Saturday, 2 June 2012

33.17 - Lots of Swearing

Rabbit is disappointed with your bad language.
For the love of God, don't listen to today's songs anywhere that swearing is frowned upon.

Unlike in real life and elsewhere on the internet, I hardly ever swear on the blog. This post will probably be notable for containing more uses of the word "fuck" than pretty much all the other blog posts added together. There's no real reason for me minding my language here. I'm not on some kind of deluded quest to keep the blog family friendly, few enough people read it without me worrying about offending sensitive eyes. I can't swear in text as well as Matthew from Song, by Toad can, it just looks a bit weird when I try it.

Enough about me and my word use though, we're here to say fuck a lot today, and blaming Super Furry Animals for it. I've rather drifted away from SFA over the years, but their first few albums are really, really good. The Man Don't Give a Fuck never made it on to any of their albums though (we're not counting compilations here, before anyone starts). Legal wrangles delayed the song's release, until eventually Steely Dan signed off on a sample, and The Man Don't Give a Fuck was released as a single, and deleted after a week. There's somewhere in the region of 50 uses of fuck in the song. It was released at a time when the Radio 1 Top 40 show would play every record i that week's chart, I remember hearing The Man Don't Give a Fuck at around half four that Sunday afternoon. The poor bleep machine certainly got a workout that day.

Super Furry Animals - The Man Don't Give a Fuck

*looks around* Right, I don't think anyone is watching, so here's the live version. The Man Don't Give a Fuck became a traditional set closer for the Furries when they played live, with the song growing from five minutes to anything from ten to twenty five minutes long, sometimes turning into extended improvised jams, other times breaking down into an onslaught of white noise. Clear 20 or so minutes in your schedule to listen.
Super Furry Animals - The Man Don't Give a Fuck (Live)

The live version makes hefty use of a Bill Hicks sample. I once read somewhere that God! Show Me Magic is about Bill Hicks, sort of. It's also an ace song, so you can have that too.

Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic

33 Extra - Audience Participation

We're roughly at the halfway point of 33 now. Annoyingly it is a number that doesn't half easily, hence roughly. To celebrate the beer picture is back. Have a drink. I'm not supplying the beer though, you have to bring your own.

Anyway, since you've put up with me this far - assuming there are any of you left - I thought I'd turn things over to you a bit. So, what do you think of the songs so far, anything in particular float you boat, or have you looked in and ran off screaming straight away? What would you have picked if you, like me, were spending over a month being a self indulgent arsehole? There's still a lot of days to go till this finally ends, anything you want to see, or any predictions for what else I'll pick?

Leave a comment below, tweet @ayetunesblog, leave a comment on Facebook, drop me an email, send a carrier pigeon, express yourself with watercolours, or ignore me completely, whatever suits you. Actually, if you draw me a picture I'll forever think you are quite awesome, so there's some incentive for you.

I'll post some readers' comments next weekend (so if you don't want included in that tell me) for fun. If we get a few folk kicking in with predictions then I'll maybe have a prize for whoever gets the most right. We'll see.

Friday, 1 June 2012

33.16 - "Is That the New Green Day?"

Yeah, well YOU try and find 33 different images for a series of posts without getting lazy.
I like John Cusack.
Older siblings can be very handy. Considering I have five of them that's just as well.
Amongst their uses is they buy records and stuff when you are wee, so you get exposed to a lot more stuff than some poor, sad only child, who is stuck with the radio and their parents record collection. (Though if you have cool parents then you might also get lucky with hearing good records)

So it was with many things in my house, but the band that came out the hat to receive the dubious honour of a 33 post is Stuff Little Fingers. Note: the hat is a metaphor.

As well as growing up hearing SLF in later years it would be one of the few times I'd properly go on the piss with my brothers. All four of us making an annual trip to the Barrowlands on St. Patrick's Day for the regularly scheduled Stiff Little Fingers gig. We don't do that any more for various reasons, and it has been a few years now since I've gone to the March 17th gig, but they always hold happy memories.

With that in mind, rather than go for regular versions of the songs, I'm opting for a few taken from a recording of 2006's Barras gig, the 15th one in a row.

Hey, it's only another 2 years till Inflammable Material turns 35, maybe I'll go back then.

Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers
Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love
Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

Also, just for fun, and because I used to listen to it lots on my brother's copy of All the Best...
Stiff Little Fingers - Running Bear (Live)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

33.15 - To Resurrect Ourselves, We Smash Up Both Our Knees

"If you type 33 in Wingdings it looks like the Twin Towers, OMG CONSPIRACY!"

