Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 21/9/2012

Well, this will be interesting. Due to starting a new job (the official first day of which I'll be at when this posts, so any complaints will be dealt with later) I've barely been on the internet all week.

As well as having a massive pile of unread emails, I've also not had a chance to plug the next gig I'm involved in. More pertinently, I've not been keeping an eye out for freebies terribly well, so this week might end up being a bit of a random selection. I'm also operating on not much, so I'll keep this pretty brief too.

Lovers Turn To Monsters
I really like Withered Hand, but then, doesn't everyone? Lovers Turn To Monsters certainly does. As a challenge to himself Kyle has covered the Withered Hand album in its entirety, which you can listen to and download here. Lovers Turn To Monsters is too long to fit on the wee receipt up top though.

Another monthly compilation from the Kowalskiy blog, with Aye Tunes favourites King Post Kitsch and Bottle of Steven on board, as well as tom, who was in the freebies a few weeks ago, with Be Like Pablo and Greyhound Out of Mainline rounding things out. Grab the EP here.

Evil Hand
The sometimes other half of Bottle of Evil, along with the aforementioned Bottle of Steven, Evil Hand popped up in here just a few weeks ago. An unusually quick reappearance then, with a cover of a band who are quite well know. Download the Evil Hand take on Territorial Pissings here.

Giant Squidz
This lot popped up in the Christmas Advent Calendar posts at the end of last year. I'd probably have included them on name alone, but handily I liked the release they had at the time too. Anyway, now they've thrown a new song into the wilds of the internet, which you can download for free here.

Rob St John
Last year's album from Rob St John was pretty blooming swell. Now here what happens when a bunch of other people are let loose on it, with a free remix album here.

Olympic Swimmers
Round about now the sleep deprivation is really kicking in, so I'll do this entry in the style of an over enthusiastic press person, many of whom have emails unread in my inbox right now. New Olympic Singers single! Free download! Remix from Miaoux Miaoux! Free! Here!

State Broadcasters
To celebrate the release of their second album (Ghosts We Must Carry, available here) State Broadcasters have gone and stuck out a free EP to go wit the album. Different versions and non-album tracks make up the Table EP, which you can get your paws on here.

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
This one comes via the other half. Can we call her Ms. Tunes, or will she hit me for that? Either way, it nicely fills the "something foreign" space that I like to have in the freebies for this week, since I've not had a chance to look properly myself. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson hail from Oslo, and are offering up Past/future on a pay what you want basis here.

Finn LeMarinel
The Trapped In Kansas fella Finn has his debut solo record coming out soon. As a wee teaser you can download Places Known for free here. The album, Violence, comes out on October 17th.

Bellow Below
Southern Opal is the lead single from a new Bellow Below EP. The EP is out in October, the single is free here.

Eh, aye, that'll do. Properly written and researched freebies will return in a couple of weeks. Well, I say properly...