Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Freebies - 09/10/2012

Free stuff, woo! Also, this is your one week warning that there's an Aye Tunes gig imminent. Go here for more details on that, along with freebies from the bands involved. It'll be quite a quick freebie rundown this week, but here it is anyway.

Scottish Fiction
Blog buddy and lately gig comrade Scottish Fiction put their series of free EPs on hold recently, but there's still treats to be had. Back in July hidden tracks were added to all the available free EPs, if you missed them then you can grab them all together in one handy bundle here. With songs from Aye Tunes favourites like The Son(s), Randolph's Leap, Dolfinz, Lovers Turn To Monsters and Mitchell Museum you'd be silly not to.

Behold, the Old Bear (sort of...)
Speaking of Scottish Fiction and gigs, there's not long now till the pair of us and Peenko team up again for another gig night. Flying Duck, November 24th, with Gav Prentice, Campfires in Winter, and Behold, the Old Bear. This free EP only sort of comes from the latter. It's a collection of songs written by Raindeer a while back, and recently - and rapidly - recorded and released. A different kettle of fish from Behold, the Old Bear's stuff, but still ace.. To The Good Old Days is available to download for free here.

Beach Volleyball
Quite a lot of my favourite music I've stumbled across on the internet has been the result of pretty much randomly clicking things and seeing where I end up. So was the case last week, and a load of random clicking through Bandcamp landed me at Beach Volleyball.A shoegaze band from London, they've got two lots of demo recordings available for free download here. I rather like them.

Mistake Pageant
A boy and a girl from Glasgow. They've only got one song to listen to so far that I can tell, but it's a decent one, and you can get it for free here.

Stuart Kidd plays in a couple of bands and that. He also does his own solo stuff, lots of which has been really good so far. The latest product of his home recording is an EP, Gone Awry, which you can name your price for here.

Very Well
Edinburgh alternative indie rock types Very Well have a tough to Google name, but they also have a new, free single. You can download the latter here.

Experimental-ambient-poppy-folky-electronica. Oh, I don't bloody know what I'm meant to categorise the new Mender album as, I just know I like it loads. There's a new EP coming next week, but in the meantime you can get the album The Subtle Sting of Change is available for whatever you want to pay here. New EP out on the 12th, I'll try and remind you later.