1997 again, seriously?

Yes, seriously. Piss off.

I actually completely missed Far first time round, it wasn't until You Already Know covered Bury White on am EP for Record Store Day a few years ago that I heard the song. Heard it, liked it, went and bought some Far records, liked them too. Then Far released At Night We Live, their first album in 12 years, I looked forward to it quite a bit, then it wasn't really all that great. Aww.

Oh, the post title! You'll notice that those aren't the actual lyrics to the song. However, every single time I listen to either version of Bury White, and I mean every single time, my body does an involuntary jerk type of thing, that looks a bit like I'm either trying to headbang, or I need urgent medical attention. Most of times that this happens I'm sitting on a bus or at a desk, and it results in me smashing my knees off the thing in front of me, really hard.

It happened twice while writing this post. I'm in a fair bit of pain now. Enjoy the songs while I limp and whimper a bit.

Far - Bury White
You Already Know - Bury White

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

33.14 - I Don't Wanna Go

I really loved music in the mid-late 90s eh? Today's song comes from 1997, and it's the lead single from Veruca Salt's second album Eight Arms To Hold You.

I've got very little chatter to go with this, I just really, really like Volcano Girls. Shouty girls, yay!

Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

33.13 - I'm The Epitome Of Public Enemy

This post is absolutely not brought to you in conjunction with The Illuminati. Honest. Promise. It just gets difficult to find new images for these posts. The only New World Order I know anything about is the wrestling one.

Hey, wrestling, that's as good a segue into today's song as any. The song references ECW's Grunge and New Jack, giving me a slightly less jarring transition that the plain old "look, a song!" preamble I'd originally planned to go here.

Weezer eh? Naming albums after Lost characters, having THREE self titled albums and screwing with my digital music library by doing so, playing cruises, generally going a bit weird and off the rails. Cast your mind back to before that though, to 1996 and the release of Pinkerton, their second album. Critically and commercially a failure initially, Pinkerton ended up being a rare beast, something that a fair few critics ended up slating, then changing their minds about. They were right to change their minds, it's a great album, and today's song is a cracker.

Weezer - El Scorcho
Weezer - El Scorcho (Live & Acoustic)

Monday, 28 May 2012

33.12 - Tripping

Back to the hip-hop today. Fans of white Scottish men talking about hip hop rejoice!

Stumbling across DJ Z-Trip was a happy accident. I was living in Watford back in 2001/2002, and took the opportunity to hop into London with my pal to see DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. Neither of us expected to leave much more impressed by one of their warm up DJs, but Z-Trip was pretty much awesome, and leave raving about him we did.

I've never really been into mash ups all that much, but there's something about the way Z-Trip pulls them off that means when he's at it, it works for me. Check out some of his mix tapes for evidence, Live in LA and Uneasy Listening in particular. Those, and tons more stuff, are available to download free at Z-Trip's website.

His own original work is none too sloppy either, although so far he just has the one album to his name, Shifting Gears. It's that album that we'll take a couple of songs from for this post.
One song that is just ridiculously fun, and another more straight, with a bit of added gravitas from it's guest rapper.

Z-Trip featuring MURS and Supernatural - Breakfast Club
Z-Trip featuring Chuck D - Shock & Awe

Then, back to the fun, with a more mash-up style track from an EP.
Z-Trip & MURS - Kiss (Remix)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

33.11 - Obvious Post Theme Is Obvious

Alternate title: Where's the Beef?

Jeepers, one third of the way through already, so if playing this post on your turntable remember to set it to 33⅓ instead of 45rpm.

Anyway, yes, day eleven means I couldn't resist the obvious option of turning the volume up a bit.
Here are a selection of some mighty fine bands making lovely loud noises. Also, see, I do like music made post 1998.

A Fight You Can't Win - Shout First/Loud Words
Black International - Destruct_o_
Bronto Skylift - Gameboy
Carnivores - Five Go Mad On Mescaline
Crusades - Pseudo Andro
Fat Goth - Willie Wonka and the Charlie Factory
Fat Janitor - Two Nights in Hell
Holy Mountain - Gunner (EP version, so Chemikal don't shout at me)
Hunt / Gather - Cementalist
No Island - Fallow Years
PAWS - Winners Don't Bleed (Song, by Toad Session)
What the Blood Revealed - To Travel Deadly Ground

A quick diversion south for my Welsh buddies:
Exit_International - Glory Horn

And finally, gone but not forgotten:
You Already Know - Let's Fuck