Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Freebies - 10/08/2012

It's Friday, here's a bunch of music that you can get without paying any money.
Enjoy, and do let us know if there's anything that tickles your fancy.

Starting off with something bleepy from Discopolis, Summer Mixtape is available for free here. Two new tracks, two new versions of old ones, all for nowt.

From bleeps to distortion, Rollor have a new album! I forgot about this last week, apologies. Beats In Men Shapes is available from Bandcamp as a free download, or you can buy it on tape.

Evil Hand
Evil Hand just finished the first track from their as yet untitled new album Rather kindly, it's available as a free download. Get Ten years here. S'good.

Chemikal Underground
Released a wee while ago on Amazon, Chemikal have now made their label compilation Secret Hits available to download for free on their website. Containing tracks from Chemikal releases old and new, it's pretty much brilliant. Get it here.

Be Like Pablo
Be Like Pablo were a couple of hours to late for inclusion last week, so here they are this time round. They've made their debut album, The New Adventures, available to download for absolutely free, all you have to do is register at their website. It's a nice wee pop album, goes well with sunshine, and worth signing up for.

Fresh Fringe
Another year, another Fringe, and another compilation from the people at Fresh Air Radio. The Inside Track Volume 3 has ace bands like PAWS, Sparrow and the Workshop, Kill the Waves, Dolfinz and more on it. It also has Bwani Junction and The LaFontaines, but there's a down side to everything. You can name your price for the download, but do note proceeds go to the Waverly Care charity when choosing your sum. The album is available from  Bandcamp.

Described by Pulco himself as "a bit eclectic and weird", the Eh - Vont - Gade EP mixed odd noises with spoken word packages. It is a bit eclectic, and a bit weird, and I like it. Grab it for free at Bandcamp.

If you missed out on Falls playing in Glasgow a few weeks ago for Aye Tunes (and statistically you probably did, I was counting) then you missed out on having to peel your eyelids from your face after they finished. You can however get hold of a few of their songs, as four demos are available for free on Bandcamp.

Zombie Girlfriend
Zombie Girlfriend are my favourite Hungarian lo-fi garage rock band. Admittedly, they are the only one I know, but that doesn't stop them being fab. They've just followed up last year's Music For Porn album (one of my favourite albums of 2011) with not one but two new EPs. Gray and Pink & Blue will cost you a minimum of $1 each on Bandcamp, but if you hop over there and look closely you'll see how you can get them for free if you are cheap.

Peenko's Pick
Holy Esque
"I guess it's true that the Scottish blogosphere can quite often be accused of over hyping up and coming bands, only to see them fall flat on their face when they venture south of the border. In Holy Esque I reckon we have a band that seem to be living up to their early buzz. Following on from their cracking self-titled EP, the band are currently giving away a free download of an track called 'Tear', every time I hear this band I can't help but think of Two Gallants, which is no bad thing in my eyes/ears. If that sounds like it might be your cup of tea then get downloading here."