Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another Gratuitous Plug for People I Like (and for myself, who I don't like)

Still shouldn't be allowed to use Photoshop

Shameless self promotion time again!
There's less than a week to go until the next Aye Tunes Presents gig, so here's another attempt to lure you along to The Captains Rest on Wednesday.

Opening up proceedings, and a late addition to an already hastily assembled evening, will be Kevin P. Gilday. Better known to some of you lovely readers as one half of How Garbo Died, Kev will be attempting to channel the spirits of the likes of John Cooper Clarke and Ivor Cutler for a quick spoken word set shortly after doors open, so come along early.

An Unremarkable Shade of Beige by Kevin P. Gilday

I occasionally have a wee rant at the overabundance of acoustic guitar playing singer/songwriters around at the moment, so it is only fair that I try and balance out my grumbles by highlighting the ones that I like, which Shambles Miller certainly is. Proclaimed as the writer of the best acoustic song about robots (for Robots, funnily enough) Shambles does the punky, folky, politically minded songs that many do, but with a wit and charm that so many of the others lack. Also a keen sandwich enthusiast and film watcher, Shambles recently Photoshopped me into a scene from The Social Network, which I must admit skipped him up a few slots on the "people I want to do a gig for me" list, but it was his songs that got him on the list ion the first place.
I didn't mess up Facebook, don't shout at me.

The Spook School will be carrying on the fine tradition of me seemingly always having an Edinburgh band on my bill, just so I can get to listen to them. With just two songs out there to listen to that might seem unwise, but the regular scouting reports I've been getting from their Edinburgh gigs, particularly from Edinburgh Man, made me really eager to see The Spook School through in Glasgow. Unwilling to wait for their appearance at Glasgow Popfest in December, I opted make them come through myself, which brings us to this, their first Glasgow gig. Taking their name from one of the groups part of The Glasgow School artistic movement, The Spook School have a hefty C86 element to their music, with sweet harmonies, quirky lyrics and jangly guitars all over History, while Hallam has seagulls and ukulele - always a winning combination - planting them firmly up my street. How I'll watch them downstairs while tending the door upstairs in The Captains Rest is another matter, but I'll find a way.

The Sea Kings take elements of rockabilly, disco, americana and folk and fling them all in a blender, coming out with something in the psychobilly ballpark, with their own twist on it. In their own words they "accommodate disco dancers and chin strokers alike", and they even have a song about Bible John for the more morbid. Seems like the Sea Kings should have all bases covered on Wednesday then, eh?

Tooth And Nail by The Sea Kings

So, that's Aye Tunes Presents: The Sea Kings, The Spook School, Shambles Miller and Kevin P. Gilday then.
The gig takes place at The Captains Rest in Glasgow on Wednesday September 28th, kicking off around 8pm, and costing £5 to get in. You can tell us you are coming on Facebook if you are into that kind of thing.

As with all Aye Tunes gigs I wouldn't be putting this on if I didn't like the bands, and all your money will be going to them, not me.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Gratuitous Plug for People I Like

With the gig guide not really running any more it means I get to ignore some stuff I'm not that interested in, but it also means occasionally I don't properly mention stuff that will be ace. Like this, so it can have a post all of its own instead.

One of my blog buddies The Tidal Wave of Indifference is branching out into putting on gigs, with the first one coming up this weekend. Blogs putting on gigs eh? What a ridiculous idea, that will clearly never catch on.

The first The Tidal Wave of Indifference Presents (a catchy name, might steal that format...) gig takes place on Saturday at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh, and looks pretty darn fine. So fine in fact that I've been looking up Google Maps to try and work out if I can make a rare trip through to Edinburgh and get to the gig without getting lost somewhere on The Cowgate.

Headlining affairs are Star Wheel Press, who released their debut album The Life Cycle of a Dying Bird earlier this year to acclaim from the likes of Ian Rankin and Lauren Laverne. If Lauren Laverne likes you then you are generally ok in my book.

French Wives are, of course, on of my favourite bands around. They'll be making a wee escape from the recording studio where they are currently working on their debut album - or possibly playing Grand Theft Auto according to their Twitter feed - for this gig. Hopefully there will be no drunks needing removed from the venue during their set, unlike when I saw them at the 13th Note a few weeks ago.

the douglas firs also released their first album earlier this years, and Happy As a Windless Flag quickly nailed down a position of one of my favourite things I've listened to this year. They are a bit different live than on record, but the best parts of both carry over into each other, and they are well worth catching.

Lost Telegrams are fairly new to my ears. In an odd coincidence I was sitting listening to them on Bandcamp when the announcement came from Stu that they'd be playing at his gig. Their recently released debut EP is pretty swell, and I'm hoping I manage to find my way to the Wee Red to get a good look and listen to them in the flesh.

Tickets are available from Avalanche Records and online for £6, and doors open at 7pm on Saturday, so get down early.

Something New From The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad's third album, No One Can Ever Know, won't be out until early next year, but you can grab the closing track from the album, Kill it in the Morning, for free right now.
Kill it in the Morning hints at a bit of change in sound for The Twilight Sad, while still retain the atmosphere and hint of menace I tend to associate with them. James Graham's vocals are as spine tingling as always, and work better than I might have expected to over the more industrial sound.

Have a listen:
Kill It In The Morning by The Twilight Sad

Download in exchange for your email address:

The album No One Can Ever Know will be released in February 2012 by Fat Cat Records.
The Twilight Sad - Website

Monday, 19 September 2011

New Release: Lovers Turn To Monsters - Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds

Back in June Lovers Turn To Monsters, or Kyle as he's also known, released his first "proper" album in the shape of Beyond Glasgow Howls. It was really very good, but at the time I forgot to say much about it. It seems only right then that I give a proper mention to the new Lovers Turn To Monsters release then.

Recorded between June and September, Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds is yet more proof that you never have to wait a long time for a new Lovers Turn To Monsters song. Unlike many Kyle seems to produce countless songs a year, and none of them are ever something that feels like it was dashed out in an afternoon to pass some time. The ten songs on Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds are very much in the lo-fi indie pop ilk, and much less polished than a "proper" recording would be, but the home made feel to them holds a certain charm for me. Besides, it isn't as if they sound like they've been recorded in a shed with a cheap tape recorded, the sound is lo-fi, but still sounds fab.

10 tracks of indie pop loveliness then, available to download for free. What more do you want? Crudely recorded samples from The Simpsons you say? Well you're in luck, the album has them too!

Download Pandas, Hearts, Blankets & Birds for free from Bandcamp, or pay next to nothing for a home made CD. While you are there poke around the Bandcamp page a bit more and you'll see what I mean about Lovers Turn To Monsters being prolific, there's a ton of music up there, lots of it for free.

Lovers Turn To Monsters: Facebook - Bandcamp