Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum are a four piece from Glasgow, and are quite excellent.
Following an earlier sold out run on vinyl, they are re-releasing their debut single Warning Bells on the 14th of May, available on CD & Download, with a new B-side Novels and Dairies. You should buy it, I will be.

There's a launch gig on Thursday at The Captain's Rest, where the band will be playing along with Sparrow and the Workshop, who also have a single out this week.

In the interests of full disclosure I'll go ahead and mention I'm coming at the band with a bit of bias. They are after all managed by my cousin. That doesn't mean they aren't good though, quite the opposite, they are very good. Consider how rare it is for me to every actually put thought in to one of my infrequent posts, then look at this one, I'm obviously not knocking this one out out of family ties!

There's all sorts of fun stuff going on in the single. I'm never too fond of comparing bands to other ones, but sometimes it provides a handy reference point, so here goes. There's a good bit of Super Furry Animals, Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Grandaddy in there, so if any of them are up your street, give Mitchell Museum a go, won't you?

If I've got the embedding right there should be a video of the band performing Warning Bells below.
Also, as a bonus and because I'm not posting any MP3s of the single so you'll all go buy it instead, here's one of their other songs, Extra Lives, which appeared on the Doing It For The Kids compilation last year.

Extra Lives

To hear more and get full tour dates and so on, visit the band's website or MySpace.