation if the mood strikes you.

Peenko's Pick
Cancel the Astronauts
Peenko's choice of freebie this week is a preview of the debut album from Cancel the Astronauts. Making Dynamite is available for free here, and you can listen to the whole Animal Love Match album here. It's a cracking album, and I'll have more about it on the blog soon.

Politics and music blogs are two things that shouldn't really go together if you ask me, but it's probably worth noting than one thing I reckon should be free on this particular Friday, isn't. If you've not seen the news yet, Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years in jail each. It's hardly a surprise that Russia isn't a wonderful oasis of human rights and free speech, but it's still lousy.