Sunday, 27 May 2012

33.11 - Obvious Post Theme Is Obvious

Alternate title: Where's the Beef?

Jeepers, one third of the way through already, so if playing this post on your turntable remember to set it to 33⅓ instead of 45rpm.

Anyway, yes, day eleven means I couldn't resist the obvious option of turning the volume up a bit.
Here are a selection of some mighty fine bands making lovely loud noises. Also, see, I do like music made post 1998.

A Fight You Can't Win - Shout First/Loud Words
Black International - Destruct_o_
Bronto Skylift - Gameboy
Carnivores - Five Go Mad On Mescaline
Crusades - Pseudo Andro
Fat Goth - Willie Wonka and the Charlie Factory
Fat Janitor - Two Nights in Hell
Holy Mountain - Gunner (EP version, so Chemikal don't shout at me)
Hunt / Gather - Cementalist
No Island - Fallow Years
PAWS - Winners Don't Bleed (Song, by Toad Session)
What the Blood Revealed - To Travel Deadly Ground

A quick diversion south for my Welsh buddies:
Exit_International - Glory Horn

And finally, gone but not forgotten:
You Already Know - Let's Fuck

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