Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Freebies - 14/9/2012

It is Friday afternoon, that means it must be freebie time. Yes, it's a wee bit later this week, that's because last night I was out boozing and watching bands. I'm sure you coped with the wait.

Scottish Fiction
Blog buddies Scottish Fiction have the latest - and penultimate - of their monthly free EPs out now. Featuring songs from Algernon Doll, Drunk Mule, Vcheka and 7of7, you can download free here. Side note, Vcheka's album is ace.

Algernon Doll
If Algernon Doll's inclusion on the Scottish Fiction EP isn't enough for you, then you can also go grab yourself a download of his latest album, Camomile, for the price of your choosing here.

Cuddly Shark
New stuff from Cuddly Shark makes for a happy wee Jim. Good news then that a new EP will be along in a couple of weeks. Help yourself to the title track, Body Mass Index, here. If you are feeling flush you can pre-order the EP here too.

Allan J Swan
I've still not entirely gotten over You Already Know calling it a day, but I'm getting there. Former member Allan J Swan has always dabbled with other styles of music, the latest results being the solo album Don't Look Down. You can pick up a copy of that pretty cheap here. This is Friday freebies, not Friday Cheap Stuff though, so skip over to Soundcloud and snag yourself a free download of In Me from the album.

New Edinburgh gig/club night Hypstonite have a compilation of the bands playing their first night up for free download. For zero pence you get songs from Capitals, Honeyblood, Dead Boy Robotics and Sun Dogs. Download it here, where you can also get cheap tickets for the October 5th gig.

Young Philadelphia
This lot have their first EP on the way soon. Get yourself a nice noisy taster of it with a free download of The Bad Fire here. There's an EP launch gig at Pivo Pivo on September 21st, which also features the rather splendid Battery Face.

Any excuse to type swear words in all caps is one I can't miss. Murderburgers spin-off FUCK!* (It's Pronounced SHIT!)* deliver the excuse this week, with a free EP available here.

Ahead of the release of their new album The Dirt & the Trees in October Katerwaul have a new single out to give you a hint of what's in store. Download February for whatever price you want here.