Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 Readers' Poll - The "Winners"

If you missed it, the winners of Best album, band, solo artist, single/EP, new band, blog & podcast/radio show are here.

This set of results is for the lucky ones who "won" the new categories added this year. I did consider not posting these to be nice, then remembered that I'm not nice.

This post is sponsored by burning bridges and pissing on chips. I didn't pick the winners though, so don't take it out on me.

Worst Album/Single/EP:
Despite not being released last year, the award goes to Bwani Junction - Fully Cocked.
In second place, it's Mumford & Sons with Babel! They can sob themselves to sleep in their nice bed made of money.

The Sergeant Award for Worst Band/Solo Artist:
We have a tie! The award is shared by Bwani Junction, and Fatherson.

The Peenko Podcast Award for Worst Music Blog/Website/Podcast/Radio Show:
Glasgow Podcart. Second place, The Pop Cop.

That's my arse booted then. Remember, I just count things, I didn't do the voting.


2012 Readers' Poll - The Winners

Sorry, there's no glitzy results show, no D-list celebs presenting an award, or even a logo.

We'll a least try and get through this without Emeli Sandé turning up though.

Votes were cast, I applied the same formula I've always used to them, got a headache, and wondered again why I don't use a formula that requires less counting, but now, here, a wee bit late (now there's a surprise) are the results of the Readers' Poll for 2012.

Voting was anonymous, which led to some hilarious bitchy answers, some of which I'll repeat here, others I won't.

On then to the winners! Later on I'll come back to the losers, in a separate post covering the "worst" categories that were added this year.

Best Album:
1. Meursault - Something For the Weekend (Buy)
Following up their win in the BAMS result, Meersalt prove to be the favourites of my readers too. I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

2. PAWS - Cokefloat! (Listen)
Meursault were way ahead in 1st place votes, while PAWS were most people's second choices. This was good, since it meant I didn't get any weird anomalies of everyone's third favourite album finishing second because of my points system or anything.
3. BMX Bandits - BMX Bandits In Space (Listen/Buy)
I must admit I didn't see this one coming. I'd expected someone like Django Django to swan in to the top three, but no, here comes Duglas T. Stewart and friends with a pleasant surprise. Albeit a surprise that will soon cost me money, as I realise I've not yet bought a copy of the album.

Also, to the people who voted for The Just Joans and Now Wakes the Seas, you are both anonymous, so I don't know who you are, but you are welcome to claim a free kiss from me for being my kind of people.

Best Single/EP:
1. Adam Stafford/Rick Redbeard - Split 7" (Listen/buy)
Hooray! Most votes were for the split single as a whole, but any for Rick or Adam individually were counted in here too, just in case anyone asks. Cracking single, buy one if you haven't already.
2. Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital
3. Withered Hand - Heart Heart
Nestling in at around number five on the chart would have been Withered Hand's Inbetweeners EP, but I don't go down that far. Still, a good innings from Mr Hand, who is always very welcome around here.
Special mention to Randolph's Leap, whose Hermit EP was only just beaten by fellow Fence release Heart Heart.

Best Band:
2. Meursault
3. Kid Canaveral
=3. The Twilight Sad
In a very close category - there was only a few votes between first and third - PAWS gain some measure of revenge for the earlier best album voting, by shoving Meursault into second, while The Twilight Sad and Kid Canaveral were inseparable to claim joint third place. Kid Canaveral won this last year, that'll teach them to dare going into the studio for ages to make a new record. Meanwhile, one person will not be happy when they check the results for worst band, based on who they voted for in this category.

Best Solo Artist:
1. Withered Hand
2. Adam Stafford
3. RM Hubbert
I swear I did actually count up the votes for this one, and not just write down three solo people I like. Withered Hand has jumped up the charts since last year, moving from his 2011 place of third to displace last year's winner, Adam Stafford. Again, this was a close one. So much so that Adam could have snuck a victory if I'd been mean enough to discount the vote for "Withered Han".
To the one person who voted for Randolph's Leap as both best band and best solo artists, although you are technically fine in doing so, that was cheeky.

Best New Band:
1. Chvrches
Well, I saw that coming a mile off. Ch-five-rches won at a canter.
2. The Bad Books
That one I did not see coming. Impressive work from a band with only a fistful, if you have big hands, of gigs behind them. Either that, or it was just all their pals that voted in this category. Either way, good on them, 2013 should see them actually put out some music, I hope.
3. Plastic Animals
=3. The Spook School
=3. Young Philadelphia
Three way tie! The Spook School won this category last year, so hearty pat on the back to them for still being new 12 months later. Young Philadelphia and Plastic Animals both did gigs for me last year, but again, I promise I really did count the votes. Obviously I do approve of their inclusion though.
In fact, The Bad Books, Plastic Animals, The Spook School and Young Philadelphia have all played either an Aye Tunes gig or an Aye Tunes/Scottish Fiction/Peenko one at some point, so I must be a genius or something.

Advert Break
This looks like a good time to mention the next Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig, since Plastic Animals are apparently still on speaking terms with me, and are joining us again, along with King Post Kitsch for their first Glasgow outing, and The Yawns (one of my best new bands of 2012) who will be launching the shiny vinyl release of their self titled album. It'll be dead good. 13th Note, January 26th. Facebook thingy here.
Handsome poster by Bob Rafferty

Best Music Blog/Website:
1. Aye Tunes
Oh for fuck sake, I forgot to tell you not to vote for me this year didn't I? Let's pretend this never happened and start over.
1. Song, by Toad (link)
2. Peenko (link)
3. The Pop Cop (link)
As with last year, all horrible humans. That's every year the poll has been running that Song. by Toad has won. I happen to agree, it's my favorite blog.

Best Music Radio Show/Podcast
1. The Toadcast (link)
=1. Edinburgh Man (link)
2. Vic Galloway (link)
Last year's winner The Toadcast this year has to share the trophy with fellow Edinburgh based podcast man, Edinburgh Man. Vic Galloway bounces back up the chart this year.

That concludes the "best" categories. I'll now take some legal advice before returning later tonight with the votes from the "worst" categories.