Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Nights: Our Picks

The Sailor Jerry King Tut's Summer Nights Festival 2011 is just a few hours away from kick off. There is a hefty number of bands playing over the next two weeks, some we like, some we are not quite so keen on. Here's a wee cut out and keep* guide to the ones we think are worth seeing. You can see the full line up here.
*Any damage to your computer screen from scissors is entirely your own fault.

Thurs 14th July- The Miss's. Super sweet harmonies and gorgeous wee songs. They probably won't thank me for saying it, but their pop sensibilities reminds me of the first Sugababes album, which is no bad thing.

Sun 17th July- Aerials Up + Blochestra + Little Fire + Where We Lay Our Heads + Esperi (In The Bar). Good stuff all round on this one really.

Mon 18th July- The Scottish Enlightenment + Debbie Kate (In The Bar). The Scottish Enlightenment made one of our favourite albums of last year, and are always a band that delivers. Debbie Kate is also in Aerials Up, but returns here on solo duty to make turning up early worthwhile.

Tues 19th July- FOUND + Cancel The Astronauts + Verse Metrics. On paper an unusual line up, since the bands are all pretty different sounding, but all three happen to be very good too. I like diverse line ups anyway. FOUND's Factorycraft album has been one of my favourites released this year. Cancel the Astronauts were one of the first bands we ever reviewed on Aye Tunes, and have gradually been gathering momentum since. Verse Metrics helped make my birthday brilliant, and launch their new single at this gig.

Wed 20th July- Bronto Skylift + Carnivores + United Fruit. Three of the finest, loudest, most ferocious live rock bands around in Scotland. Bring earplugs. Also, a napkin to wipe up your melted face. Maybe a change of trousers too. This one will be brilliant, and I'll be very surprised if at least part of a drum kit doesn't end up in the crowd.

Thurs 21st July- Song of Return + OtherPeople. Song of Return are another band with a cracking album out at the moment. Otherpeople are just plain fun.

Mon 25th July- Meursault + Over The Wall + Miaoux Miaoux. I'm not always completely into Meursault on record, but they are terrific live. They've rejigged their line up since the last time I saw them, so I'm looking forward to seeing what effect that has had. Over The Wall are a band always guaranteed to leave me with a massive grin on my face. If you don't know how much I like Miaoux Miaoux by now you must not have been paying attention, Julian is just bordering on genius at times.

Tues 26th July- The Seventeenth Century + Endor + Randolph's Leap (In The Bar). The Seventeenth Century are long term favourites round here. Great on record, flipping awesome live. Endor too are an excellent band to see live, swapping with ease between big singalong songs, and more gentle, reflective moments. Randolph's Leap are always a blast.

Wed 27th July- Bear Bones + Blue Sky Archives. I haven't seen Bear Bones yet, and have heard only a few songs too. The songs are enough to make me want to sort out that not seen live part. Blue Sky Archives are a band I just plain really enjoy.

A free Summer Nights album is available to download here. Tickets are available here.

The Early Bird Catches Something Or Other

There are probably still some people trying to get mud out of their jeans and nursing hangovers from last weekend's T in the Park, but time waits for no man, so early bird tickets for next year are now available.

Planning on camping? Then you can choose between a Thursday to Sunday ticket with camping included, or Friday to Sunday.
Not into tents? There are non camping weekend tickets available too.
You can find the full list of packages here.

Or, if you'd rather make an appearance in The Judge column in the Sunday Mail, I'm sure a number of dodgy websites will be along in the next 50 weeks to take your money in return for no ticket.

Monday, 11 July 2011

News & Bits - July 11th

Not much news this week really, but here we go anyway.

New Releases:
How Garbo Died - Muted Response EP. First "proper" EP from the Aye Tunes favourites. The EP is available here on CD or as a name your price download.
Jonnie Common - Master of None. This seems to have slipped out a little early digitally. You can buy it from iTunes now. A limited vinyl version is available for pre-order here. There's a launch gig at the Captain's Rest on July 31st, with the album officially released the following day.
Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing!!! Yay, new Kid Canaveral, backed with a remix by FOUND and a cover of Missionary, by the other KC. Available now from Bandcamp, from other digital places next week.
Le Reno Amps - Construction EP. As mentioned last week, Construction was first available as a bonus with early copies of recent, and excellent, album Appetite, and now gets a stand alone digital release. In addition to Bandcamp it is also available from iTunes etc now too.
Negotiations. & LA MORENA - It's Dinner Time In Fucking America. Negotiations. is Matthew Liam Healy. LA MORENA is Makayla Armijo. They've never met, but have recorded an EP together. A very good EP it is too. You can download it for free here.
PAWS/Lady North - Split 7". Not out until August 8th, but this split 7" is the next release from Gerry Loves Records, and available for preorder from Bandcamp. I spent a little while on Friday obsessively refreshing the page until it went on sale to get one of the fancy versions, which are now sold out.

A blogger putting on a gig? What a ridiculous idea, that'll never work. Our pal Stu from The Tidal Wave of Indifference is venturing into the field anyway, with his first taking place at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on September 24th. The line up is more than decent, with Star Wheel Press, French Wives, the douglas firs and Lost Telegrams playing. Tickets are available here.
We Were Promised Jetpacks have announced details of their second album. Titled In the Pit of the Stomach the album will be released on October 3rd. You can download a new track here.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

This Week's Gigs: 11th - 17th July

Oh look, a gig guide again. Blogger has been playing up today, so this is a bit later than intended, but at least I wrote one this week eh?
Usual warning applies, it might be half arsed.

Big Country. King Tut's. (Tickets)

For Abel, Magic Daddy. Captain's Rest.
Free entry before 9pm, a mere £2 after.

That's probably your pick of the week right there.
Redwings, Thula Borah, The Clock. Captain's Rest.


Crying out for some kind of Ayers Rock tour title that one.
Aerials Up, Letters. The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore.