Thursday, 10 October 2013

Love Letter to The Spook School

As well as being generally fab and one of my favourite bands in YEARS, The Spook School also have a fine line in love letters. Pop by their website to see what I mean.

At the end of last year they even wrote me one, snuck into the envelope containing their 7" double A side single Here We Go/Cameraman. With their debut album out this week, and letters to people seemingly being all the rage at the moment, I thought I should finally write back to them.

This is what happened. Click to make bigger.

Shockingly that is both my actual handwriting, and my very best artistic skills.

The Spook School's debut album Dress Up is out now, you should be able to buy it in record shops and stuff. I've not heard it yet, but I'll be very surprised if it isn't ace. Other things are available to buy and listen to on Bandcamp.
There's a launch gig in Edinburgh at Henry's Cellar Bar. I'll be making one of my "once every four years" trips through to Edinburgh for it and everything. You can buy tickets for that here.
Glasgow folk can see them at The Glad Cafe on Saturday 19th November. You can go to that one without the risk of meeting me, as I'm busy elsewhere.

Here's a video for the first single from their album, I'll Be Honest.