Saturday, 10 December 2011

We're Only Afraid of NYC - zero.four [Free Download]

Time to sneak in a quick plug for something that isn't draped in tinsel and glitter, I think!

We're Only Afraid of NYC - AKA one of our favourite bands in Scotland - have a new EP out now. As ever Team NYC are being far too kind to us by offering the EP for free. You can get zero.four - and their previous three EPs - for no cost at all over on Bandcamp.

We're Only Afraid of NYC are a band I've been stalking for ages, ever since I caught them supporting Mitchell Museum way back in the early days of this blog, and I'm always pleasantly surprised that every time I see them or they release something they've improved again. They were hardly poor in the first place, I wouldn't have kept following them if they were, so that they can continue to up their game every time round is getting a bit frightening, frankly.

Anyway, listen before and get stuck in over at Bandcamp.

We're Only Afraid of NYC: Bandcamp - Facebook

Advent Calendar: Day Ten - Evil Hand

I pretty much love Evil Hand. And Bottle of Evil. And indeed the other half of Bottle of Evil, Bottle of Steven.
There'll be more coming up soon about Huldra, this year's Evil hand album when - spoilers - it comes time to get into best of lists, so I'll spare you too much rambling for now.

Grab Around The Tree, a new festive Evil Hand offering from Bandcamp, for free. Yay free stuff!
If you like free stuff it is worth keeping an eye on Evil Hand on Twitter too, as Derek often sticks up an assortment of free music for a few hours, and he'll tell you when over there.

Evil hand: Bandcamp - Facebook

Advent Caledar - Day Ten: Gargleblast

Gargleblast Records are having their Christmas party tonight (Saturday) and everyone is invited.
The party/gig takes place at the Gargleblast studios in Hamilton, with Martin John Henry, Pan and Tio Malo playing live.
Tickets are available here, and include a copy of the Gargleblast Xmas 002 EP.

The EP, featuring songs by De Rosa, Martin John Henry, Pan and Desert Hearts is available to buy as a download from Bandcamp too. It doesn't have any Christmas songs on it, but I'm using it as an advent post anyway. Sue me.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day Nine: Withered Hand

I promised Withered Hand would make an Advent Calendar appearance, so here he is.

Real Snow is the first new material from Withered Hand in a while, and it's a cracker (sorry). The song is only available if you subscribe to the Fence Records Chart Ruse 7" series before December 16th, so do that here. If anyone fancies getting me a subscription for Christmas that would be magic too.
Here's the video for Real Snow:

As a wee bonus, here's an old Christmassy effort from Withered Hand to download:
Withered Hand - It's a Wonderful Lie

Withered Hand plays The 13th Note with The Second Hand Marching Band and The Last Battle on December 22nd. Tickets are available here.

Withered Hand: Website - Facebook

Advent Calendar - Day Nine: Giant Squidz

I know nothing about Giant Squidz. I found them on one of my Bandcamp trawls, and their Christmas album is rather good, so here you go, help yourself.

Giant Squidz: Bandcamp - Facebook

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day Eight: Campfires In Winter

Bit windy out, eh? I'm late with the advent calendar today, I know. The midnight post never happened today as last night was spent whipping my best albums of the year lists into something resembling a shape, which took till about 2am, at which point I could not be arsed digging up a Christmas song.
Today I'm phoning it in a bit, and opting for another repeat. It is one of my favourites, there's no way I could leave it out, so for the third year running, here's Campfires In Winter's contribution to the Christmas songs, with Christmas Song. In the words of Boab from Campfires In Winter "it's about 2 guys getting pished, one of them decides to burn down the tree and pretends to be a bear and asks the other one to join him. It's a lot of shite."

Campfires in Winter - Christmas Song

As if the song isn't good enough, you must watch the video that the (now sadly depearted) Macabre Scene made for it.

Campfires In Winter: Facebook - Bandcamp

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Podcart Hit 100

Today sees a bit of a milestone for our pals over at Glasgow Podcart, as they hit their 100th episode of the podcast. For their 100th episode Halina roped in Vic Galloway to swap songs and have a chat. On the podcast are Hidden Orchestra, Salo, Wounded Knee, Craig_FS, Clean George IV, an exclusive new song from Julia & The Doogans, Young Fathers , PAWS, Django Django and Die Hard. You can listen to the podcast down below.
Episode 100: The Milestone by GlasgowPodcART

The podcasts have been in less regular supply this year with "weeks" becoming "episodes", no doubt the folk that like to complain about Podcart are no doubt happy about that, but when a new one comes along it is always worth a listen. The Glasgow Podcart team do plenty other than the podcast though, so pointing at them and mocking their move from a weekly schedule to a more leisurely one is rather missing the point a bit.

Podcart were a big help to me when I was getting things up and running around here, though these days they are less helpful, mostly choosing instead just to swear at me online when they have an opportunity, but I'll forgive them for that. Those interested in new music in and around Scotland should be checking in on the Glasgow Podcart website and Facebook for news, tips and gig info. Plus of course the kind of language you'd expect from an inebriated sailor.

