Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Freebies - 05/10/2012

Hi. Friday. Stuff. Free.

Take a handful of John Knox Sex Club, add a pinch of North American War and what do you get? Some kind of horrendous cake made of humans, possibly. Or, you could get op. Baby I'm Breaking Up With You, complete with minimalist track titles, is available here for whatever you want to pay for it, and it's good.

Trapped Mice
Trapped Mice did my first ever Aye Tunes Presents gig, so it wouldn't be unfair to say I've not got the most unbiased opinion of them. As always with these things though, I wouldn't have asked them to play a gig for me if I didn't like the band. I've had a copy of their their upcoming album Winter Sun for the best part of a year now, so I'm very happy that it has found a home and will be out soon for other people to hear to. You can get a taster of what's in store with a free download of Mona Lisa here.

How To Swim
Mostly seen round these parts due to their unfailing ability to have something for me to post in the Advent Calendar series every December - an ability which I'm told will continue this year - How To Swim have a new, free single out now. Download It Doesn't Even Have To Be You here. There's a video here too, if you like to watch things.

The Cherry Wave
Another repeat freebie this week. I've mentioned The Cherry Wave's debut EP here before, but since they are having a launch gig tomorrow night, I'll mention them again. The gig is at The Roxy 171, with support from The Scottish Enlightenment, No Island and Ursula Minor, which is rather tasty looking. Download the EP free here, or buy it on tape at the gig.

Allan J Swan
If Allan puts music on the internet for free, I'll plug it. That's the deal. New song Unrequited Love (It's Not Enough) is very different from Allan's other recent solo work, such as his Don't Look Down album, but every bit as good.. Download the track for free here.

The Ritas
It's all been very Scottish so far this week, so time to venture south, I think. Some glitter pop music from that England then, courtesy of the always ace Odd Box Records then? Yes please. Download She's With The Band/Slash Fic for free here.

Johnny and the Giros
And back up the road to Scotland again, as Johnny and the Giros have a new, free single available from today. I Don't Need a Lover can be downloaded for nowt here.

Matchstick Maker
There's often someone I know next to nothing about in the Freebies, so let's keep up that tradition by throwing Matchstick Maker into the mix this week. I'm very thin on details, but the Fireside EP was recorded in a day, and released not soon after, and available for you to download for free here. This also handilly ticks the lo-fi folkish Scottish indie box for the week, magic.

We'll finish off the freebies this week with another trip outside Scotland. All the way we go to New York City, to find NeonFaith, and a nice wee bit of dark electro indie, which pushed my buttons. Download Mercury for free here.