Friday, 9 October 2009

Lions.Chase.Tigers EP Giveaway, Quick Gig Roundup

Updates are screwy again this week and probably next too, due to not being able to get at a computer much. Sorry folks, I'll catch up when I can.
Lions.Chase.Tigers ate giving away a free download of their just released debut EP To Their Blood until October 31st if you sign up to their mailing list. You can find the details here. You can also buy a copy from their website.
I've not had a chance to listen to it yet, and am still a bit annoyed with myself at not being able to get along to the EP launch gig last weekend, but the couple of times I've seen Lions.Chase.Tigers I've been pretty impressed, so I'm looking forward to having a listen.
Lions.Chase.Tigers Website - MySpace
Quick Gig Round-Up
I've been doing a good job of sticking to my a gig a week regime recently, think I've managed to get along to at least one show a week since turned 30 now. I'd do more, but well, the jobless bum thing makes that tricky. It's no coincidence that my getting out more has led to more frequent blog posts too, last time I was so excited about getting out and about, seeing new bands I've hardly heard of was about 10 years ago, didn't know how much I missed it until I started doing it again.
Anyway, last week at The Flying Duck I finally had the pleasure of seeing Trapped In Kansas after missing out on their last few Glasgow shows. They were very good, and I'll be writing more about them in future, once I've remembered to pester the band to send me some songs.
Support act City of Statues were also very enjoyable, with riffage aplenty.
Trapped In Kansas are back in Glasgow this weekend, playing at The Captain's Rest with the also excellent The Darien Venture on Sunday. I won't make it along, but if you can, you should.
Last night I dragged myself into Glasgow again, this time to Stereo, to catch The Morgue Party Candidate for the first time. Their set was a bit chaotic, somewhat messy and I don't think the band enjoyed it much. I did though. the band are far from the finished article, but show an awful lot of promise and like i say, even if they didn't enjoy their set last night, I did, and so did others. Eagerly anticipate catching them again when hopefully they'll enjoy it too.
Opening the bill last night were Macabre Scene, playing their first gig. I'd checked them out a little beforehand thanks to a tip from Ross of The Morgue Party Candidate and liked what I'd heard. They played a short set, only six songs, but were really good. Very impressed by this band, especially since it was their first live outing. Again, can't wait to see and here more from them in future.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jesus H. Foxx

Continuing to fight those accusations of West Coast bias, even though no one has actually made any, let's stay over in Edinburgh for another day shall we?
This was meant to be posted Friday, but has slipped to Sunday. Just when I was becoming almost efficient too. It'll be nice if my computer will behave long enough to let me get this posted. Here's hoping.

Jesus H. Foxx are seven piece from Edinburgh, with two drummer, three guitarists and as their bio puts it a partridge in a pear tree (a cornet player who sometimes plays glockenspiel) with a couple of releases to their name, the most recent of which, Matter, was released by Song, By Toad Records at the start of August.

Matthew of the Song, By Toad blog & label was kind enough to send me over a copy to have a listen to. To be honest, I was completely surprised by what I heard. Between the name and the promise of multiple drummers and guitarists I expected something riff laden, mildly chaotic and quite aggressive, instead I got gentle instrumentation, tender vocals and very sweet harmonies. Gentle and mild, rather than chaotic and aggressive. Not at all what I expected then!

Don't get me wrong, I like myself some chaos and love a bit of riffage, but sometimes I like a nice surprise too. The songs on the Matter EP are a very nice surprise indeed. In fact, they are just all round very nice.

I am however at a loss to explain what they sound like, I can't think of any other bands to compare them too and "melodic and pleasant" doesn't really help much. Instead of me trying to describe them, how about you go listen for yourself then? There's songs on MySpace, and a download of one of the EP tracks, I'm Half The Man You Were, below.

Download Jesus H. Foxx - I'm Half The Man You Were

You can buy the new EP, Matter, here.

Jesus H. Foxx MySpace

(If anyone is counting this post took 3 hours, not including the Friday till Sunday delay, thanks to my computer regularly being a dick. AND my trusty 5 year old MP3 player finally gave up and died today. I hate technology)

A Quick Word About Football

Alright, computer deciding to misbehave this weekend, so a few of the posts lined up need to stay as drafts till it decides to work nice again.

The post title is a bit misleading, I don't really intend to say a thing about a certain game that kicks off in a few hours, I just wanted an excuse to post a track. The first line of the song gives me my excuse to do it today.

Julia & The Doogans - Glasgow

I'll get back to Julia and the Doogans more another time, but for now I'll just say that Julia has one of the most gorgeous voices I've heard in ages.
They've got a few gigs lined up in October, get down to one if you can. I caught them live a few weeks ago in Pivo Pivo in Glasgow and they were really ace.

MySpace - Facebook - Twitter

While you are at it, try and grab a copy of their self titled EP, it's available from eMusic and presumably other places too.