Wednesday, 3 November 2010

One More Aye Tunes Vs Peenko Plug

There's just two more days to go until this, after which I'll shut up about it obviously.

On the offhand you hadn't noticed Peenko and I are putting on another gig on Friday.
It is in The Classic Grand, with an early kick off time of 7pm, so finish work, have your dinner and get along quick so you don't miss anything.

This will be the last of the Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gigs, at least for a while, so we'd love it if as many people as possible could join us for a few beers, and uncomfortable amount of us invading your personal space with hugs and of course some quality musical entertainment.

Joining Campfires in Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral, Little Yellow Ukuleles, Randolph's Leap and We're Only Afraid of NYC on the list of bands foolish enough to play for us we have:

Luke Joyce's one man singer-songwriter show. It isn't just us that is very excited about I Build Collapsible Mountains, he was a runner up in the recent Radar Music Prize too.

Stream: I Build Collapsible Mountains - Rails

Edinburgh based three piece indie pop merchants help us show that we like both Edinburgh and women, honest. Dancing is encouraged. Come on Gang! have made the final shortlist for Hog The Stage too, so could well be stealing the limelight from Biffy Clyro at Edinburgh's Hogmanay.

Stream: Come on Gang! - Fortune Favours The Brave

The Seventeenth Century make a thrilling combination of pop, folk and rock music, with orchestral influences. The Seventeenth Century are a bad that no matter how often I listen to them, how often I see them, I keep finding something new in their songs. Plus, it isn't often you get to see a violin and cornet player throw the kind of shapes or exert the amount of energy that Mark Farmer and Mike Truscott do. I can't help but agree with John Robb, who said after seeing them that "Their sound is utterly original and the band is pure genius"

Stream: The Seventeenth Century - Mid October

Tickets are £6, available from Tickets Scotland, TicketWeb, direct from us in person (just send me an email and I'll come meet you to swap tickets for money) or online, or you can contact the bands for tickets. There will be tickets on the door, but get in quick before they all go.
For those into that kind of thing there's a Facebook event page here too.

So, that's The Classic Grand on Friday November 5th at 7pm. If you are worried about missing out on fireworks let me know and I'll buy you a sparkler.

Come along and we'll love you forever.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

This Week's Gigs: 1st - 7th November

This week's guide is brought to you by the numbers three and five, and a large amount of bias.

Derry's Fighting With Wire hit Scotland, and drag in Aye Tunes favourites Carnivores as support. It'll be loud, it'll be good. Oh aye, Carnivores have cheap tickets too.
Happy Birthday, PAWS. Captain's Rest.

Happy Birthday, Mtchell Museum. Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh.

A delightful evening of M's. Our love for Mitchell Museum and Miaoux Maioux is bordering on unhealthy, and Miniature Dinosaurs are quite smashing too. If you only go to two gigs this week make this your first one. The other one is on Friday, obviously.
Fabrikant Records Present: Flights of Fancy. The Lot, Edinburgh.
Featuring musicians from Conquering Animal Sound, Haftor Medb√łe Group, The Lotus Project, Discordian Trio, NeWt, Stanley Odd and more.

We like the Second Hand Marching Band and Benni Hemm Hemm round here, but we are paticularly excited about the third band. Comprising Alasdair Roberts, Wounded Knee, Sean from John Knox Sex Club and SHMB members Alistair, Pete, Ross and Rich, they'll be performing songs based on the work of Paisley poet Robert Tannahill. Pop over here for some more details, and a few free mp3s too.
The Last Battle, The Scottish Enlightenment, Very Well. Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh.
I've owed The Last Battle an album review for ages now, but the short version is this - their debut album is really very good. The upcoming album by The Scottish Enlightenment is also very good. Edinburgh folk could do a lot worse than pop along to this. The Last Battle also have an instore appearance at Elvis Shakespeare's on Saturday.
Our pals over at Elba Sessions have their last gig of the year on Thursday and as usual it is well worth a look.

Aye Tunes Vs Peenko III: I Build Collapsible Mountains, Come on Gang!, The Seventeenth Century. The Classic Grand. (More Info)
Well of course I'm going to tell you to go to this. I've been slightly less obnoxious in pimping this gig on the blog so far, but you can probably expect me to ram it down your throat between now and Friday. Even if it wasn't me & Peenko putting it on I'd be advising you to go though, as we always put on a line up we'd want to go to. This will be the final AVP gig and we aim to end things with a bang, so it would be nice to see lots of faces there, familiar and new. Please come. Holler if you want tickets.
Other gig options are available on Friday, but bias means I'm not telling you what they are.
Oh ok then, since I like these bands, you can find Mondegreen at Nice N Sleazy and Male Pattern Band, Black Jash and Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers at The 13th Note.