Monday, 16 May 2011

News & Bits - May 16th

Your regular selection of stuff, including a wee announcement of what we're up to in August.

New Releases:
The Dirty Cuts - Cut Struck (album). Buy from iTunes.
For Abel - Greater Inventions (album). Buy from iTunes.
King Post Kitsch - Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone (EP). Buy vinyl, with download code, from Song, by Toad Records.
Randolph's Leap - Counting Sheep/Deep Blue Sea (single). Buy from Bandcamp/iTunes.
I only had to go through 40 pages on eMusic this week. Much quieter than last week, which is handy since I'm skint.

Upcoming Gigs:
Night Noise Team, The Last Battle and David J Roch support Hurray For the Riff Raff at King Tut's next Saturday, the 28th. For £4 tickets get in touch with Night Noise Team's Sean at and tell him I sent you.

Give Me Money - Part 1:
Tickets are now on sale for July's Aye Tunes Presents gig. The gig is on July 1st at Stereo in Glasgow. The Last Battle will be launching their new EP, with support from the second hand marching band and Loch Awe. Advance tickets are £4 and available here.

Give Me Money - Part 2:
Aye Tunes Vs Peenko 4: The Revenge. 20th August, at Stereo. Tickets available from Tickets Scotland, or give me a shout.
Adam Stafford will be launching his new album, Build a Harbour Immediately, with help from PAWS, Miaoux Miaoux and Mondegreen. Well, there was no point in bringing AVP back if we were going to half arse it...

This Week's Gigs: 16th - 22nd May

Oops, it is Monday and I've forgotten to write the gig guide.
That means it will probably be quite half arsed again, but here we go anyway.

Randolph's Leap, Burnt Island, The Moth and the Mirror. Mono, £3, which gets you a free download too..
Launch gig for the new Randolph's Leap single, which is out now.
Until I was emailed about this I had no clue who Khaira Arby was, now I've had a listen I'm a bit gutted I can't make it to this gig. Really good stuff.
Low, Sleepingdog. The Classic Grand.
Handsome Furs, Boycotts. Captain's Rest.


Communion Glasgow: Bear Bones, In Flight Safety, The Little Kicks, The Echoes. 13th Note.
UWS End of Year Festival. Paisley Student Union.
Mentioned this in the news last week, but if you've forgotten or missed it, this has Admiral Fallow, Aerials Up, Michael Cassidy, Kitty The Lion, Alan McKim, Johnny Barr, Carnivores and Marvel Heights and more. 6pm start, £3 entry, and you don't have to be a student to go.
Launch gig for the split single from the two bands, the first in the Tape Singles Club series.

Starts around 10, free entry before 11, carries on till 3am. This month's special guest DJ is *drum roll* me. Don't expect anything resembling DJ skills then, but do expect more 90s hip hop the drunker I get.

Stag & Dagger. Various Venues. (Tickets)
All the details on Stag & Dagger can be found right here.

£3 entry, worth it.