Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Freebies - 16/11/2012

Let's start with the obligatory gig plug. Tonight at The Roxy 171 I've got the last Aye Tunes Presents gig for a while, with LeThug, Easter and Young Philadelphia. Things start around 8pm, it's six quid to get in, and you can hear all the bands here.

Now that's out the way, on to the free stuff.

Hunt / Gather
If you've been paying attention to how my tastes fluctuate, and I won't blame you if you haven't been paying attention, then you might have noticed that this year my barometer has swung towards "make my ears bleed with devastating noise, please". One of the best bands around recently at fulfilling this request are Hunt / Gather, so it is very happy news for me that they've got a new EP out. It's self titled, and available to download for free here.

Everyone's favourite Scottish blogger who is also a nuclear scientist (or something) has the latest of his free download EPs out now. The new volume has songs from Plum, Thank You So Nice, Saint Death, yaya club and White Heath. Download for free here.

Quite how a band from Chile ended up taking their name from a place up the Highlands is a mystery, but that's what happened with Inverness. Both their albums are currently available to download for free from Soundcloud here. Well worth a listen they are too.

We Are The Grand
Staying in Chile - now there's a phrase I've never written on the blog before - we've got a new, free single from We Are The Grand. This lot came to my attention a while back when George, formerly one of the people behind Pop Goes the Revolution, included them in a guest post he wrote for me, and I've kept an ear out since. Save the Bullets can be downloaded free from here.

I promised last week that I'd remind you when the new Mender EP was available. Well, this is me reminding you. Asembulus is a name your price download here. Like I said last week, good stuff.

Long a favourite round these parts, work on a new Beerjacket LP seems to be going well. As a sample, there's a new song, Antlers, available to download in demo form here.

Silver Caves
This band split a wee while ago, but from the vaults - recorded way back in 2010 - comes an EP. Make Gentle Day is a free download here.

Collar Up
There's always something I forget to include for a few weeks. Sorry Collar Up, I keep leaving you off these, it's my idiocy at fault, nothing else. Anyway, yes, Collar Up have a new single out. Tonight is pretty nifty, and available for free here.