Monday, 18 July 2011

News & Bits - July 18th

I have nothing of interest to say in the intro. No change there then.

New Releases:
Fatherson - Fatherson EP. Available on iTunes.
Roddy Hart - Road of Bones. Album available from iTunes.
Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing!!! As mentioned last week, the new single from Kid Canaveral, backed with a remix by FOUND and a cover of Missionary, by the other KC. Available from Bandcamp, and now from iTunes.
Lach - Ramshackle Heart. Available on vinyl from Song, by Toad Records, download from iTunes.
The Last Battle - The Springwell EP. Y'know, that EP we had a launch for a couple of weeks ago. It is very good. Buy it from Bandcamp. Also go read an interview they did with my pal Last Year's Girl here.
Verse Metrics - Sleep & Wakefulness. Splendid new double A side single, available from iTunes.

Let There Be Light(Guides):
LightGuides have announced what will be keeping them busy for the next couple of months. They'll be releasing a 7 track mini album - Samba, Samba, Samba - through Alcopop! Records on August 29th. Also in August they'll be heading off on tour with label mates Jumping Ships.
The Scottish dates are:
August 25th - The New Market Bar, Thurso.
August 26th - Dexters, Dundee.
August 27th - The Greenside, Glenrothes.
August 28th - King Tut's, Glasgow. (Buy Tickets)
More info can be found here.
The Casting Call - LightGuides by alcopop

Computer Failure:
A Fight You Can't Win have let us know that The Computers have pulled out of their gig at Sneaky Pete's on Thursday. Bronto Skylift will now headline, with PAWS and AFYCW still playing, the gig is now free entry.

Silent Bells:
In November Gizeh Records are hitting the road, briefly. Sleepingdog, Conquering Animal Sound and Farewell Poetry will be taking part in the Silent Bells tour. On November 15th they'll be at the CCA in Glasgow, tickets available here, with gigs in Leeds and London on the following two days. More info here.

ballboy have put pretty much all their albums up on Bandcamp, giving you the perfect chance to have a listen and spend some money.
The Pineapple Chunks carry on putting up teasers for their upcoming new album. The latest, She Needs Answers, is available for free here.
Queen Jane have made their Confetti EP available for free here ahead of their appearance at King Tut's on Friday.
Linky Gray has a new song up on Bandcamp, and it is quite lovely. You can grab Sunshine for free here, if you haven't already then grab her My Mechanical Heart EP for free too.
I really enjoyed Peter Cat when I saw him support How Garbo Died at their EP launch the other week, so was happy to learn he has an EP available for download. You can pick that up here, at a price of your choosing.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

This Week's Gigs: 18th - 24th July

Not sure how much longer the gig guide will keep going for, but since I don't post nearly enough other stuff to give up on one of my regular features it is still here for now. This week would have been a good time to give up, there is loads on and this took ages.
The week and next will likely be dominated by the Summer Nights gigs, but there is other stuff on too. You can read my pick of the Summer Nights gigs here.

Kochka. Glasgow Science Centre.
Two gigs by Kochka, at 1:30pm and again at 3:30pm.
I really like The Scottish Enlightenment, and Debbie Kate.
How Garbo Died, Katerwaul, Seas, Starry. The Tunnels, Aberdeen.
Aberdonian readers usually get a pretty bad deal out of the gig guide, I rarely know what is on up there. This one ought to be good though.

FOUND, Bermuda, Cancel the Astronauts, Verse Metrics, plus Ajimal in the bar. King Tut's. (Tickets)
Tuesday and Wednesday are the two Summer Nights gigs I am looking forward to most. Lots of good stuff on show here, including birthday guests Verse Metrics who will also be launching their new single.
If I wasn't off to Tut's I'd go here.

Yes please.

Must confess to not knowing a lot about The Computers, but the rest of that bill is worth going for anyway. UPDATE: The Computers have pulled out of the gig, which is now free entry.

Eska and guests. Stereo. (Tickets)
Eska's first gig in about 100 years. Woo.
Well, that's a blooming excellent line up. This is a launch gig for Fresh Air Radio's 2011 edition of The Inside Track compilation. Last year's is still available here, with proceeds all going to charity.
Strawberry Ocean Sea, The Vespas, Ewan Butler. Captain's Rest.
Dead Sea Souls, The Black Rats, John's Weans, Queen Jane. King Tut's. (Tickets)

Kid Canaveral. Avalanche instore.
Kid Canaveral celebrate the vinyl launch of their Shouting At Wildlife with an in store gig, kicking off at 6pm.
Be Like Pablo, Gordon McIntyre (ballboy), Ewan Cruikshanks, Felix Darcy. Nice N Sleazy.
Free entry, running from 4pm. Tempting.
Your last chance to see Enfant Bastard for a while.
Aaron Wright, Steve Heron. Nobles Bar, Edinburgh.

Pensioner, Mondegreen, Pinky Suavo. Captain's Rest.
Pensioner are ace live, while my bandcrush on Mondegreen is legendary.
I like Miniature Dinosaurs and the little I've heard of Hector Bizerk, but the others I have no idea about.