Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Presenting, Again

Yes, I should not be allowed near Photoshop
Remember back in June I did that birthday gig, and afterwards said that next time I decided to do a short notice gig someone should punch me in the mouth? Well, start forming an orderly queue, because I'm doing it again.

Two weeks tonight (eek!) sees the next Aye Tunes Presents gig take place, at The Captains Rest in Glasgow.
Joining us for the occasion are:
The Sea Kings - Fresh from supporting The Cave Singers at King Tut's, The Sea Kings will be adding some psychobilly stomp to the evening.
Tooth And Nail by The Sea Kings

The Spook School - Edinburgh based C86 indie-pop-rock 'n' roll quartet, playing their first Glasgow gig ever ever.
History by The Spook School

Shambles Miller - Acoustic punky-folk man with guitar, and a rather fetching beard to boot.
Rapture by Shambles Miller

Between now and the gig I'll be back to tell you a bit more about everyone playing, but for now enjoy their songs, and cancel all your plans for September 28th and come to The Captains Rest instead, where you can exchange £5 for an evening of Aye Tunes endorsed live entertainment. I'd rather you didn't punch me in the mouth, but if it means you'll come to the gig I'm willing to get hit.

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