Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Because at Aye Tunes we don't do merry.

First things first, see all that money you got as a Christmas present? Put aside £5 of it, and with that fiver go and buy the debut album from Happy Particles, Under Sleeping Waves. It is released today on Bandcamp, and it is really blooming good.

Now for some free stuff. I'd like to say they are my Christmas gift to you, but since I am not any of the people giving away the free music that would be a quite blatant lie, and telling fibs is bad.

Gargleblast Records gave away a free download on the twelve days running up to Christmas. If you missed out on them, including a brand new song from Martin John Henry, you can download the lot here.

Pensioner have made their self titled debut album available as a free download until new year. It's pretty good, nice and loud. Grab a copy of that here

The Bird and the Monkey are another band giving away their debut album. Until new year you can download BalloonBaboonBallroom for free over here

As mentioned when I had him in the Advent Calendar (ooh-err) Kevin P. Gilday has picked Christmas day to release his first album too. Graphite is available for free from Bandcamp.

That should be enough to keep you busy for now, and better than Now That's What I Call Music 735 that someone bought you in a panic.

Have yourself a stupidly happy Christmas, thanks for visiting, come back soon! Also, don't be a dick, eh? Good on you.