Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vote for Me!

The folks over at Scottish Roundup are running an award thing for blogs, the 2010 Scotblog Awards.

Anyway, I'm nominated, so if you feel like it, please do go and vote for me over here.
You can vote for more than one blog, so as well as voting for Aye Tunes go ahead and vote for our pals too, like Peenko, Last Year’s Girl and Have Fun at Dinner.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ten Tips for 2010

I'm later doing this than I really intended. Shaking off the post festive season "can't be bothered" feeling is still taking it's toll, so I'd better just get on with it.

I'm splitting this into two halfs, The Ones You Know are bands that have been around for a bit, and ones I've covered a bit previously. The Ones You Might Not are, as the name suggests, ones that aren't quite so familiar, and I've generally not covered them much so far.
Ideally I'll expand on this a bit later, but for now here's the list and a wee bit of rambling.

The Ones You Know
Kid Canaveral - If you don't know Kid Canaveral by now then you are really missing out. Already with a string of great single under their belt, an album is nearing completion. Unless something goes horribly wrong their track record suggests that's an album I'm going to enjoy.
Mitchell Museum - I do carry a bit of bias towards Mitchell Museum, since they are managed by my cousin. That aside though, they are a cracking band. A couple of impressive singles last year will be followed by an album soon. Again, that's one I'm looking forward to quite a lot.
Trapped In Kansas - I've taken stick for liking Trapped In Kansas before, but will that stop me enjoying them and writing about them? Of course not. Whether you like them or not, I do. I there's plans for an EP and hopefully an album this year.
Julia and The Doogans - Great songs, gorgeous voice, cracking band. That's more than enough for me.
The Kays Lavelle - Another band with an album almost ready for release, another album I'm eagerly awaiting.

The Ones You Might Not
We're Only Afraid of NYC - Sometimes you get one of those happy accidents when you go to see one band and the support act you'd never heard of before really catches your attention too. I managed to see them a few times last year and am eagerly awaiting their upcoming EP.
Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete - Another happy accident, as I knew next to nothing about them before catching them play at a Glasgow Podcart Live Session, but I was very impressed that night. Their recently released debut EP bodes well for the future.
Make Sparks - There's already a significant buzz around Make Sparks on the strength of their recent Rewind EP (which I still need to review, and will soon) and regular live shows. More recording and heaps of live shows are scheduled for the start of this year, try and get along to a gig, I will be.
Macabre Scene - First time I saw this band live I liked them, and could see a load of potential in them. Next time I saw them was only a few weeks later, but they'd already improved a ton. If they can keep that up it shouldn't be long before that potential is lived up to.
Esperi - I've written a fair bit about esperi here over the last couple of months, live shows are consistently impressive, and so are the recordings. I believe work has started on an album, I really can't wait to hear it.

Honourable Mentions
There's far more than ten bands worth watching this year. In no particular order, and no doubt missing loads out, mentions have to go to Lava Experiments, Kochka, Yahweh, Campfires In Winter, Zoobizaretta, French Wives, The Seventeenth Century, Mickey 9s, The Whisky Works, The Darien Venture, Bronto Skylift, Little Yellow Ukuleles, and so many many more.