Monday, 16 August 2010

Round Up Reviews #4

The point of Round Up Reviews is to cover stuff I don't have a chance to give a bigger write up to - or have enough to say about - but still want to give a mention to. Singles, the odd demo track and the like all get lumped into one post rather than slip through the cracks.
It has been a little over a month since the last one of these, and I've picked up a ton of stuff to get through in that time. History suggests I'll call lots of things "gorgeous", I should really get hold of a thesaurus.

Dems - Lioness
This was meant to be in the last batch of reviews, but I forgot, as I'm an eejit. Dems previously got a nod in Round Up Reviews #2, where I loved his previous release Jarndyce Vs Jarndyce. Since then he's moved back to London from Edinburgh, but so long as quality works keeps coming out Dems are always welcome on Aye Tunes. Make no mistake, this is quality work. Inspired in part by Big Cat Week on the BBC, this is just gorgeous. Lush production that manages to have all sorts of interesting things going on without being overwhelming or busy and downright beautiful vocals. Lioness is one of those songs that perks me up instantly if I'm a wee bit miserable. I've played this song to death over the past month and a bit and I'm nowhere near tired of it yet, nor will I be any time soon.
Lioness is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Trapped Mice - Secret Letters
Once again something I've been meaning to mention for ages. I'm really not the best at staying on top of things, but I digress. Trapped Mice are fairly new Edinburgh band - they just played their first gig a little over a week ago - who make lo-fi folk tinged music. They happen to make it very well too. There's a few songs available, of which Secret Letters is my pick of the bunch, but the rest are well worth investigating too. Secret Letters starts off fairly gently before building to a glorious crescendo by the end. Pretty much a lovely wee song, check it out.
Secret Letters is available as a free download here.

Beldina O - By Candlelight II
Beldina O is another artist that's popped up in these before, with her song Chariots featured last time. Since then a few songs have made their way on to Beldina's Bandcamp page, including this one, which I didn't have last time round. By Candlelight is another cracking wee song. Sparse and stripped back the song is carried by a fairly simple bit of organ and a luscious vocal. Distinctive and enchanting, this is really lovely.
By Candlelight II - and a few other songs - can be downloaded free from Bandcamp.

Aaron Wright - Go On Yerself
A cheery wee upbeat folky pop song, I'd be lying if I thought this was particularly fresh or innovative, but it is fun, and Aaron's charisma gives things a bit of kick. Perfectly pleasant throughout, with a whole lot of charm. Also - a bit of a brass breakdown in the middle, and handclaps, two things that'll almost always get me to enjoy a song. Fun stuff, and it made me smile.
Help yourself to a free download of Go On Yerself here.

Boygirlanimalcolour - Batman Forever
Boygirlanimalcolour released an EP - Let's Get Forgotten - ages ago and I don't think I ever got round to mentioning it like I meant to, so I'm picking a song at random to write about before I forget again. Batman Forever is a bit like the film, it is loud, messy at times and pretty chaotic. Unlike the film there's a balance with (slightly) more restrained moments to save things from being a complete assault on the senses, and the end result ends up being a highly effective little sugar rush of punky powerpop, before everything breaks down into cowbell driven insanity at the end. Brilliant, unlike the film.
Let's Get Forgotten is available to download free here.

Lovers Turn To Monsters - Batman Forever
Kyle Wood from BGAC also has his own long running - and terrifyingly prolific - solo thing going on under the name of Lovers Turn To Monsters which I don't mention nearly enough. Recently Kyle wrote and recorded and EP - The Pain and the Ghosts - in the space of three hours. For good measure he threw in a cover of Batman Forever so for a laugh let's compare his solo acoustic version to BGAC's. The song works pretty well stripped down to it's bear bones actually. The sense of fun of the song is replaced my a more delicate and mournful feeling, but is just as enjoyable in its completely different form.
The Pain and the Ghosts is available to download free here. While you are there get loads more Lovers Turn To Monsters stuff, it is very good.

Come on Gang! - Fortune Favours The Brave
Come on Gang! make music that is impossible to stay still through. Upcoming single Fortune Favours The Brave doesn't disappoint on that score. Fast, frantic and catchy as f*ck, Fortune favours The Brave is everything pop music should be. The song grabs you from the off and doesn't let go for three minutes forty five seconds, which if you don't smile and at least bob your head about a bit during then you probably have no soul and don't find pleasure in anything. Just be careful, last time I saw Come on Gang! live I witness a man dance so hard he ripped his own trousers. If that isn't a recommendation I don't know what is.
Fortune Favours The Brave is released on September 10th, with a launch gig at The Caves is Edinburgh on the same night.

Don't be surprised to see Round Up Reviews #5 by the end of the week, there's still a pile of stuff I've not touched that I need to come back to, not to mention umpteen things awaiting full reviews. If you have something you'd like included don't hesitate to get in touch.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

This Week's Gigs: 16th - 23rd August

It is Sunday afternoon, so it is time once again to have a look around and see what is on this week.

All Week:
Taking place all week in Anstruther is Fence's latest festival type thing, Haarfest.
From Monday to Thursday there's live music from 8pm in the Hew Scott Hall, then on Friday and Saturday the action switches to Cellardyke Town Hall.

The Social Services, Open Swimmer, Bear Bones. Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

Withered Hand, The Last Battle. Electric Circus, Edinburgh. £6.

The Social Services, Open Swimmer, Bear Bones. Nice 'n' Sleazy.

The Hugh Reed Explosion, The Girobabies. The Pandora, Victoria Road. Free.
Juan Pablo, Kerrie Lynch, Julia and the Doogans, So Many Animal Calls. 13th Note. £5.
Quite an eclectic line up, with a good selection of bands we like round here. Should be fun.
Black International & others. Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh. £5.

Sonic Soak: Govanhill Baths.
Not often you get a gig in a swimming pool. This two day event (it continues on Sunday) rectifies that by having gigs in a swimming pool. Visit Facebook for the full line up and ticket details.
The Ghosties. O2 Academy

Rock 'n' Roll Damnation: Pareto, .scores, 3 Times Over. King Tut's. £5 (Buy from Pareto for £3)
Unbound: The Year of Open Doors. Highland Park SpiegelTent, Edinburgh.
Our pals from the literary World have another wee event to celebrate the release of The Year Of Open Doors. To find out more about the book, and to buy a copy, visit Cargo Publishing.