Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Morgue Party Candidate

Still working on all the catching up and reviewing I'm meant to be doing, but I've been meaning to do something on The Morgue Party Candidate, so let's get to that today shall we?

The Morgue Party Candidate are a three piece, two thirds from Cumbernauld, one third from Glasgow, who take their name from a Grand Theft Auto mission.
They've just stuck out their first EP, which contains three cracking songs. My favourite of the three, and the one that brought the band to my attention in the first place by it's inclusion on Glasgow Podcart a wee bit back - yeah Glasgow Podcart again - is the gorgeous Animal Dance Party. You can download it below. The very title puts all sorts of weird and freaky images in my head, which is always a good thing. Following the band on Twitter also puts some freaky pictures in your mind, which is maybe not such a good thing...

I can't say an awful lot about the band, I've not caught them live yet, something I aim to do soon and only have 4 songs to go on, but I've played the shit out of those songs now and find they've worked their way into my head, which seems as good a reason as any to swing the low powered, dim, barely noticable Aye Tunes spotlight on them. Plus now I can boast that I was in there early when everyone else starts loving The Morgue Party Candidate.

Download Animal Dance Party

If you swing over to the band's MySpace you can listen to all of their new EP, Good Morning, Good Night. If you make friends with them they might even send you a link to download the whole thing for free too, if you ask nice.

Find the band online at: MySpace - Twitter - ReverbNation - Facebook

The Morgue Party Candidate play at Stereo in Glasgow on October 8th, tickets are a lowly four quid, get down there if you can.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Catching Up

Alright then, got a bit of time back on my own computer for a week or so (oh hard drive full of music how I missed you, let's never be parted again!), so I'll attempt to get caught up on the backlog of stuff I've got to get through over the next few days.

Won't get much done tomorrow (Thursday) though, I'm away to see The Darian Venture & Atlas Skye at The Mill. Give me a wave if you are going along.

Speaking of gigs, it was interesting to discover that copying Frightened Rabbit tour dates out of the Sunday Mail magazine pushed me to around 4 times my normal visitor numbers. I almost think no one cares about what I write :P

If you've sent me a press release or anything in the last few days, sorry I've not gotten to it yet, I'll see what I can do, ideally before it's too late.

This pile of records I want to listen to and attempt to review take priority though.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Frightened Rabbit Scottish Tour Dates Announced

Tickets go onsale Monday 21st September at 10am.

27th Nov. BA Club, Fort William
With The Phantom Band and The Moth And The Mirror

28th Nov. Tolbooth, Stirling
With The Phantom Band and Errors

29th Nov. Ironworks, Inverness
With The Phantom Band

1st Dec. Moshulu, Aberdeen

2nd Dec. Fat Sams, Dundee
With The Phantom Band

22nd Dec. ABC, Glasgow
With The Moth And The Mirror