Glasgow Podcart - Website - Facebook

Advent Calendar - Day Seven: Abagail Grey

Doubling up again today, carrying on the trend of something for free, something to buy, we have the new single from Abagail Grey.

New double A-side single Winter & Icicles came out at the start of this week, and I've got my timing all wrong, so missed plugging it in time for a launch gig in Edinburgh on Tuesday. There's a gig in Glasgow on Thursday at The Captains Rest though.

Winter & Icicles is available to buy from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

Abagail Grey: Website - Bandcamp - Facebook

Advent Calendar - Day Seven: Now Wakes The Sea & Lovers Turn To Monsters

Repeats again today, but good ones, and ones which aren't currently available elsewhere right now. Plus, I'm doing you a two for one deal, so just be glad of the stuff eh?

Today's songs come from two different folk, for the simple reason that they are sharing the bill at a rather tasty looking bill in Glasgow on Wednesday. Lovers Turn To Monsters and Now Wakes the Sea will be playing at The 13th Note, along with theapplesofenergy and some bloke called Adam Stafford. Yeah, I've never heard of him either. It'll be good and it's cheap, so get along if you can.

When I posted the Now Wakes the Sea song last year it turned in to a mini essay about Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). I'll spare you it again, at least until the song makes another appearance, which I wouldn't rule out. There's an album coming from Now Wakes the Sea pretty soon, which I'll get back to once I've stopped obsessing over Christmas songs and end of year lists. Oh God so many lists.

Now Wakes the Sea - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Now Wakes the Sea - Silent Night

Lovers Turn To Monsters has new Christmas EP in the works, so we'll be checking back in on Kyle soon when that is finished. In the meantime here's a song taken from the EP he put out last year, a cover I requested when he asked for ideas. Fun trivia: if you are my pal on Facebook or follow me on Twitter the wee picture on my account was drawn by Kyle. He's a sickeningly talented chap.

Lovers Turn To Monsters - Stay Another Day

Now Wakes The Sea - Website - Soundcloud - Facebook
Lovers Turn To Monsters: Facebook - Bandcamp

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day Six: Julia and the Doogans

Another double dip into the calendar today, I'm really going to regret this when it hits the 18th and I only have rubbish left to post. But see, I told you there'd be another free thing along soon!

I've not had Julia and the Doogans on here in ages, which is clearly a massive oversight on my part, so here they are with a take on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that is sweeter than that crap chocolate you got out of you Thomas The Tank Engine calendar this morning.

And if you like to watch things, video!

Julia and the Doogans: Website - Bandcamp - Facebook

Advent Calendar - Day Six: Aidan John Moffat

Something you have to pay for today. Suck it up, it's only two quid and there's plenty of more free stuff to come.

Aidan Moffat has released a Christmas EP, containing amongst other things covers of Last Christmas and Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. It is every bit is ridiculous and amusing as you expect.
Stream Oh! What a Not So Silent Night Before Christmas below, and buy it from Bandcamp.

Aidan John Moffat: Website - Bandcamp

Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day Five: Zoey Van Goey

Bonus song today? Go on then, why not.

My bandcrush on Zoey Van Goey is firmly out of the closet by now, and shows no sign of dropping off any time soon. They released a new single just a couple of weeks ago, which you can hear and find out a bit more about here.

In Scotland It Never Snowed But In Canada It Did isn't actually anything to do with Christmas, but since it has been snowing - what, you hadn't noticed? - I'm going to squeeze it in anyway. Hey, it's a bonus, and free, so don't complain.

Zoey Van Goey are playing a Christmas matinee show in Glasgow on Sunday December 18th, at Mono from 2-5pm. Entry is a suggested donation of £3, while kids get in free. Take the family then, I'll try not to scare your children.

Zoey Van Goey - In Scotland It Never Snowed But In Canada It Did by Chemikal Underground

Zoey Van Goey: Website - Facebook

Advent Calendar: Day Five - The Plimptons

Ooh, today's advent calendar post has a picture and everything! Swish.
We're spoiling you again today (well, we aren't, we didn't write, record and release this single. We're also just one person, but now I've started saying we and can't seem to stop. Anyway...) with a full single. THREE SONGS!
Good ones too.
AND a video.
Thank you, The Plimptons.

You can listen to the single below, and download it for FREE here. I'll now stop typing before I abuse capital letters any further.

The Plimptons- Christmas All Over This Town 3 Track Single by The Plimptons

And here's the video. No prizes for identifying the pub, but you can have some points for spotting one of my favourite places in Glasgow.

The Plimptons: Website - Bandcamp - Facebook

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day Four - The Darien Venture

Sunday brings the first Christmas cover song, and me quickly writing and scheduling posts to avoid missing a day while hungover, although when this goes online at midnight I'll probably be drunk and deaf, trying to find my way back to Paisley after seeing Mondegreen and St Deluxe.

Today The Darien Venture go at Band Aid, with pretty good results.

The Darien Venture - Feed The World

The Darien Venture: Facebook - Buy Indications EP