Friday, 23 November 2012

The C Word

No, not that C word. Or that one either.


There, I said it, in November. If I have to suffer through a dreadful CD of Christmas songs in work then I'm allowed to bring it up on the blog, that's the deal.

For years now, both here on Aye Tunes and before that on previous blogs, I've ran an advent calendar of sorts on the blog, treating readers to a festive themed song each day of December up until Christmas, because that's how advent calendars work.

There's tons of songs banked from previous years, but it is always more interesting and fun if there's something new I can include. With this in mind, I turn to any bands and/or artists that might be reading. Are you planning a Christmas song, EP, whatever? Do let me know, I'd like to include it here if you are.

Now, last year there was an awkward turn of events when a band didn't quite get what I was doing with the advent calendar posts, and completely fell out with me. To avoid that happening again I'll clear one or two things up.
While I'm always happy to plug something a band is giving away for free, that's not really the point of the advent calendar. I'm sure the EP you released in March is great, but unless there's an oddly timed Christmassy song on there that you want me to link to, it isn't going in the advent calendar. It might go in Friday Freebies though, which will sill carry on.
Also, ideally I'm looking for free stuff. I'm not saying I won't plug your special Christmas release if it costs money, but it won't be at the top of my list, so don't bug me if I don't get to it.
Lastly, I'm mainly after stuff that can be downloaded here. That video of your band drunkenly ruining something is great, yes, but no, I don't want to post it.

There, hopefully that'll stop anyone else falling out with me over a misunderstanding. Now they can just fall out with me for having a series of rules and guidelines covering a silly run on themed posts instead.

So if you and/or your band have something up your sleeve, be it new, found in a vault, or a cover you've thrown together in rehearsal  get in touch. The sooner the better, as these things start on December 1st and I like to attempt to plan ahead.

Friday Freebies - 23/11/2012

Before we fire in to the freebies, there's more self promotion to get through.
Tomorrow night (Saturday, just in case you don't know what day it is) we've got the second Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig, or as I like to call it, the second Glasgow blogger circle jerk gig. It's at The Flying Duck from about half seven, and joining us this time are Gav Prentice giving his debuit solo album an overdue launching, Campfire in Winter and Behold, the Old Bear. Well worth six of your pounds, I reckon.
Last week's Aye Tunes gig went brilliantly too, so quick thanks to LeThug, Easter and Young Philadelphia for playing - and for all being bloody ace - and everyone who came along. I was happier with how things went at the end of the night that I have been at any of my other solo ventures, I think.
Enough of that though, on to the freebies.

No Island
Let's start with something brutal and loud again, shall we? No Island have a new free EP out, and boy is it good. Six tracks in a little over eight minutes, it is short, sharp, wastes no time and loud. Get Let Glasgow Perish here.

Mitchell Museum
New stuff from Mitchell Museum? Oh goodness, yes please. Their first release in in age, and the first with their rejigged, post-hiatus line up, it still makes me a happy bunny that Mitchell Museum are kicking around again. Their new EP, The Spanner Works, is also decidedly not shit, so that's a relief. You can download it for whatever you want here.

The Second Hand Marching Band
Old pals The Second Hand Marching Band have not only made all their releases to date available on a name your price basis here, they've also put out a couple of new demos. Grab the demos here and here.

Silicon Ballet
My submissions pile often contains a lot of dross, but there's great stuff in there too. So was the case when Silicon Ballet got in touch roughly a year ago to tell me about their debut EP. Released early this year, I really liked that EP, so was happy when they said that there'd be another one. The first taste of the second EP comes in the shape of Slowly Slowly, available for whatever you want to pay here.

Stewart from Black International always gives me good bands to listen to. No change this week, as he pointed me in the direction of NOSE and their new single Cretin. Good stuff, this. Cretin is another name your price download, available here.

The latest in the Art is Hard Records Biweekly 5" Pizza Club series comes from Leeds trio Slowcoaches. I've heard the band's name a lot before, but very little of the music. The song on offer here is rather good though, lo-fi and scuzzy sounding pop, splendid. Get Proper Job here.

It Girl
Like Interpol? You'll probably like It Girl. I do, and I do. Free single Neon Signs can be had here.

Great Cop
The first release from Great Cop has been around for a wee while now, but I kept forgetting to get hold of it. They've now made it available to download for your choice of price, so I have no excuse now. Get Faint Light here.

The Miami
Another from the random stuff I've been sent pile, and proof that the strangest things will get me to listen to music. The email from The Miami describes themselves as "An exploration of traditional American lyrical poetry, mainly African-American (slave songs, gospel hymns, spirituals) reinterpreted by two middle-class, secular, well-educated college kids" to which my response was "Ok, I'm in". I liked their stuff quite a bit, latest release Ring Shouts is a name your price download here.