Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Freebies - 08.03.2013

It's another one of those weeks where I've came across very little I've liked enough to stick in the freebies, believe it or not there is some element of quality control in here.

Edinburgh Man had some good stuff on his podcast this week though, so I've nicked some of that.

Sneaking in late, after I'd already drafter up this post, so missing out on an cough illustrious position on the wee reciept, are the first freely available from Bianca. They are fairly recent additions to the Good Grief family, a family who haven't disappointed me yet. Mellower than their label mates, the two free tracks from Bianca available here are still rather fine.

Joshua Burnside
This being the first of stuff heard on Edinburgh Man. I've only listened to half of the Black Dog Sin EP as I'm writing this, but I've enjoyed that half, and don't expect it to go wildly off the rails from here on. Grab the EP for whatever you want to pay here.

Baffin Island
Our second "you lazy bugger, you swiped that from a podcast" freebie of the week comes from transatlantic collaboration Baffin Island. Idaho and Glasgow combine for some lovely indie pop, free download here.

Mad Nurse
Aaaaand here's the "shocking lack of research" selection. The self titled Mad Nurse EP seems to be pretty old, the release date is listed as 2011, but I've only just found it on Bandcamp today. Look, shut up and stop complaining and just go get it here, right?

Let's Talk About Space
They used to talk about trees, now they've gone off planet, grab the latest song from Let's Talk About Space here, for free!

I'm sure someone from HCBP is in another band I like, and they'd tweeted the link to this album. I now have no idea who it was though, since I'm too dim to keep notes. I can tell you that HCMP's album, Charger, is a fun little rocky bluesy romp though, and you can pay what you want for it here.

That's your lot for this week. Good luck to Neil from Scottish Fiction in finding something in there to stick on his Friday Freebies slot on the radio show.