Wednesday, 24 August 2011

AVP4 - Done & Dusted

Excuse me a moment while I get a wee bit self indulgent.
Saturday past was of course the night of Aye Tunes Vs Peenko: The Revenge, and I've about just gotten myself back to normal afterwards. People that put gigs on for a living probably have no such issues, but when I put one on the days leading up to it are... interesting. A mixture of excitement, nervous energy and terror all combine to do weird things to me. So far all the gigs I've been involved in have been worth the three days without eating or sleeping properly before, and happily Saturday was exception.

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to Stereo on Saturday night, as confident that we were that we had a gig people would want to come to I've been to plenty nights with a great line-up and a barely double figures crowd, so it was at first a relief, then massively pleasing to be kept busy on the door dealing with the people coming in. We thank you for choosing to spend your time and money on us, as cheesy as it sounds it is very touching that those that came did.

The reason people came has very little to do with me or Peenko though, they came for the bands, and if everyone enjoyed them half as much as I did they will have gone home happy.
Mondegreen, Miaoux Miaoux and Adam Stafford - who roped in some friends for the occasion - were all brilliant, and we can't thank them enough for trusting us enough to agree to do the gig.

Anyway, enough of the gushing, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone, and I'm almost done, just a couple left...
Thanks Claire for taking photos. That's one of her photos up at the top there, and more can be seen on Flickr, just be warned that there's some of me in there. You can find all Claire's photos over at her Catthouse website.
Thanks Murray for the review over on his blog, and for the assistance manning the merch desk.
Big love to PAWS, drinks were had in your honour and thanks to Stereo for having us.
Last but not least, ok, last and least, thanks to Lloyd for sharing the stress, sharing the beer, and always knowing when to slag me off to distract me when it looks like my head is going to explode.

Now for the first time since April I find myself with no gig in the pipeline. A wee break is in order I think, but I doubt it'll be too long before I start shouting at you to come to something again.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Release: Aidan Moffat - Stolen Songs

New music from Aidan Moffat is always something to be happy about. Ironic, given his reputation for miserable music I suppose.

Stolen Songs is a mini-album of cover versions, Aidan's take on songs made famous by Cyndi Lauper, Katie Melua, INXS, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Doris Duke, Marvin Gaye and The Kids From Fame. It is, of course, pretty bloody ace.

Stolen Songs is available from Bandcamp as either a download or limited edition CD. While stocks last the CD also comes with a copy of the Angry Buddhists album. I have that already, amongst other things it has Aidan doing more covers of Uptown Girl and the Love Theme From Star Wars on it, so that's worth a punt.

Galleries - New Songs, Free Download and a Situation Vacant

Galleries have been beavering away of late, working on their debut album. Some new songs have been popping up on Soundcloud, so swing over there to have a wee listen. Oddly enough Galleries have also somehow managed to make their way into my dreams. I woke up on Monday morning having dreamt that the band had announced they were splitting up, and had to go and check they hadn't.

The band have also made one of those new songs, Young Wounds, available as a free download. That's good of them, isn't it?
You can grab the download from their website here, and preview it below.
Young Wounds by Galleries

Galleries also are on the hunt for a new guitar player. Hopefully unrelated to my splitting up dream Paul has left the band, and they are after a replacement. You can find out more about what they are looking for and how to put yourself forward here.

New Release: Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island released a new single earlier this month, but I wasn't properly paying attention at the time. You Look Like I Need A Drink is out now, and is a good wee teaser for the Prince Edward Island album, This Day Is a Good Enough Day, which is released next week.
I say next week, the labum is already available to purchase on Amazon.

The band are London based, but listen for more than a few seconds and you'll quickly catch on that they aren't all from there, with singer Darren's Fife accent at the forefront of things.

The single is available from iTunes.

New Release: Butcher Boy - Imperial

Butcher Boy emerge from a quiet period with the release of a new single, Imperial, ahead of the release of their third album next week.
Both songs are pretty much what you'd expect from the band, a bit twee, jangly and poppy. Also, good stuff, as you'd expect from Butcher Boy by now.
Imperial is available on 7" from Damaged Goods, or to download from iTunes, with both formats including non album track Juicy Fruit.

New Release: MakethisRelate - Sugar Glass

Glasgow threesome MakethisRelate have a new single out. Titled Sugar Glass, it is a blast of alternative rock that mostly makes me feel quite old and cranky, but I'm not the target market, and I can appreciate the craft.
The single is backed with an acoustic version, and a Bovine remix.
Buy Sugar Glass from iTunes.

New Release: Vladimir

Dundee four piece Vladimir release their debut EP this week.
Dark, sinister and noisy, the 5 track EP is pretty good stuff.
The band were also Peenko's latest Fresh Meat victims this week, so you can learn a bit more about them over there.
The EP is available from Bandcamp and bigcartel.

Monday, 22 August 2011

This Week's Gigs: 22nd - 28th August

As I mentioned last week, I'm messing about with the gig guide a bit. Instead of trying to cram in every gig I can find that is happening I'll be including the ones that look good, interesting, or otherwise stand out somehow. Hopefully that will make this less of a pain in the arse to write.

Foxface. Mono. Free Entry.
Every couple of months I tend to ask "whatever happened to Foxface?", but no one ever answers me. Imagine my surprise when I heard about this gig then, and my further delight at finding a bunch of new songs on Soundcloud. No prizes for guessing where I'll be on Tuesday then.

John Knox Sex Club. Love Music Instore.
Ahead of their album launch on Sunday, John Knox Sex Club have a wee afternoon instore at Love Music.
Launch gig for the new Roscoe Vacant album, Reckurdt. Ought to be a good gig this.
Also likely to be very good.

Hei Ensemble, Adam Stafford. Nice & Sleazy.
Hey Enemy, plus a load of their friends, including members of Take A Worm For a Walk Week, United Fruit, Holy Mountain, Idlewild, Desalvo, Song Of Return, Otherpeople, Y'All Is Fantasy Island, Lapsus Linguae, Fighting Red Adair, Hush, Blue Sky Archives, Titus Gein, Household, Bronto Skylift, The Phantom Band, Citizens and more, all crammed on to one stage. Sounds like carnage, and damn near unmissable. Support comes from Aye Tunes hero Adam Stafford too.
Brown Brogues, Ghost Outfit, Rollor. The Electric Circus.
Meanwhile, through in Edinburgh, the Toad at the Circus gigs continue.
Pin Up Nights: Oh You Dancer, Machines in Heaven, Evol. The Flying Duck.
Last Friday of the month means it is Pin Up Nights, and as usual there's a nice pick of live acts.

Retreat! Pilrig St Pauls, Edinburgh. (Tickets)
Day one of the two day live music extravaganza. Burger, No Burger, FOUND, Fur Hood, Rob St John, ballboy, Gummy Stumps, Lady North and Broken Records make up the Saturday bill. More details on Facebook.

New Life Club: Mickey 9s, Magic Daddy, How Garbo Died. Bloc, 11pm-3am.
That line-up just might be worth me suffering the night bus back to Paisley.

Retreat! Pilrig St Pauls, Edinburgh. (Tickets)
Day two has eagleowl, Skeleton Bob, The Scottish Enlightenment, Two Wings, The Pineapple Chunks, Jesus H. Foxx, The Leg and Meursault. Again, more info on Facebook.
LightGuides, Pareto, We're Only Afraid of NYC. King Tut's. (Tickets)