Friday, 17 June 2011

One Last Plug

You are almost certainly sick to death of me talking about the birthday gig, but after this you can rest easy, as the gig is tonight.

So yes. The Flying Duck. Tonight. Doors for the gig are at 8, but the pub is open before that, and I'll be running about like a headless chicken.
£3 to get in. That's cheaper than most gigs.

Running order should be roughly something like this:

The Big Nowhere: 8:30-9:05
Verse Metrics: 9:20- 9:55
Black International: 10:10-10:45

After that you can do what you wish. Like go to Bloc for the final Barmellodie gig?

Monday, 13 June 2011

News & Bits - June 13th

Monday! Monday! Gotta get down on Mon... Oh, never mind.
News, stuff, etc. Slow week this week, so don't brace yourself for too much excitement.

New Releases:
Dananananaykroyd - There Is a Way. Available in a baffling assortment of editions. Extra fancy version from the band's shop, regular CD from Amazon, and downloadtoo, 2 disc version from HMV, and download from iTunes.
King Post Kitsch - The Party's Over. Excellent debut album from King Post Kitsch. If anyone would like to get me one for my birthday that would be quite nice. Buy a CD from Song, by Toad, or download from iTunes.
Sons & Daughters - Mirror Mirror. Download from iTunes.

Are You Bored Of This Yet?
Rejoice, this is the last Monday newsround that I'll be plugging the Birthday Bash during.
Briefly - Friday, The Flying Duck, 8pm, £3. More here. Come along, say hello, tell me how much you hate the blog.

Also This Week:
Once again I didn't write a gig guide. Facebook was messing about with the events yesterday, so I gave up. Some quick live highlights then?
Lovers Turn To Monsters launch new album Beyond Glasgow Howls with a gig at Slouch on Thursday, with support from Where We Lay Our Heads and an acoustic turn from So Many Animal Calls. You can pre-order the album here.
Olympic Swimmers take a break from album recording to play at The Captain's Rest on Friday, with support from Rick Redbeard and Tesla Birds. I like Olympic Swimmers, so they can have a plug, even though they are my competition.
Friday also sees the final Barmellodie gig at Bloc, with Cuddly Shark, Galoshins, Something Beginning With L and Lady North. First band is on around 11, so you can come to my gig at The Flying Duck first...
Edinburgh School For the Deaf launch debut album New Youth Bible at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh on Friday, with Young Spooks and Hot Rods providing support. More on that album once I get a copy, I suspect.

The Plimptons are selling their '00s Nostalgia With The Plimptons album really cheap this week. A mere £2.50 will get you a digital copy or CD here. It is so good you'll forget how to count.
How To Swim have a pair of new free tracks on offer - She Gets Around and Corpsing.
Member of the Wedding have a free download here.
DanDanDan have a new EP available, pay what you want for it here.
Wounded Knee is giving away a download of his cover of The Pogues song A Pair of Brown Eyes here.
Rounding off the free stuff are Napoleon In Rags, who have a couple on Bandcamp.

Birthday Guests: The Big Nowhere

If you have somehow managed to not hear about it yet, the Aye Tunes Birthday Bash takes place on Friday at The Flying Duck. All the details can be found here.
I've already done little introductions to two of the bands playing, you can read up on some facts about Black International here, and learn more about Verse Metrics - and get a sneak preview of their new single - here. That means it is time to round things off by telling you a bit about the third band playing the gig, The Big Nowhere.

The Big Nowhere have given me permission to make up some facts about them. I'll try to resist. I still enjoy bullet points, so here goes:
  • The Big Nowhere are at various times Simon, Billy, Joe, Arvid, DP, Helen, John, Sandie and Malcolm.
  • Fitting them on The Flying Duck's stage could be a challenge.
  • One of them is a dragon.
  • Simon wins the prize for "person I've known longest off the internet" I think. We used to talk to each other on Usenet, and I went to see his old band Brown Eye Superfly at the Barfly in Glasgow.
  • Brown Eye Superfly and Barfly don't exist anymore, and no one still uses newsgroups except to download stuff. I now feel old.
  • Debut album Pull Down The Moon was almost entirely recorded in Simon's living room. The album was released in 2009, and is available from all good download shops, like iTunes and Amazon.
  • You can also have a listen to Pull Down The Moon on Spotify, or here.
  • I've been promising to review that album for ages, but still haven't done it. It is good though. Bluesbunny gave it four carrots.
  • On a bunny related note, they were promised a spot on a gig I was putting on after this picture. Well, that and me liking their music.
  • A second album is set for release later this year. I'll review that one. Eventually.
  • Musically there is a bit of rock, folk, country (regular and the alt. type) and Americana going on.
  • This is by far the least helpful intro piece I've ever written.
You'd probably be better off not paying attention to me and just having a listen to them instead.

The Big Nowhere: Website - Facebook
Aye Tunes Birthday Bash: Facebook