Friday, 18 June 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Aye, 31 today. I don't look a day over 40.

Also, a big happy birthday to the other JC, The Vinyl Villain, who shares the day with me.

I'll be spending much of the day sat in Bloc drinking cheap lager I think, before possibly going to one of the many gigs that are on in Glasgow. Do feel free to send presents, or stop by to buy me a pint. It's ok, I know no one will.

Normal service will be resumed when I sober up. Sunday maybe? After all, on Saturday I have to go back out to this:

So this post isn't just me mentioning how I'm now official Thirty Something, here's a little bit of news too...
Aye Tunes Vs Peenko II will be taking place at The 13th Note, Glasgow, on July 17th. That's all I can say for now, there's a few details still to be sorted out, but it should hopefully be another good one.

Monday, 14 June 2010

This Week's Records

What is there to spend your money on this week then?

Astral Planes (y'know, formerly Paper Planes) have a mini album out. Sit Still Child rounds up a couple of their previous singles, and four new songs. Cracking band, I'll be getting hold of a copy of this ASAP.

Frightened Rabbit release the third single from The Winter of Mixed Drinks. Living in Colour is out today, backed with an alternative version and a remix.

Mitchell Museum warm up for the release of their debut album next month by releasing Warning Bells as a single. If like me you've bought this previously buy it again, it's been rerecorded and sounds a bit different now. The single is available from iTunes,, eMusic and all the other usual suspects. To encourage you to spend a little money there are six FREE remixes available, including ones by We Were Promised Jetpacks and Coach-a-cola, AKA band manager/ex-De Rosa/Aye Tunes cousin Chris Connick, you can find more details on how to get them here.

North Atlantic Oscillation have a new single, Ceiling Poem.

Tommy Reilly releases his second album. HELLO! I'm Tommy Reilly is out now, released by Euphonios.

Maple Leaves released a new single a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I've remembered to plug it. Tapestry is available on download and limited edition CD, the best place to buy it is Bandcamp.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

This Week's Gigs 14th - 20th June

A pair of gigs, my Dad's birthday and the start of the World Cup managed to kill my productivity last week, so sorry for the lack of posts. Must try harder. There's a fair amount on this week too, but I'll be forcing myself to skip almost everything, I'm short on money and need cash for Friday.

Codes in the Clouds, Barn Owl, The Seventeenth Century and Katerwaul, The 13th Note, £5.
Particularly annoyed I'm missing this one. I really want to catch Barn Owl, and The Seventeenth Century are always great.

Rick Redbeard and Sunset Song, West End Festival, Brel, £6.
The Phantom Band's frontman dusts off his solo project for a gig in the intimate surroundings of Brel. It likely won't be rowdy, but it should be pretty good.

The Ray Summers, Sonny Marvello, Stevie and the Moon, Captain's Rest, £5, tickets available here.
This is a gig for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres, so if you needed another reason to go, there it is.

Friday is my birthday, I'll be going for a pint. Anyone fancy a pint on Friday? I also have this lot to choose from for my evening entertainment. Anyone fancy taking me to a gig on Friday?
St Deluxe, King Tut's.
!!!, Dam Mantle, The Arches. Free gig, but with a booking fee, tickets from here.
Stop taking the piss, gig promoters.

Glasgow Podcart Presents: Pooch & Tokyo Knife Attack. Stereo, £5.
Another charity gig this one, with proceeds going to Beatson Oncology Centre. With Pooch and Tokyo Knife Attack playing live, and a host of DJs, one thing is for sure: There Will Be Dancing.

Unity Benefit Gig: Second Hand Marching Band, Maple Leaves, Withered Hand. Stereo, £5.
Another charity gig, and another one that is very easy to support on the basis of having a cracking line up.