Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night Single Review

This is one of the things I should have done last week, but ended up shivering, sniffling and coughing instead.
Having the cold was rubbish, the new single from Kid Canaveral isn't.

I'm probably at the point now where I like Kid Canaveral too much to be able to be trusted with an unbiased opinion on them, they did headline our Peenko Vs Aye Tunes gig after all, but I'll try my best.

You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night does pretty much all the things I love about Kid Canaveral. There's a catchy hook from the off, a lush melody, oodles of singalong potential (good for me, not so good for anyone who happens to be near me at their gigs) and it just plain puts a smile on my face.
It is also probably the best I've heard Kid Canaveral on record. All the time locked away in a studio working on upcoming album Shouting At Wildlife has clearly paid off.

The single is filled out with a pair of remixes of You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night, from Kwaing Creasite (how many pseudonyms does Kenny Anderson need anyway?) and Becky Becky Parentheses. Remixes tend to be a bit tricky for me to write anything about, generally they either work for me, or they don't.
The Kwaing Creasite remix answers the first question I ask of remixes - does this do anything worthwhile? - by being a bit less of a remix and more a complete overhaul. It is verging on being a cover version, and is really good, giving a more downbeat take on the song, without removing any of the charm. Lovely.

Becky Becky Parentheses also gives the song a thorough overhaul, which includes slowing down the female la la la parts until they sound considerably more demonic than sweet. The results are somewhat sinister, yet rather compelling. Pass marks all round!

Kid Canaveral: Website - Bandcamp - MySpace

You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night is available now from Bandcamp and all the usual download shops. Kid Canaveral play the Glasgow Slow Club at Bar Bloc on June 8th, before taking a little break before their Shouting At Wildlife album launch gig in Edinburgh's Roxy Room on July 3rd.
Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night - EP

Monday, 7 June 2010

We've Moved! (Sort Of)

Technically Aye Tunes was two years old on June 1st. Since we don't count that rubbish first year that I didn't do anything we are more like one year old round about now.

To celebrate, we've splashed out on a fancy proper domain name - ayetunes.org.uk
We picked up web hosting while we were at it, but that doesn't matter right now, until I can work out how to build a website we'll still be on Blogger.

Anyway, ayetunes.org.uk should bring you here quite happily, and blog.ayetunes.org.uk will work nicely -possibly better - too, so do feel free to update any bookmarks or links you might have. The old blogspot address still works, so no one will get left behind if they keep following that instead.

Ideally there'll be a shiny new version of Aye Tunes to look at in the future, but like I say, I need to work out how to make it first, and I've not built a website in about ten years.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

This Week's Gigs 7th - 13th June

I ended up missing half of last week's insane number of gigs by being ill. Not a bad way to save some money, but a bit drastic, I think. Still hit two gigs and WPM on Sunday too mind, so it still wasn't a quiet week.
This week looks pretty busy too, as does the whole rest of the month. Fairly sure bands are trying to kill me.

Tuesday is our first "spoiled for choice" day of the week.
Shambles Miller, Florynce & Lauryn and Andrew Lindsay can all be found playing at Sloans Ballroom at 8pm, for £4. I keep promising to go and see Shambles, then for one reason or another not making it along. I'm keeping that record up this week by missing this.
French Wives, Trapped in Kansas, Emma Curran and Selina Henriquez make quite the line up at The Captains Rest. Any other night attending this would have been a no brainer, but we've got on more gig on the list.
Kid Canaveral and Lovers Turn To Monsters are playing Bloc for Slow Club. My love for these two is well known, so you bet your arse I'll be off to that.

First of all, it is the delightful Last Year's Girl's birthday. Happy birthday Lis!
Secondly, following the Kid Canaveral gig the night before fellow Peenko Vs Aye Tunes alumni Mitchell Museum launch their new single with a gig at Nice N Sleazy. Support comes from Inspector Tapehead and GRNR. See you there.

goNorth is taking place up in Inverness on Thursday and Friday, before Rockness at the weekend. I'd considered going along for a day or two, but since Thursday is my Dad's birthday, I'd get killed. If you go then as well as checking out all the good bands playing have a look at the seminars Born To Be Wide are running on Thursday and Friday.
Back in Glasgow you've got Q Without U, Endor, Glider and Cruiser playing at The Captain's Rest. I liked q without u's first album, then they vanished for a while. Nice to see them back.
Rounding out Thursday is a charity gig put on by Cold Blooded Clarity. Playing live are State Broadcasters, The Dirty Cuts and Deserters Deserve Death. There's also a raffle, and the gig takes place in The Admiral. Visit the Cold Blooded Clarity website for all the details and to buy tickets.

The Halt Bar Hijack returns for another year, taking place over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Find The Halt Bar on Facebook for all the details.
There's an Electric Honey showcase gig on at King Tut's, with White Heath and Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers playing. That ought to be a good one.

At The Flying Duck on Saturday you can find the inagural Blog Rocking Beats night. Coming to you "from the folks behind some of Scotland's best music blogs", the first night has JC from The Vinyl Villain and Drew from Across The Kitchen Table as your DJs, playing all sorts. It runs from 7pm until Midnight, entry is free up till 11pm. There will be far fewer mentions of 1966 here than on the TV on Saturday night.

The West End Festival is in full swing by now, and is one of the main contributors to overloading me with gigs throughout June, the first notable one being on Sunday, when Burnt Island and Andrea Marini play Bar Brel.

And a sneak preview of next week, Friday 18th June in particular. Kitty The Lion, Beerjack, St Deluxe and Martin Metcalfe all have gigs on. The reason I mention this is that that day also happens to be my birthday. Thanks a lot for making my night remarkably hard to plan!