Monday, 25 January 2010

This Week's Thing

After a few dead weeks there's actually some records out this week worth checking out.

Lava Experiments release Piecing Memories Together (Remixes). As the name suggests, it's a remix EP, with Dan le Sac, Betamax Warriors and Pumajaw remixing Piecing Memories Together. A Lava Experiments radio edit is also included, and the CD will have the full length original version - previously found on the Blackbody II EP - rounding out the package. You can order a CD direct from the band here and find it on all the usual download shops.
There's also a launch gig on Friday the 29th in The 13th Note in Glasgow. Support comes from Glider and Laki Mera. Looks like a good one, I might need to kick the backside out of my budget to get along.

Super Adventure Club have a new single scheduled for next week, and a launch gig to go with it, but have snuck the single out a week early over here. It's rather good.

Galleries release their self-titled debut EP. The band were kind enough to send me a copy way back at the start of December, which got all caught up in Christmas and New Year lazyness, so still hasn't been reviewed. It's a grower, and as a bonus it's also free. You can download it over here.

Also releasing their debut single are The Dirty Cuts. Titled 2 Page Spread it is released by our pals at 17 Seconds Records, you should be able to find it at the usual download places. You can also download the b-side - Lips - for free over at the 17 Seconds site.

Errors have a new single - A Rumour In Africa - out today on Rock Action. Their second album is pretty highly anticipated round here. The single is available as a download and a pretty coloured 7". (EDIT: No they don't, the single is out on February 22nd, I got the wrong date.)

The Seventeenth Century might release the Notes EP today. The Skinny says it is out today, but there's no mention of a release date or purchase details on the band's website, so I'll need to check this one out and edit here as applicable.

Panda Su's Sticks and Bricks EP isn't really new, but it just went up on eMusic today, giving you the perfect chance to check it out of you haven't picked up a CD yet.

Finally, at the risk of derailing Peenko's Friday Freebies this week, I'd like to draw your attention to the newly relaunched Too Many Fireworks record label, which is giving away a free sampler in return for signing up to their mailing list.

There's an absolute ton of gigs on this week too. The one I'm most looking forward to takes place on Sunday under the Celtic Connections banner, the Chemikal Underground 15th birthday bash.
As well as making me feel really old - a young Jim was at their 5th birthday gig - there's a briliant selection of bands playing. On the bill are Zoey Van Goey, Adrian Crowley, Lord Cut Glass, Emma Pollock, the first ever live show by ex-Aereogrammers Craig B and Iain Cook as The Unwinding Hours, a performance by Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells and The Phantom Band headlining. It should be a bit special. Moe info and tickets here.

Oh, and just a reminder there's a couple of days left to get your votes in for the Scotblogs Awards, voting for me would be brilliant.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Spaghetti Anywhere EP Review

One of the brilliant things about writing Aye Tunes is that every now and then I get sent something from nowhere, from a band I'm completely unaware of, that I completely fall in love with. This is one of those times.

Spaghetti Anywhere are Francis Cullen and Valerio Cerini, London based housemates. I think Valerio hails from Rome, while one listen to vocalist Francis betrays him away as a Scot. A longer listen shows that the Scottish influence is one that runs through the band. Rather than be seduced by whatever trendy haircuts and musical scene is currently the hip thing in London, Spaghetti Anywhere wouldn't be out of place on an old C86 compilation tape.

Calling to mind bands like The Pastels, Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian can be more of a blessing than a curse - you probably trip over half a dozen Belle and Sebastian copyists any time you walk down a street in Glasgow - but if you can pull it off it can sound delightful. Spaghetti Anywhere do more than just pull it off, they do it magnificently.

Reinforcing those Scottish 80s influences opening track Gregory's Girl not only lifts the title of John Gordon Sinclair's finest moment, but also a brief sample from the film. It's no exercise in nostalgia for the sake of it though, it - like the rest of the EP - is infectious, incredibly catching and as sweet and charming as a very sweet & charming thing. George Clooney perhaps. I've embedded Gregory's Girl below for the moment so you can have a wee listen for yourself.

Living in London plays into the band's songs too, most particularly on Love Again, where the casual references fit naturally into the lyrics, rather than feeling shoehorned in.

If you like your indie-pop get your ears round this, one of the best debuts I've heard in ages, there's not a bad song in the four. Being London based has kept Spaghetti Anywhere off my radar before now, but now they are on it I just might be in love with them. None of the EP tracks are on the band's MySpace so far, but don't let that stop you dropping by and listening to what they do have up.

All in the Spaghetti Anywhere EP is an unexpected delight, and well worth the 13 minutes of your time it'll take to listen to. Just don't blame me for all the additional time you lose on listening again, and again, and again...

The EP is released on February 22nd on Toy Soldiers Records. It'll be available as a digital download and 10" vinyl. You should be able to order it from either the band or label websites below.