Tuesday, 12 April 2011

News & Bits - April 12th

Time for a wee round up of new releases and other goings on. All the news about Record Store Day this Saturday can be found off in a post of its own here.

New Releases:
Originally available as part of the deluxe pre-order version of their debut album, Conquering Animal Sound have now made Kammerspiel Remixed available to buy as a download. There's some very pretty art prints available too. Both can be found at the Gizeh Records shop.
The Darien Venture's EP, Indications, is out now. Available from all the usual places and directly from Overlook Records. I've got a review of this needing finished off, but the short version amounts to "the EP is very good, buy a copy".
Esperanza release their debut album, Permanent Ska. You can buy it on Bandcamp.
Something Beginning With L release their debut EP, The Listed Building EP. This is really good, and includes a cover of a Magoo song, which is highly approve of. Again, you can find it on Bandcamp.
Spring Offensive have a new single, A Stutter and a Start. All good download places, etc.
Verse Metrics have released the song Horoscopes, taken from their VM1 EP. You can get the track in exchange for some Twitter or Facebook clicking here.

All Change:
Seems to be the season for bands reinventing themselves. First it was The Social Services becoming Tall Tales, now another pair of bands have changed name.
Barn Owl are now Silver Caves, which will save me being very confused when the other Barn Owl are mentioned. They've also kindly put a couple of tracks up on Bandcamp to download for free.
After changing their line up a bit BMovie Junkies have also gone and changed their name. They are now Bad McNulty, and you can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Japan Fundraisers:
As promised last week, some info on a few things to raise money for the relief effort in Japan.
Love Letter To Japan features 18 tracks from Scottish artists, some previously unavailable, some hard to find, including the first new song from Eugenius in 15 years. You can buy the album for a limited time from Bandcamp.
Songs For The Land of the Rising Sun is an album that first went on sale at the Endor gig in the Captain's Rest the other week. The album was put together by Pelmet Nights and Gathering Whispers. A digital release is coming this week, I'll update with links when I have them.
On May 3rd there's another fundraising gig taking place. The gig is at The Thirteenth Note, with Mitchell Museum, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band (making yet another appearance in one of my news posts) and Lady North on the bill.

There isn't a great deal else to report and Bandcamp trawling hasn't thrown up much this week.
mini50 Records have a free to download Spring Sampler though, which is worth grabbing, here.
Over on Song, by Toad you can listen to and watch a brilliant Toad Session with Thirty Pounds of Bone. You should, it is really good. Find it here.
Looking ahead a bit, Aerials Up are planning the release of their first EP. They'll be playing at King Tut's on April 30th with the EP, Superglue, coming out the next day. Tickets for the Glasgow gig are available here, and I'll have more about the EP nearer the time of release.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Gig Review: How Garbo Died

How Garbo Died.
Pivo Pivo, Glasgow.
April 9th 2011.

I'd already been to a gig on Saturday night, but an early finish there offered me the chance to make the short walk from The Admiral to Pivo Pivo just in time to wrap my eyes and ears round How Garbo Died. This late arrival meant I missed Audiodeluxe and It Girl, so don't read anything into the lack of comment on them, I just didn't see them.

How Garbo Died are a pretty uncompromising pair of men at the best of times. When confronted with the two main things that blight almost every gig I attend in Pivo Pivo - ropey sound and endless chatter - they react with the kind of level headedness you'd expect. That is, none at all.

If there's any kind of rules about treating an audience with the respect they deserve then the poor crowd in Pivo Pivo can't complain about the contempt How Garbo Died dished out. They opt for a tactic something along the lines of if people won't listen, deafen them.

When not lost in muddy sound, or when trying to leave lasting mental scars, How Garbo Died do get to show they have songs to back up the attitude though. Jagged guitars, occasionally beaten out of a seemingly failing instrument allied with loops and soaring vocals give things a certain post apocalyptic feel at times, and you get the idea they wouldn't be all that bothered if a large slice of humanity was wiped off the face of the Earth either.

An attempt at silencing the talking hordes - a venomous holler unrepeatable on a family blog - backfires slightly, as it sends me into waves of laughter, adding to the crowd noise, but means this is a gig I'm not likely to forget in a while.

More chaos follows, with excursions off the stage taking place, perhaps an attempt to personally deafen the ignorant before How Garbo Died close things with My Life In Statistics. Imagine Arab Strap in a really bad mood and you are in the right ballpark.

