Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 07/09/2012

I'll spare you much preamble this week. I know no one reads it anyway. I could say anything in this bit and never get caught. But onward, to music!

Behold, the Old Bear
Handily timed to allow me to mention once again that I have a gig on next week, not that I need an excuse, Behold, the Old Bear have popped up a wee song for you to download for free. Grab their cover of Harry Nislson's Swee'Pea's Lullaby, from the soundtrack to the Popeye film, here. Then come to the gig on Tuesday.

Carter USM
Opportunities to talk about Carter USM don't come up too often on the blog, so when one presents itself I'll take it. That opportunity this time round is a live recording from 1991, made available by Carter for the price of your choosing over here. There's releases of 30 Something and 1992: The Love Album coming out in November, so if anyone is planning a Christmas present for me at the moment, they'd be good. If you can get me into their November gig at King Tuts that would be excellent too.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf
It's been a while since I've heard anything from this lot. Their debut album from last year went in one of my lists, before line-up changes seemed to derail them slightly. They've been playing plenty gigs over the past wee while, but it was still a wee surprise to see something new from them appear quite suddenly. The new thing is In Dreams Lie Guilt, which at 5 tracks falls into the hazy ground between EP and mini album. Whatever you want to class it as, it is good, and you can pay what you want for it here.

The Barents Sea
Someone else I've not heard from in ages! Also, confusing typing time, since The Barents Sea is sort of a band, but only has one proper member, so now I need to work out whether to say he or they. We'll go with the later, since a full band was involved on these songs. I'll now end the rambling, and direct you towards a pay what you want EP by The Barents Sea here.

Overlook Records
Spiffing Glasgow label Overlook Records gave away a free sampler CD at their first birthday party a wee while back. I couldn't go, so missed out on one, as well as missing out on fun. This annoyed me, since I like fun, and free things. They've now made the label sampler available as a free download though, so that's very nice of them. Redrum has tracks from The Darien Venture, Trapped in Kansas, Salò, Bellow Bellow, So Many Animal Calls, Vasa and Crusades on it, and you can download it here for free.

Jo Mango
When did yer man from Neighbours become a Scottish woman? Oh, sorry, I thought you said Joe Mangel. My mistake. Anyway, Cordelia is a taster of Jo's imminent second album, and is available to download here.

Turn Off Your Television
Mainly Scottish freebies this week so far, except from Carter. I have a cosmopolitan image to keep up though, so quickly, overseas! Lovely Swedes Turn off your television have released a new single, Blanket of shame, taken from their upcoming album Humble Waves. You can grab that here for the price of your choosing. If you like what you hear then you can get hold of their last album on Bandcamp on a pay what you want deal too.

Crab For Darkfast
Not nearly enough bands give you recipes. Thankfully Crab For Darkfast have spotted this gap in the market , and a download of their EP will also yield four free recipes, so you can cook while you listen. Food not suitable for vegitarians though, so set your excitement levels accordingly. Get The Whole Hog here.

Golden Fable
Welsh due Golden Fable release their debut album Star Map this coming Monday. Ahead of that they are giving away an acoustic version of Always Golden, which also appears on an acoustic EP available with the deluxe edition of the album. Download the freebie here, the album can be ordered here.

I know next to nothing about tom. Do research then you say? Well, that's no fun. I do know that I was pointed towards Ohneiros, his new album, during the week, and said album is really good. Find out for yourself by getting it here.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

One Week To Go: Behold, the Old Bear / Plastic Animals / Left of Venus

Just one week to go till Aye Tunes gig night again, so it is time to plug the darn thing once again.

Continuing our nomadic existence we're off to another venue again, this time we'll be setting up shop at The 13th Note on Tuesday, September 11th.

Here's what's in store.

Behold, the Old Bear
Once a side project, now a real grown up band, Behold, the Old Bear are the new ship captained by Raindeer of Mitchell Museum fame. A five-piece making "Melodramatic Polar Blitz Alt Pop", with a debut album coming soon on Gargleblast Records. There's heartbreak in there too, Peenko sometimes needs a wee cuddle after hearing 7 Maybe 8. Probably my favourite "new" band of the year too. Come and find out why I like them so much for yourself.

Plastic Animals
I've been trying to do something with Plastic Animals for ages, even more so after bonding over a shared love of Urusei Yatsura, and finally the stars aligned this time round.  Formed in Edinburgh way back in 2006, they finally got their shit together in 2011 and expanded both their sound and line-up to which has helped develop the sound much more. They make atmospheric, guitar-driven, harmonious noise. They released an EP under the name of "Automaton". After the first hand-made batch sold out, Scottish DIY label Strange Fish Records are re-releasing it in September. Plastic Animals have shared stages with some terrible bands over the years, but also some great ones like PS I Love You, Milk Maid, Broken Records, The Scottish Enlightenment and PAWS.

Left of Venus
Left of Venus is the solo guise of Thomas Campbell,  instrumental guitarist from Glasgow, blending ambience, minimalism, classical, and noise by way of the electric guitar.

So there you go.

That's Behold, the Old bear, Plastic Animals and Left of Venus at The 13th Note, on the 11th of September.
Doors open at 8pm, and it'll cost you five quid on the door to get in.
Should you be so inclined, you can claim you are coming on Facebook here, but I'll be happier to see your faces on the night.
Come along or the terrorists win.