Monday, 1 June 2009

Busy week for new records

Apparently the music industry all got together and decided that this week would be a splendid time to take all my money.

New albums out this week include Malcolm Middleton's Waxing Gibbous (not Waxing Gibbons like will have you believe), Until The Earth Begins To Part, the debut album by Broken Records and there's a mini-album thingy by Sparrow and the Workshop too.
The latter two are available from emusic now, which will save me some cash. Hopefully Malcolm will show up there shortly too.

Outwith Scottish bands, there's Hombre Lobo, the first new album by Eels in years. It is, predictably, really good.

Oh, and Paulo Nutini releases his second album too. Hometown boy or not, I just can't advise anyone to buy that. He's a decent songwriter, but the voice annoys me intensely. You could probably pay a drunk guy in the street to sing for you and it wouldn't be all that different really.

I'll listen to these in the next couple of days, then as usual forget to review any of them.