This was one of those gigs that sounds nightmarish when written down, but was something quite thrilling and brilliant to witness. Uncompromising and brutal, but brilliant.
How Garbo Died certainly aren't easy listening and may well scare off more people than they convert, but this is no bad thing. They certainly stand out a mile from the legions of jangly guitared matching shirts and haircuts crowd. I just hope when the apocalypse does come they let me stick around with them afterwards.

How Garbo Died: Facebook - Bandcamp

News & Bits - Record Store Day Special

Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and 2011 will see the third celebration of the UK's unique independent sector. This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ's, in store quizzes and many other events.

A fair few of the independent shops in Scotland have things going on on Saturday, such as:

1:30 The Hollows - new Glasgow band signed to ex-Primal Screamer Jim Beattie's new label POP PILLS
2:00 Mr Kil - the former Grim Northern Social now signed to Neon Tetra
3:00 Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers
3:30 The Zips
4:00 Admiral Fallow
4:30 Pearl of Pearl & the Puppets
5:00 Ceilidh Time !! We will be popping open the fizz and drinking with our friends CLAMJAMFRIE for the last hour or so. Squeezebox, fiddle, guitars- a good laugh guaranteed from Joe Logue and the gang from this traditional ceilidh band from Lochwinnoch.

Live performances from:
Iain Shaw (from 2pm)
Frightened Rabbit (from 5pm, full band)
Palms (from 7pm)
The Membranes (from 9pm)
Plus homebaking, activities and floor fillers from djs Gerry Love (Teenage Fanclub), Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand tbc) & Russell Elder (monorail music)

Frightened Rabbit, Penguins Kill Polar Bears and Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy all instore with The Last Battle playing next door at Red Dog.

There's lots more going on across the country, so visit the Events page of the Record Store Day website for more details.

In addition there's a whole host of RSD exclusive releases. Full info here, but from Scottish artists we have:
Frightened Rabbit/The Twilight Sad - Split Cassette
Possibly one of the most desired released, particularly by me. The Fat Cat Records team have been hard at work making these up up - see here and here for the evidence - and they are limited to 777 copies. Simply entitled 'Demos', the cassettes contain very early and previously unheard music from Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad. Also included in there is The Twilight Sad covering Frightened Rabbit's Be Less Rude, and renaming it Ravishing Rick Rude for the occasion. Tapes come with a download code too.

Edwyn Collins & The Drums - In Your Eyes/To Die For 7"

Franz Ferdinand - Covers EP 12"
Contains cover versions of Franz Ferdinand songs by Debbie Harry, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, ESG and Stephen Merritt.

James Yorkston - It's Lovely To Be Heard 10"

Lone Pigeon - 28 Secret Tracks 12"

Primal Scream - Screamadelica Triple Vinyl.

The View - I Need That Record 7"

St Deluxe will also be releasing their new 3 track single, on a limited 10"

Sunday, 10 April 2011

This Week's Gigs: 11th - 17th April

Gigs for the week, in a guide format. I'm quite short on witty banter this week. No change there then.

As well as being half of Conquering Animal Sound, an Inverness fan and very tall, The Japanese War Effort is also ace. Free entry too, bonus.
UPDATE: This has been cancelled, so don't go.

If you don't know what I think of the Seventeenth Century by now you just haven't been paying attention. I think they'll be playing a bit more stripped back than usual for this gig.

Toy Horses, Luigi Strauss, Alkotron. King Tut's. (Tickets)

Lone Pigeon, The Pictish Trail. Pilrig St Pauls, Edinburgh.
Shambles Miller, Where We Lay Our Heads (acoustic). The Free Hetherington.
A wee bit of free acoustic fun at The Free Hetherington. I've said free too much now.
Nevada Base, Alpine Ski Champion. Nice n Sleazy.
Six Storeys High, People, Places, Maps. Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh.
Not a gig, but likely to be good and I don't just do music. Especially when it means I can sneak in a plug for Cargo Publishing. More details on Facebook.

First band on at 11, free before 12, carnage till 3.
Foxgang, Monsters on Movie Posters, Stu Goodall Band. The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh.

Record Store Day! Info on instores etc will be in a separate post on Monday.
Popcorn Fiend, Battery Face, Public Spaces. Captain's Rest.
A very special one off full band reunion for Popcorn Fiend, to celebrate the launch of their new EP.
Admittedly it is a bit unlikely I'll have any Londoners looking at the blog for something to do on Saturday, but worth a try.
Wrongnote, Monstro. Nice N Sleazy.
Ryan Bisland, Brigade. Altnaharra Hotel, Altnaharra