Sunday, 26 December 2010

Readers' Poll Results

The polls have closed, the votes have been counted, and the winners according to the Aye Tunes readers have been worked out.
Not much chatter from me on the results, my head is still bursting from counting everything.
An elaborate points system was used to judge things, with 5 points for #1, 3 for #2 and 1 for #3, no ballot stuffing took place, hardly anyone voted for themselves and I didn't give myself a vote.
A surprising number of people took part, so I'd just like to quickly thank all of you that took a bit of time to join in.

Drum roll please, your winners are...

Best Band:
1. The Phantom Band
2. Kid Canaveral
3. Frightened Rabbit
=3. The National
5. Meursault

Best Solo Artist:
1. King Creosote
2. Emma Pollock
3. I Build Collapsible Mountains
4. RM Hubbert
5. Edwyn Collins

Best New Band/Solo Artist:
1. Admiral Fallow
2. The Last Battle
3. Kid Canaveral
4. Mitchell Museum
5. The Scottish Enlightenment
=5. The Burns Unit

Best Live Band:
1. The Phantom Band
2. Meursault
3. Frightened Rabbit
4. Kid Canaveral
5. The National
=5. Mogwai

Best Album:
1. The Phantom Band - The Wants
=1. Kid Canaveral - Shouting At Wildlife
3. Meursault - All Creatures Will Make Merry
4. The Scottish Enlightenment - St Thomas
5. The National - High Violet
6. Mitchell Museum - The Peters Port Memorial Service
7. Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face
8. Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep
9. Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks

Best Single/EP:
1. Randolph's Leap - Battleships & Kettle Chips EP
=1. The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep EP
3. Miaoux Miaoux - Blooms EP
4. eagleowl - Into The Fold EP
5. Trapped in Kansas/Yahweh - Split 7"

Best Music Blog/Website:
1. Song, by Toad
2. The Pop Cop
Despite me saying Aye Tunes wasn't eligible enough people ignored me that I'd have been in third place here. Woo.
3. Peenko
4. The Vinyl Villain
5. Glasgow Podcart

Best Music Radio Show/Podcast:
1. Vic Galloway (Radio 1/Radio Scotland votes were all counted together)
2. Glasgow PodcART
3. The Toadcast (Votes for The Toadcast & Song, by Toad on Fresh Air were counted together too)
4. Mark Riley
5. Jim Gellatly

Best Venue:
1. Glasgow Barrowlands
2. The Roxy, Edinburgh (Now dearly departed)
=2. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
4. The Captain's Rest, Glasgow
=4. Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
=4. Stereo, Glasgow

Despite fewer and fewer bands choosing to play there, we still love The Barras apparently. Even the Weegies loved The Roxy too.

Best Gig:
1. The National. O2 Academy, Glasgow, November.
2. Frightened Rabbit, Glasgow Barrowlands, 3rd December.
3. French Wives, The Seventeenth Century, Washington Irving, Rachel Sermanni. King Tut's, July.
=3. Aye Tunes Vs Peenko: Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum, Campfires in Winter. The Captain's Rest, April.

The hardest one to count, since practically every vote was for something different. Beyond the three above Homegame and Awaygame were the most popular, if they'd been counted together they would have made the top three.

I'm wishing I'd included the Smash Hits style Sexiest Male and Female questions, but I worried that if I had the blogging community would disown me. They still might.

Thanks again to everyone who voted, it was popular enough that we'll be doing it again next year.