Friday, 19 August 2011

Aye Tunes Vs Peenko 4 - Tomorrow!

Right then, one last push.

First of all, the sad part. If you follow Aye Tunes on Facebook or Twitter you'll know already, but unfortunately PAWS have had to pull out from the gig for personal reasons. We'll miss PAWS, but their withdrawal is unavoidable. We've got hugs saved for them, and send them all our love.

We do still have a grand night planned, with Mondegreem, Miaoux Miaoux and Adam Stafford.
To hear a bit from all involved visit my preview from last week.

The gig takes place tomorrow night, Saturday August 20th, at Stereo in Glasgow. Please note that as there is a club on after the gig we have an early start, doors should open around 7, with the first band not long after. Tickets are £6, and you can pay on the door.

Just because the gig will be finishing by half 10 doesn't mean you have to plan an early night though. Join us for a drink afterwards upstairs in Stereo, where all involved will be taking turns in spinning some records. Adam promises some Rockabilly tunes, while me and Peenko will no doubt be ruining any kind of good reputation we might have with our selections.

Bedtime For Mitchell Museum

Right now I'm supposed to be writing the last minute plea for you all to attend tomorrow's Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gig. Before sitting down to write it I had a quick look at Twitter, and then at my email, and learned something that has made me really rather sad. It looks like we are losing, at least for a while, one of my favourite bands, Mitchell Museum. Copy/paste time first...

Hello all out there. We’ve come to you with kind of sad news. Of late we have had a few unfortunate instances as a band and, mostly to matters beyond our control and understanding, it seems we may have to take a break for a while.

We’ve have recently lost members of both our on and off stage team, all are just as important in making this thing happen, and we’re not sure how we will do this without them and we’re unsure if we want to.

So we’re taking an extended leave for a while to work out if we still want to make music and how to do that again. We want to say thanks to everyone who came to see us over the years, listened to our music or even just pretended they liked us to sound cool (it didn’t work by the way). You made this all great fun for us and we hope you had some fun along the way too.

Hopefully you’ll always remember us fondly like a kindly old aunt with a beard and a learning disability that was never diagnosed.

Here is the last song that we'd been working on. It seems strangely appropriate...

Bring out the claws, the claws are out. by mitchell museum

Mitchell Museum were a pretty important band to me, way back in the early days of the blog they were one of the first "wee" bands I took myself along to see, and the kindness and encouragement that they showed was really quite lovely. Sure, I was their manager's cousin, but they were still an incredibly friendly and welcoming bunch of guys.
Since then I've seen them a ton of times, and they've never been anything less than wonderful, both on stage and as people.
Myself and Peenko were honoured to have them play at the first of our gigs last year, something which still ranks as one of the best nights of my life, so it is with a great deal of sadness that we have to wave them goodbye, and wish the very best of luck to whatever Cammy, Dougie, Kris and Raindeer do next.

Somewhat worryingly this means that from the three Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gigs that have taken place one band from each bill has called it a day this year. First Come On Gang! broke up at the start of this year, then Little Yellow Ukuleles followed, and now Mitchell Museum. I hope Mondegreen don't get any funny ideas...

Of course, given something else that happened this week, the reason that PAWS are unable to play AVP4 a band breaking up is relatively meaningless, but we'll still be sad to see Mitchell Museum go.

Monday, 15 August 2011

News & Bits - August 15th

Having forgotten to write the news post at all last week you might be expecting a bumper edition this week. You fools, you should know by now to always lower your expectations at Aye Tunes.

New Releases:
A Band Called Quinn - QBCA Remix For East Africa. Available from Bandcamp, proceeds go to the East Africa Crisis Appeal.
Adam Stafford - Build a Harbour Immediately. Download available from Bandcamp.
Amber Wilson - Raise the Alarm/An Affirmation. Available from iTunes.
Cherri Fosphate - Passion. Available from Bandcamp.
The Corleones - I Can't Help It/Bland Conversations. Available from Bandcamp and iTunes.
Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions. Rather fine single, available from iTunes.
Lightguides - Samba Samba Samba. Didn't think this was due out till the end of the month, but you can buy it now from iTunes. If you prefer physical things a CD can be pre-ordered from Alcopop! Records.
Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin' Screichs - Reckurdt. One that got missed with the lack of news last week, this is a cracking album. You can buy it from Bandcamp and iTunes.

Seven Astronauts, or Cancelled Vices:
Yeah, sometimes the subheadings just don't work... Cancel the Astronauts have a new single, Seven Vices, out on September 12th. You can pre-order the CD and get the download now from Bandcamp. They have a couple of launch gigs for the single too, in Glasgow at the Captain's Rest on September 9th with support from Over the Wall and Poor Things, then another on the 11th at The Electric Circus in Edinburgh with support from My Tiny Robots and The Bad Books.

Slow Moving Son(s):
The Son(s) have a new video! You can see the animated video for Dogs, Boys and Men here. The Son(s) have made a few songs available to download for free to go along with the video. Along with Dogs, Boys and Men they've tarted up a couple of songs from the sessions for their debut album which came out earlier this year. You can get the download here.

What's On:
No gig guide again this week (see below for more) so here's a few of the highlights of the week.
Tuesday: Shambles Miller joins the Slow Club at Bloc from 9pm, with free entry and cakes. How Garbo Died play Stereo with Dol Eoin and Pornsec. I have no idea who the last two are...
Wednesday: Milk is good for your bones, but it is also a darn fine gig night in Glasgow. This week at Flat 0/1 Milk have Boycotts, Crayons and Every Genius Delivers. Through in Edinburgh Song, by Toad kick of their Toad at the Circus gig series with The Pineapple Chunks, Dolfinz and Mutch & Thomas, at The Electric Circus.
Friday: Time waits for no man, or Toad apparently, as the second Toad at the Circus gig rolls around quickly, with Amber Wilson, Randolph's Leap and Matthew Healy, again at The Electric Circus.
Saturday is, of course, Aye Tunes Vs Peenko: The Revenge at Stereo. Much more details here. Normally when I have a gig on I pretend nothing else is happening, but through in Edinburgh on Saturday there's some people I like doing stuff, so they can have a wee plug. Night Noise Team play at Henry's Cellar Bar with Miasma and Dancing Mice, and at Pilrig St Pauls there's the Oxjam Wee Twee gig, with The Last Battle, Sebastian Dangerfield and Letters.

From next week I'm rejigging the only regular features I have, this and the gig guide. The news is fun to write, the gig guide isn't, but I suspect both suffer from tl;dr most weeks. The gig guide will stop even attempting to cover everything that is happening in Edinburgh in Glasgow, since most weeks it misses stuff no one tells me about, even after pouring through venue listings and Facebook events. Instead it'll be switching to the gigs on that week that I think look decent, rather than everything I know is on. The news will - assuming there is enough news to make it worthwhile - be getting split up into more than one post, though I'll most likely do a round up at the end of the week too. All of this is likely very uninteresting for you, so I'll stop going on about it now.