Saturday, 8 August 2009

Saturday Newsround

Beerjacket plays King Tut's tonight, with support from The Second Hand Marching Band and The Seventeenth Century. Due to a fecking useless friend I've got some spare tickets, holler if you need one, otherwise say hello if you go to the gig.

The new Glasgow PodcART podcast is available, this week entitled "Pumped In Venice". Stream it here, get it through iTunes or Right Click & Save As.

Kochka have had to cancel their single launch at the Classic Grand tonight due to ill health. Get well soon!

Speaking of King Tut's, There Will Be Fireworks are playing there on the 20th of August. That reminds me, I never did finish that album review.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More Free Music - The Second Hand Marching Band

The Second Hand Marching Band are a band from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Ayr, Kincardine, Cumbernauld, Neilston, Canada, Airdrie and elsewhere. They have about a million members.

Their first EP - A Dance To Half Death - was released as a limited edition of 150. It has now sold out, so they've made it available through their website, the terribly kind people.

Go here to download the EP and visit them at MySpace for more information.

The Second Hand Marching Band are one of the support acts for the Aye Tunes attending Berrjacket gig on Saturday at King Tut's. As usual if you are going along you'll win the cheapest beverage of your choice if you can find me and say hello. Or in other words, say hi and I'll buy you a pint.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Little Rock Records give away a ton of music

Everyone likes free music, right?
If you are everyone you might be interested in this then.
Glasgow based label Little Rock Records are celebrating their second birthday birthday by giving away a ton of music.

In a giveaway aptly titled TOO MUCH MUSIC they've put up 14 free singles for download. Each single comes with two tracks and artwork from some of the best up and coming artists in the Scottish alternative elecronica scene. It's pretty eclectic, covering disco, ambient, breakcore, jazz, techno, wonky hip-hop and more.

Frankly, that's a scene that is way out of my area of expertise, so I won't even attempt to advise what to download from what's available. At the lost cost price of FREE I'll be diving in and checking out what's on offer though!

You can get more details and the download links over at the label's MySpace and they should be going up on as well.

Here's the PR blurb about Little Rock Records, just for good measure
Inspired by Leipzig's Jahtari netlabel, Little Rock Records was officially launched on 07/07/07 with 7 digital 7 inch releases, with an aim to represent the best in Glasgow (and Scotland's) alternative electronica scene. Since then the label has released music by Tayside Mental Health, Eyes, The Niallist, Copyleft and The Evil Eye - not to mention putting out the "quasi-notorious" (Plan B), "dance-music-you-can't-dance-to" compilation/confrontation that is NORAVE.

The label now hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Magnetic with guest slots form the likes of local heroes Jackmaster, Killer Kitsch, Voltergeist,. Frogpocket, Animal Farm and more. There's also occasional Little Rock parties in the Glasgow area, including the annual Halloween Rock'n'Shock bash, this year celebrating its sixth birthday with very special guests The Phantom Band.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Mitchell Museum - Gig Non-Review

In no way, shape or form is this a review of Mitchell Museum's King Tut's gig. Instead, it's a one iner summing up how much fun I had at it.

How good were Mitchell Museum? So good I missed my last train home and had to get the night bus to Paisley, that's how good.

Expect me to continue to cheerlead for the band in future.