Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gig News: Tourty Fruity - United Fruit UK/France Tour

Will the tortured puns never end? No, probably not.

Following a busy summer of gigging, including performances at T in the Park and King Tut's, we could forgive United Fruit for putting their feet up for a bit. Instead they've decided to head off on tour again for most of September. Admirable work ethic there gents.

If you haven't heard United Fruit before then, well, why not? Debut album Fault Lines has been on pretty heavy rotation around here since it was released at the end of May, and has a pretty good chance of popping up in my Best Of lists at the end of the year. You can see what I had to say about the album here, but the short version is this - it is very loud, and very, very good.
Having caught the band live a couple of times this year I can assure you that they aren't just good on record, but excellent on stage too. I love a band that makes a Hell of a lot of noise, and United Fruit do it in some style. If they are playing at a town near you then I highly recommend getting along to see them.

United Fruit September Tour Dates:

Sep 2 - Duke’s Corner, Dundee (with Pensioner)
Sep 3 - The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (with Pensioner and As In Bear)
Sep 4 - Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen (with Pensioner)
Sep 5 - Vines Bar, Derby
Sep 6 - Undertone, Cardiff
Sep 8 - Mothers Ruin, Bristol
Sep 9 - Hanover Community Centre, Brighton
Sep 10 - Bar Up, Halifax
Sep 12 - Le Rigoletto, Paris
Sep 13 - Le Zinc, Poitiers
Sep 14 - Les Joulins, Tours
Sep 15 - La Barbarella, La Rochelle
Sep 16 - El Surf, Meschers
Sep 18 - TBC, London
Sep 19 - Stereo, York
Sep 21 - Adelphi, Hull
Sep 23 - Captain's Rest, Glasgow (Homecoming show, with Lady North and Holy Mountain) Buy Tickets

United Fruit: Facebook - Bandcamp - Twitter

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bizarre - 30th August

The latest showbiz, celebrity and entertainment news and gossip from Aye Tunes!
Well, if The Sun are going to nick my name I'm stealing theirs for News & Bits this week...

New Releases are getting covered in their own individual posts these days, as far as I can. Out this week are the third album from Butcher Boy, and a new single from Skies Fell. The second album by John Knox Sex Club, Raise Ravens, is also available to buy here, and I'll have more on that album later this week.

Hubby, Wells and Moffat:
RM Hubbert has announced he will be supporting Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat on their upcoming UK and European tour. Sadly Hubby won't be playing at the Paisley gig, which is the one I'm hoping to go to, but if you are planning to go to any of the other dates on the tour make sure you get along early to catch our favourite post-rock flamenco solo artist. All the dates are here.

Coming Soon:
A quick Twitter discussion with RM Hubbert and some others recently ended up in my listening to all my De Rosa albums instead of sleeping, which wasn't a bad trade and leads nicely on to the next bit of news. Former De Rosa frontman Martin John Henry releases his first solo album in October. You can pre-order The Other Half of Everything right now at Bandcamp and get a download of three tracks right away. Or, you could order it from ASDA (don't though, buy it from Gargleblast if you are going to pre-order). There's an album launch gig at Stereo in Glasgow on October 8th, with support from The Seventeenth Century.

Aye Tunes Elsewhere:
Other than having my name nicked by a tabloid rag which we all hate anyway, I've popped up this week over at The Pop Cop. I was asked to write a bit for The Pop Cop's student guide, which meant trying to find nice things to say about Paisley. Add in that I haven't been a student in 13 years and my advice might be a bit dodgy, but you can find it here anyway.

Low, Low Prices:
Everyone loves free stuff, and happily bands always seem to oblige us by giving us songs for nothing, something which is of course covered in depth every Friday at Peenko. Here's a few that I've dug up myself recently.
My Tiny Robots are giving away Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black’ as a precursor to their release of a series of three singles on digital and as very special limited physical starting in October. You can download the song here, or below.
The Darian Venture have a giveaway of their song Animals here.
Flying Man Shark officially release their debut album on October 1st, but if you swing by their Bandcamp page you can download it for free now.
Monsters On Movie Posters have made their debut album Our Four Left Feet, released earlier this year, available for free too, grab it here.

New Release: Skies Fell - The Kite

Skies Fell, fresh from headlining King Tut's on Saturday, release their new single The Kite this week.
Good wee single this. The Kite is a big, sweeping, epic sounding number, with a great we sing along ending. B-side Stolen Lung is a darker, more low key affair, which actually floats my boat a bit more than the A-side does. Both good songs though, and worth a purchase.
The Kite is available to download from iTunes.

New Release: Butcher Boy - Helping Hands

Following up on the single from last week, Butcher Boy release their third album this week.
I've not had a listen to the album yet, so I can't tell you much about how good it is. Instead I'll pass you over to JC of The Vinyl Villain, who got me to pick up the first two Butcher Boy albums through his comments on them previously, who has written about Helping Hands here.
JC is calling it his album of the year, and has an interview with Butcher Boy's Alison Eales, and a competition to win the Imperial single on 7", over here.

Helping Hands is available to download from iTunes. CD available from HMV.

Monday, 29 August 2011

This Week's Gigs: 29th August - 4th September

Looking for something to do this week? Here's the highlights.

Three good bands and the most agreeable price of free.
Cults, Kill the Waves. Nice N Sleazy.

Alan Bissett: Pack Men book launch. Waterstones, Sauchiehall St.
Launch event for Alan Bissett's latest novel, Pack Men. I've not read it yet, but on the quality of Alan's previous work I'm pretty sure it'll be good. The launch event kicks off at 6:30pm, entry is free.

The Moth & The Mirror, Amber Wilson, Blood Blood. Captain's Rest.
Launch gig for the fab new single from the Moth & The Mirror, which you can download for free here.
A good thing/bad thing gig. The good thing is that the gig launches The Whisky Works' new EP. The bad thing is that it will also be the band's final gig. Yay/boo as appropriate.
Pronto Mama. The Common Rooms.
Pronto Mama will be supporting themselves, with a half hour acoustic slot followed by their regular set.

Also taking place on Sunday. For full details and running order see Facebook.

French Wives emerge blinking from the studio for an intimate gig, before going back into it again to finish off work on their debut album. New songs should be on show, and the support is pretty decent. Here's your gig of the week then. Might want to get along early though, The 13th Note is wee and it is first come first served. On second thoughts, can you all turn up late please? I want to make sure I can get in.